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20 December 2005

Liberal Seattle Host Charged With Fraud


Blatherwatch: Arrest Follows Seattle PD Investigation


After an investigation into alleged auto insurance fraud, extremist Seattle talk show host Mike Webb has apparently been charged with criminal offenses, according to Blatherwatch, a liberal talk radio blog.

For his scoop, Blatherwatch honcho Michael Hood obtained public documents that detail the allegations:

In papers filed Dec. 5 in King Co. Superior Court, and obtained by BlatherWatch; KIRO talk host Mike Webb (9p-1a) was charged with the crime of Fraudulent Insurance Claim in an alleged $5982 scam against a car insurance company.

According to the Court's Superform, Michael Kenneth Webb, 50 years old a KIRO radio talk show host and a Virgo, is also the subject in an investigation of forgery.

The papers were gleaned from public court records. Charges were generated after an accident June 28 involving Webb in his 2000 Lexus GS-3 and his subsequent alleged dealings with GEICO.

A Certification For Determination of Probable Cause describes in detail the fruits of the investigation by Seattle Police Detective Randal Woolery and GEICO investigator Bill Brown that led to the criminal charges against the flamboyant talk host.

Webb is the same liberal host who last year demanded President Bush and several of his Cabinet members face "execution" on war crimes charges. Previously, we've written extensively about Webb and his background.

From November:

--- In 2004, Webb called for President Bush's execution on-air, then denied it, even when confronted with a tape of the broadcast. He then threatened the conservative-leaning reporter who broke the story with a lawsuit.

--- Even some liberals don't like him, because he says one thing, then does another. He supports labor unions on the air, but pushed an AFTRA decertification effort at KIRO without disclosing it to his listeners.

--- Webb rails against Republicans for supposedly being rich, uncaring and greedy, yet drives a shiny black Lexus to work each evening.

--- While opposing Second Amendment rights on the radio, he carries a loaded gun with him nearly always, even sometimes at the station.

--- When times get especially tough, Mike resorts to threats and litigation. Some critics believe this is what keeps him employed, since his ratings are generally not strong.

--- He made an especially questionable allegation against a Seattle police officer in 2004. Read about it here.

--- In my own experience, he was a nightmare to work with. He regularly arrived at the station as his opening theme music was playing, or sometimes even late for the broadcast. Worse, he would then refuse to vacate the studio at the end of his program, keeping the next show from starting on time.

--- In terms of program content, there is only one issue: four hours of pure, nonstop anti-Bush vitriol, with gay discrimination "outrage" usually thrown into the mix.

What will be the fate of Webb's evening talk show on KIRO-AM? So far, Blatherwatch has not been able to obtain comment from the host or station management.

Until now, however, Mike has always been able to get away with antics that for anyone else would lead to certain termination. In addition, he's long had a curious ability to avoid critical press from Seattle's provincial news media, notorious for playing favorites.

The Radio Equalizer can't wait to hear Webb's excuses for the criminal charges. Will it be a Seattle Police Department conspiracy, anti-gay discrimination, or a plot by Karl Rove?

Because he refuses to allow himself to be photographed, the above photo of Webb dates from 1972.

In an email this morning from Blatherwatch blogger Hood, he indicates explosive revelations will soon emerge from the fraud investigation. Can Webb possibly remain on the air, or has he finally pushed his luck much too far?

Hood is on a roll today, now reporting Webb was taken into police custody this morning.

UPDATE: Both the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer have officially been scooped by a blogger. Ouch.

UPDATE: Hood reports Webb pled not guilty today, in a King County courtroom. Station management indicating he might not be pulled from the airwaves.

UPDATE: Broadcast trade industry coverage planned for Wednesday. Will Seattle papers be able to avoid the story?

WEDNESDAY: Nothing about Webb's arrest in Seattle's daily newspapers, while Blatherwatch follows-up with part two of the story. A substitute host filled-in for Webb last night, saying he would be there for a few days. Apparently, no public statement has yet been made about the arrest.

NEW: station says he will return to his show on Monday.

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  • What does being a Virgo have to do with being arrested. Any chance this is just a "ba ba bouie" prank?

    By Blogger Robert, at 20 December, 2005 16:07  

  • Confirmed - it's in King County Records. Why someone mentioned his sign is really weird. I don't care if he's a liberal - anyone who does this should be tried.

    By Blogger Robert, at 20 December, 2005 16:14  

  • well, robert - you're obviously dissimilar from Brian...

    criminal charges only matter if they're pertaining to media liberals or "liberal media" networks...and for the latter, only when loosely (or lyingly) tying the issues to his favorite target(s).

    In short - he's pathetic, you're not.

    By Blogger TJ, at 20 December, 2005 17:07  

  • oh - and just for clarification - so's Webb, if he did it...

    course, he didn't exactly violate the constitution and personally authorize illegal wiretaps, like the dictator-in-chief did...

    By Blogger TJ, at 20 December, 2005 17:12  

  • More regurgitation update for Bryan (standing on the shoulders of giants must really, really suck for him):

    Blatherwhateverthehellitis blog reports Webb pled Not Guilty (there's a surprise) and was bailed-outta jail at 11:30am.

    The KIRO manager?producer?whocares? could not comment if webb would be on the air for his regularly-scheduled program (9pm-1am pacific) - I, for one, can't wait to listen if he's on...nothing like a scandal to make for an even more interesting show ;) - live streaming on the web (web/webb - hey!, that's a pun! Punny!).

    By Blogger TJ, at 20 December, 2005 18:10  

  • OMG! Credibility update!

    Bryan, don't you think you should remove any story references that point back to talon news as their source?

    1. All the stories about Webb's supposed "call" for Bush's execution reference Talon News as the source.

    2. Talon News supposedly had an audio taped that confirmed it.

    3. Talon News, a completely fake news agency, has since shut down - which anyone with any brain can see from their homepage:

    Therefore, since all origins of that particular story come from a now non-existent website, and the supposed audio evidence doesn't exist anywhere, shouldn't you do the right thing and remove it from this site?

    Surely, you have enough other evidence without using such that cannot be reasonably vetted.

    By Blogger TJ, at 20 December, 2005 18:15  

  • BW says that Webb attacked "governmental dishonesty and corruption". Guess _non_-governmental
    dishonesty is OK, eh Mike? :)

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 21 December, 2005 10:33  

  • TJ, no, the Talon News reporter was correct. I have my own copy of the tape, a number were made and passed around at the time. Webb did call for the President's execution. There was no way to dispute the story.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 21 December, 2005 18:56  

  • Brian,

    That's very good news - I'm glad the story can be corroborated.

    However, if the information can't be accessed anywhere, how are we to trust it?

    Can't you stop making statements you refuse to prove?

    Here - I'll use one of your tricks - my decrying your making proofless declarations is in your archives...

    By Blogger TJ, at 22 December, 2005 14:49  

  • I have an idea for you TJ since you dislike what you read here so much - but seem to spend all your time and energy here anyway... why don't you take that pent up rage and go look for all the missing children funds that Air America used to keep themselves afloat for a bit longer...Now that would be productive and probably give you a sense of purpose. Much better use of your time than just huffing and puffing don't you think??

    By Blogger wise_n_texas, at 24 December, 2005 11:08  

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