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29 July 2005

Move America Rally Targeted By Demonstrators

Showdown In Sacramento

Move America Forward vs. Air America Listeners

Move America Forward has quickly emerged as a conservative force to be reckoned with, growing rapidly and making headlines. Founders Howard Kaloogian and KSFO host Melanie Morgan have been ambitious in tackling difficult projects.

It's also been an element of KSFO's resistance to the downward ratings trend hitting other conservative talkers. Listeners like to invest their time and loyalty into talk stations that are actually doing something to make a difference.

That takes hard work.

Fresh from their successful Iraq tour, Move America Forward took to the streets of Sacramento Thursday, to protest nutty California State Attorney General Bill Lockyer's anti-American "art" display, at the state's Department of Justice.

Called the "I Love America Art Exhibit and Rally", it was designed to provide an alternative to Lockyer's radical leftist works.

Not wanting to miss the fun, Sacramento's Air America affiliate organized a counter-demonstration against Move America Forward, ensuring lots of flying sparks for all.

The Radio Equalizer heard from Morgan after the event:

"It was the Move America Forward rally that had over 300 people who came to celebrate America with our artwork.

"Fifty to 75 Air Heads ...mostly ACLU, Code Pink, ANSWER, San Francisco rent-a-mob (types showed up in response)."

In fairness, if any of the Air America supporters at the event read this, they are welcome to provide their own accounts in the comments section below. And anybody else with an eyewitness account of what happened?


  • I was there, and I'm no pink ACLU type. I'm a union electrician. Your characterization is total crap.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2005 04:45  

  • There were a whole lot of log cabin types there. I've got nothing against gay wingnuts, but those pencil necked, pin stripped queens couldn't take no for an answer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2005 05:26  

  • Rather than a protest rally, I wish that Melanie Morgan had done what she does best: begin a recall movement against Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2005 12:15  

  • I didn't attend, but I did see coverage on KPIX-TV's 11pm newscast. As expected, the talking head there characterized it as MAF wanting to remove the works it found offensive. While Pearcy's flushing of America was lingered on, there were no close-ups of the long sidewalk display of pro-U.S. artwork brought by MAF.

    For whatever reason, KPIX doesn't have the video from last night's newscast on their website today. But to see the way a KPIX reporter slobbered all over the Pearcys earlier this year when MAF demonstrated outside their home (after the soldier hung in effigy incident), click here, hit the "Search" button, and type "Pearcy."

    By Blogger L.N. Smithee, at 29 July, 2005 17:20  

  • I have to be honest. I think the rally at the AG's office was a mistake just like the one at Piercy's house. They both gave this idiot exactly what he wanted...Publicity!

    And in the end nothing changed. The Soldier stayed up on his house and the display is still up at the AG's office.

    But the worst part of this whole thing is that those of us who love this country have been made out to look bad. Every radio and TV account of both events shows conservatives acting in the hateful out of control manor that is typical of the America-haters.

    All the while Steve Piercy comes across as a quiet, rational man who just wants to exercise his right to free speech.

    I'll bet that if we had just left him be, Steve Piercy would be nothing more than a South Sacramento's local neighborhood nutcase!

    At least Move America Forward was successful in doing what they set out to do. Get media attention for Morve America Forward.

    By Blogger Craig DeLuz, at 29 July, 2005 19:48  

  • Craig: Too often we hear conservatives come up with 500 reasons why we shouldn't do anything - let's just ignore it.

    To always come up with the conclusion to ignore evil is no solution whatsoever.

    I know Eric Hogue of KTKZ who is your friend has continued to complain about the fact that Move America Forward partners with Sacramento talker, Mark Williams of KFBK 1530.

    But Mark is a great friend of our troops serving in the war against terrorism - he even just returned from the "Voices of Soldiers" Truth Tour in Iraq... he paid over $15,000 of his own money to go over there.

    That's why Move America Forward works with Mark Williams - not to spite Eric Hogue, but to listen to Hogue you would sure think so.

    It's sad to see that some of the Western Alliance Bloggers who are regular listeners to Eric have bought into his anti-MAF bias.

    I refer you to both the Sacramento Union and Fox 40 news coverage to dispute your characterization of the event.

    I'd even say that the other Sacto-TV channels and AP Wire story got part of the message across: Critics say that political anti-American and anti-military artwork shouldn't be displayed in public taxpayer supported buildings.

    I'd also refer you to Laura Ingraham's show, Jerry Doyle's show, and a several other major market talk radio stations that reported on this story.

    They all characterized it much more positively than you have.

    Again - I think it is the Eric Hogue v. Mark Williams feud that colors your account and that is unfortunate.

    It does no one any good to tear down conservatives simply because you resent a group that works with another talk show host.

    Hogue should have been there too with his listeners... he would have been welcomed. But he has said he cannot do these types of things if Williams is involved - because then he would be an agent supporting his competitor.

    I don't believe that to be true, but that's how Hogue sees it. And as long as he does, he'll always attack anything proactive Move America Forward does to counter those in the anti-military, anti-war on terrorism, Blame America First crowd.

    By Blogger MoveAmericaForward, at 30 July, 2005 03:42  

  • Two quick clarification points.

    1) If we wait to take action (or determine when we feel best to express our beliefs and opinions) for when the Mainstream Media will paint us in a fair or favorable light, then we'd be waiting until Hades froze over, I'm afraid, Craig.

    2) This sentence was not meant to be directed at you... I was referring to Hogue: "It does no one any good to tear down conservatives simply because you resent a group that works with another talk show host."

    While we may disagree on tactics to advance a 'conservative' belief (in this case supporting the troops, the fight against terrorism, respect for America and her principles) I am at least glad we are fighting on the same side.

    By Blogger MoveAmericaForward, at 30 July, 2005 15:33  

  • Take a hike! You and the people who have enabled Bush & Cheney to commit the crimes that they will surely be indicted on someday, will also be seen as suporters. I hope when that day comes that they cast the net wide and charge groups like MAF as the hate groups that they are.

    By Blogger Mycos, at 03 August, 2005 16:40  

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