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04 August 2005

St Louis Hip Hop DJ Thugs Fired

Persistence Pays Off

What We Can Learn From St. Louis

What's next for Air America's programming and personalities, after a week of blogospheric pummeling and self-destructive corporate behavior?

Many have asked that question in recent days, wondering if Franken & Co. could actually face real consequences. Not just legally, but in terms of public image, as they take self-inflicted beating after beating.

A fresh example of success from St. Louis, however, proves Air America's real fate may be in your hands.

Are you willing to see this through? It's going to take an ongoing, noisy, stubborn pressure campaign if there's any hope of seeing justice served at the liberal talk radio network.

After two St. Louis hip hop DJ's sprayed the airwaves with verbal machine gun fire, encouraging violence against area police just days after an officer's murder, some outraged residents relentlessly fought the station and its morning show menaces.

DJ Syllli AszAnd the good news has arrived at last: DJ Kaos and Sillli Asz (shown right) have finally been fired as a result of this pressure campaign, after a three week suspension.

One of the loudest critics has been blogger, radio veteran and media watchdog Mike Anderson, who clubbed KATZ-FM daily on his primary website, STLMedia.

Widely read among Midwestern radio and TV professionals, STLMedia was relentless, in ensuring nobody forgot how a fallen police officer's family was revictimized by these radio thugs.

Every day for over three weeks, Anderson led news updates with the latest on his crusade against the DJ's, even after the local media had mostly moved on. It prevented the thugs from having a chance to ride out the storm.

The Radio Equalizer previously covered this story here.

Even under pressure, these on-air cowards refused to provide anyone with their real identities, instead maintaining stage names.

Anderson's not ready to back down completely, until the manager who he says created this type of environment, is also shown the door.

Conservatives and others concerned about Air America's actions can learn a lot from what went down in St. Louis yesterday. If you truly believe that it's time to right a wrong, can you afford to ease the pressure on Air America's sleazy operations?

Justice doesn't occur overnight and is never served when you leave it up to the New York Times.

Are you ready to keep up the pressure on Franken & Co.? It's a question for radio listeners, bloggers and industry professionals. At the moment, Air America's on the run, but wondering just how long they'll have to wait until conservatives let it blow over.

Air America's scandal story was slow to build and there is much more yet to be revealed. The question: will you help see it through?

Letting go means letting Franken's cabal win. Is that tolerable, given the severity of the circumstances?

Listen for me as a guest on KSFO/San Francisco, 6.35am PDT, 9.35am EDT, streaming at 560KSFO's site. And at 1.30pm EDT on the syndicated "Right Talk" program.

Franken/AAR graphic by
Darleen Click, City Kid$ by George Adair, MSM Silence by Suzy Rice. Louie image from STLmedia.


  • Brian:

    a: Good to hear. Those POSs got what they deserved.

    b: Free atta-Brian advice: "Decisions are made by those who show up" - "The West Wing" unofficial motto.

    By Blogger Josef, at 04 August, 2005 03:43  

  • Well you have my vote. Hypocrisy's an ugly thing no matter how it's dressed up. They may be throwing a big tarp over it but it ain't gonna "disappear"...

    A question: Was Mr. Cohen given a legal "free ride" by Air America for any length of time? Like between the time AA "discovered" the theft and the time they were contacted about it by the DOI? (I call it the "obstruction-of-justice" period) What are they criminally liable for during that period of time?

    By Blogger RD, at 04 August, 2005 05:18  

  • This is from captn ed in the weekly standard:

    THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA is often inconsistent in covering stories. They gave us wall-to-wall coverage when George W. Bush's National Guard service came under scrutiny, but suddenly made themselves scarce when over two hundred Vietnam veterans pointed out hole after hole in John Kerry's service narrative. When Rush Limbaugh ran into legal problems surrounding his addiction to painkillers, we heard breathless updates on subpoenas and court orders, but when Eason Jordan revealed his predilection to slandering the U.S. military, again the press pulled a disappearing act.

    Michael LeBoeuf once commented that the elements of the perfect fiction would involve religion, royalty, sex, and mystery--and then boiled it down to one sentence: "My God," said the Queen, "I'm pregnant. I wonder who did it?" Is there a grand-unified theory of media interest and if so, what elements need to come together to make the perfect journalistic storm?

    We often hear journalists claim that their mission consists of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. One crucial element must therefore put powerful people under a spotlight. Some journalists say that they fight for the little guy, the downtrodden, which means that the story must include victims. Still others like investigative work, digging through arcane paperwork and doubletalk to reveal misdeeds that otherwise would never come to light, which means that a crime or at least unethical conduct would help draw interest. And finally, big money always attracts a crowd and helps audiences relate to the disgraceful actions unveiled by the reporter.

    Thus, the perfect journalistic storm would arise when powerful people victimize the poor and downtrodden, breaking laws or at least ethical constructs, by taking money meant for their benefit. That sort of story will get anyone's attention. All it takes is one reporter to tell the story, and the rest of the media will jump all over it. Right?

    ACTUALLY, this perfect-storm story is already percolating in the blogosphere, and oddly enough, hardly anyone in the mainstream media is paying attention to it. Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer noticed a short blurb in the local-only July 26th edition of the New York Daily News reporting that a well-known corporation had taken money from a Bronx non-profit charity--city government grant money earmarked for poor kids and Alzheimer's patients. The corporation's CEO had also served on the board of directors for Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club and had quarterbacked a "loan" to his struggling company using these earmarked funds. The Daily News also noted that the money added up to almost a half-million dollars, funds that should have provided services to the elderly and the disadvantaged children of the borough.

