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28 July 2005

Air America Funding Issue Heats Up

What's Next?

Holding Air America Accountable For Funding Scandal

Now that Air America's sleazy funding scandal has received more attention, how can we continue to demand full accountability from the firm?

Here's where things stand:

--- Since the company isn't denying it received at least $480,000 in taxpayer funds meant for a Bronx community center, why doesn't it feel the need to repay the money, simply because of a network ownership change?

If any of the money was repaid, why won't they tell us? Some radio talk hosts have begun on-air campaigns to demand it be returned.

--- Why did Air America's response to our reporting leave out so many important details? The deflection of blame was unfortunate enough, worse was the refusal to address so many questions.

What do they have to hide?

--- Did any of Air America's talk show hosts address the controversy on Wednesday or Thursday's shows? If not, then their Bush-bashing credibility is forever shot.

How can they talk about ethics, integrity, or scandal, when the biggest one originated in their offices?

I've been monitoring their schedules, which list planned topics, so far I can't find a word about the money. Come on guys, you can do better than this! Under orders from the legal department to stay quiet, perhaps?

--- Can we really allow so much of the mainstream media to ignore this story, after they've repeatedly showered Air America with praise, for over a year?

--- Where are the lefty bloggers? So far, I've seen one address it, to discount the story. Will the others deal with it, or go the way of the mainstream media?

--- One additional radio industry trade publication covered the story today, but only presented Air America's side. Advertising for syndicated radio shows makes up a big part of ad revenues for the trades. The others are still blowing it off entirely.

Forcing Air America to provide some kind of a response is a start, but much more needs to be done.

Your ideas are welcome, please leave them in the comments section below.


  • Brian,

    You ask how "we" can ask for accountability. Did I miss something, or isn't there an ongoing gov't investigation? If accountability/restitution belongs to current AA staff, then that is where the investigation will lead. Ditto for if it lands at Cohen's doorstep, or perhaps the whole thing isn't actually criminal.

    Accountability is what our legal system is supposed to enforce, not a blogger.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 12:52  

  • Lou, think about what I'm asking for:

    --- fair, balanced coverage of Air America in the mainstream news media

    --- for Air America's air staff to address what they might know about the money

    --- for critics not to let it go until we get answers.

    The company claims that current owners aren't being investigated. We need answers.

    We have a legal system, sure, but the reason blogs exist is to ask these kinds of questions.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 28 July, 2005 13:23  

  • 1. A terror attack where we surround the studio and refuse to let them eat any tofu or drink their latte til they register Republican
    2. Call the NYT, they always get to the truth.
    3. Write a letter to Barbara Boxer.
    4. Ditto Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.
    5. Smoke a joint and forget about it.

    By Blogger Howard, at 28 July, 2005 13:36  

  • Hmm... Think Eliot Spitzer will investigate this one? Or are all the pseudo-liberals running it too friendly with him?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 14:30  

  • From Milken's blog, This is AAR promoting Camp America this June 2005---So, it seems strange that they are saying that they have nothing to do with them anymore.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 15:11  

  • This is much bigger than you think. Can't tell all now but think about what has happpened in NYS this week. Who has announced he will not be running for reelection this week?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 15:46  

  • One might want to cross reference the upper echelon members of this list:

    with this list

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 16:09  

  • Oh I’m waiting for your appearance on the BIG O Show. Tonight right?

    I’m sure Mr. O will have some insight on how to handle a scandal. I think $10 - $20 million will do it, don’t you.

    Your Air America story is a non story except in your little mind. This isn’t even a nice try.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 18:30  

  • Mickh:

    The O'Reilly visit's been postponed. Possibly early next week when Bill returns.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 28 July, 2005 18:33  

  • Lou,
    Who cares about accountability?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 19:26  

  • Brian - the only thing that will get any expanded coverage of this story, short of a LGF-fueled raTHer-style blogswarm, is for someone to convince one of the major NY elected officials (that being Mizz Hillary, Da Mayor, or Senator Putzhead) to speak publicly about this.

    Frankly, considering the amount of money involved, it isn't worth their time or effort to potentially offend major parts of their constituencies.

    The national talk radio response has been something on the order of "geez, those guys get a half-mil tax-free from the Guvmint and they still can't get their act together - what a buncha maroons."

    The only other way to get this to light is to actually find someone who was adversely affected by the Gloria Wise scandal, and then juxtapose that with FrankenFraud or Garunfunny showing up to work in their stretch limos.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 28 July, 2005 20:00  

  • Brian -

    It is my understanding that it was a Federal grant that was misappropriated, not a state one.

    I do not live in New York, but I am morally certain that it was some of MY tax monies that were stolen by Franken, et al.

    Therefore, I would like the FEDERAL authorities to look into this. Can Mr. Gonzales bring charges? Can the US attorney for New Youk look into a RICO indictment?

    I cannot think of anyting that crosses state lines more than a radio network stealing Federal monies. Why sit back and hope NY Dem officials will act?

    Let's make a Federal case out of it!

    By Blogger Peter Porcupine, at 28 July, 2005 21:58  

  • "I am morally certain"

    Do you speak for God as well?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 July, 2005 22:12  

  • Why yes - He and I are old pals!!

    By Blogger Peter Porcupine, at 30 July, 2005 01:09  

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