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14 September 2005

Many Excuses For Slow Start

Grand Reopening Sale!

101 Industry Excuses For Unwanted Bill Press Show

Like a furniture store's endless "grand opening sale", or a tourist shop's perpetual "going out of business" sign, The Bill Press Show has had a nonstop series of "debuts".

Each time, however, this production moves a bit further off-Broadway.

The Radio Equalizer has written quite a lot about his syndicated radio program's failure to pick up affiliates and its questionable financial backers.

From at least two industry trade publications, Press is getting a free pass.

Inside Radio
left out the controversy involving his sleazy investors, while Radio & Records actually pretended it was a new show:

JRN Debuts Bill Press Show

Jones Radio Networks offers The Bill Press Show, hosted by the well-known progressive talker, weekdays from 6-9am ET.

The show will be co-hosted (by) Air America commentator Christy Harvey.

JRN VP/GM, News/Talk Amy Bolton says, "Jones Radio Networks is the leader of innovative Talk radio, and we are hitting the airwaves with yet another progressive hit, The Bill Press Show. Bill is a genuine radio broadcaster and a joy to work with. I am confident he will entertain listeners everywhere."

As Radio Equalizer readers know, it's been on the air for months. His inability to attract station support was noted here in June. His own website admits to a June 27 start date, but we know it actually began weeks earlier.

So far, lists just four tiny stations running the show, in addition to SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Recently, a major radio station owner wrote to the Radio Equalizer, wondering why he couldn't get a return phone call from anyone involved with the program's distribution.

Then, on September 2, we chronicled his show's curious investments by former Yugoslavian Prime Minister Milan Panic and financeer Richard Blum:

One investor is controversial financier Richard Blum, also known as Senator Dianne Feinstein's (D-California) husband.

Blum is known for extensive, questionable business dealings with China's Communist Party leadership, which date to 1981.


Press money has also come from former Yugoslavian Prime Minister Milan Panic, who might come in handy, should Bill locate his own Boys & Girls Club piggy bank to raid.

Here's what leftist publication Mother Jones had to say about Panic, back in 1996:

Panic, prime minister of Yugoslavia until a failed 1992 run for the presidency, is now CEO of ICN (International Chemical and Nuclear) Pharmaceuticals Inc. The United Nations embargo of the former Yugoslavia hit ICN hard.

Panic, himself a Serb, was one of many who flouted the Clinton-backed boycott by using front companies in Serbia to continue their business dealings...

Long notorious in the corporate world for harassment complaints, US News & World Report did an entire feature story on the myriad of lawsuits that have dogged Milan Panic.

Even though the Los Angeles Times mentioned Panic and Blum's role in the Press venture, nothing was reported about their controversial backgrounds. Beyond that, the mainstream media was silent.

Press, as you may recall, was especially assertive in his defense of Air America Radio during the initial scandal news coverage, blasting critics on FOX's Neil Cavuto Show.

Now we see one possible reason why: Jones Radio Networks, his new program distributor, has extensive business ties to Air America Radio.

Bill Press has always been quick to express moral outrage over supposed Republican wrongdoing. When it comes to his own dealings, however, he doesn't seem especially interested in addressing unpleasant inconsistencies.

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