    On July 27, Maloney then contacted other bloggers to publicize this sensational story. The news that a corporation had apparently taken government money intended for poor kids and Alzheimer's patients to fund their operations spread through the blogosphere. Many bloggers featured the story on their sites, some to pass along the alleged malfeasance to their readers, others to defend the corporation--even after the corporation confirmed the essential elements of the story while trying to avoid responsibility by blaming previous ownership.

    One would expect that mainstream journalists would want to take advantage of this opportunity to cover this harmonic convergence: A greedy corporation had taken a half-million dollars of city grant money from two certifiably sympathetic and traditional victim groups in order to pay off its already-wealthy employees. Surprisingly, only three mainstream outlets did so: the Washington Times, in an editorial calling attention to the blog reports, a New York Post article doing much the same, and a New York Sun article detailing even more extensive malfeasance on the part of the CEO. After speaking with the president of the charity's executive committee, Jeanette Graves, the Sun's David Lombino discovered that the CEO in question got the loans using rubber-stamp replicas of Ms. Graves's signature on documents never seen by her. A wire transfer of over $400,000 of the charity's funds went to the corporation, also without her knowledge.

    In fact, the amount in question now totals $875,000, which the corporation's new ownership discovered on its own but never revealed to authorities. This company has now belatedly agreed to repay the money--but over two years, while the charity remains under funded for its tasks and suffered the loss of other government contracts due to its nonperformance on these earmarked grants. What a story! What a blockbuster!

    Yet most of the mainstream media has been oddly silent. Why?

    WELL, FOR ONE THING, we have thus far neglected to name the corporation involved. The company that took money from poor kids and Alzheimer's patients to pay off its high-priced employees is Air America and the CEO was its original founder, Evan Cohen. Air America broadcasts its liberal views on American politics in several cities around the country, attempting to compete with the much more robust conservative talk-radio industry and mostly failing.

    The mission of the mainstream media to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, to tell truth to power, and to hold the reverse Robin Hoods accountable for their malfeasance wouldn't depend on the politics of the criminals.

    Would it?

    By Blogger Nerdwallet, at 04 August, 2005 08:05  

  • Good riddance to 'em.

    I don't care what your beef is with the police. Calling for violence against police officers is never acceptable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 August, 2005 09:03  

  • "What's next for Air America's programming and personalities, after a week of blogospheric pummeling and self-destructive corporate behavior?"

    The more the piggies squeal, the better AAR is doing. They appreciate all the free publicity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 August, 2005 09:50  

  • Is Lien Baloney Gannon's bitch?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 August, 2005 09:53  

  • Put out a call for a better graphic: request a banner size gif that shows Al Franken's head inside the cockpit of a plane, with the plane doing a 180 so it ends up flying upside down, then nose down like its going to crash. Start with a smiling Al Franken, then switch to one with him mouthing an "oohhhh...." Obviously it's going to be a motion .gif, cartoon/caricature style, but I'm sure there are plenty of graphic artists out there who can create such a banner as long as they receive credit/link.

    If the graphic is done good enough, and it is a motion graphic, plenty of other sites will pick it up. Just the graphic itself may be enough to mainstream the story.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 August, 2005 13:07  

  • Just the graphic itself may be enough to mainstream the story.

    Onto FOX News maybe!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 August, 2005 14:58  

  • Onto FOX News maybe!

    Where else?

    WED, AUG 3, 2005

    FOXNEWS O'REILLY 2,449,000
    FOXNEWS GRETA 2,384,000
    CNN PAULA ZAHN 604,000
    CNN LARRY KING 590,000
    CNN AARON BROWN 566,000

    Need to get something seen on MSM? FOXY News is the place to do it. #1 in every time slot for how many years now? The other "news" stations can't even stand in FOXY News' shadow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 August, 2005 20:54  

  • Just wondered what happened to free speech. I am a 100.3 the beat fan who will no longer listen to the radio station simply because of the "big wigs" decision to fire the two DJs. I hear worse stuff discussed on the radio every single day that is considered "jokes". DJ Kaos is constantly making light of ugly situations and this was no different. Words spoke over the radio never killed an officer of the law...that is reserved for criminals who would have killed a police officer regardless of what they heard on the radio. I would also think that officers of the law would find the topic of "how to disarm a police officer" very educational and may even teach them what to watch for. Maybe everyone took this and blew it WAY out of context. I only have one thing to say...THANK GOD FOR SATELLITE RADIO!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 August, 2005 22:29  

  • This needs to be repeated.

    Air America is the station of choice for bitter, white, spoiled, elitist liberals who hate America, our military, and work to undermine our war effort.

    Their awful ratings reflect the harsh reality that they are a degenerate minority.

    Let them swim in money stolen from babes as they try to cash in another election with the fool's gold of fake polls.

    Arbitron Ratings and election results are real. Polls taken by a liberal media that oversample Democrats, undersample Republicans, and poll 'national adults'(55% of whom will not vote in 2006) instead of 'likely voters', are about as real as Kerry's chances of ever being President.

    Enjoy reality, you liberal losers.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 August, 2005 14:18  

  • Well,if crooked cops get to keep their jobs,a shady president that feels its okay to ruin his own people(hurricane katrina and the war in iraq),howard stern talks about cocks and pussy,then these two should have their jobs back. I guess the white man is the only one who can seriously fuck up in American society!!!

    By Blogger the nigga, at 17 November, 2005 12:09  

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