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31 July 2005

What's Next In Air America Scandal

Stay Tuned

Watch For These Updates

Please continue to return to this site, for the latest developments on the still-evolving Air America scandal:

--- Tracking Air America's inconsistent statements over the last week

--- What to expect next from the company

--- Readers rush to create graphic designs after request, see them here (thanks so much!)

--- Tracking the media's slow, stubborn acceptance of a blogger-driven story

These and more, coming soon from the Radio Equalizer.

Be sure to check Michelle Malkin's site for her latest as well, plus Wizbang's excellent points as well.

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  • The only hope for Air America is exactly what they rail against every day:

    Bringing balance to NPR.

    I believe, that if Ken Tomlinson actually brings some balance into NPR and PBS programming, it would send the moon bats running to Air America with itching ears.

    They will continue to scream 'foul' and claim Government encroachment to an entity that is overwhelmingly liberal yet each day NPR continues to cut into their very own audience...

    The big difference is that NPR's outrageously liberal programming doesn't 'make' money nor does it need to, It simply sucks up our tax dollars to subsidize its programming.
    No wonder liberals seem to disdain capitalism so much.

    By Blogger Nerdwallet, at 31 July, 2005 23:52  

  • Oh my Gosh!!! Got to give him credit for chutzpah!!!

    Lyin' Baloney stirs up a drumbeat against wingnut talk radio's bete noire AAR and ....

    holds out his hands for MONEY!!!

    Give, give generously wingnuts!!! Baloney's got the scam down pat!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 August, 2005 00:57  

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