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26 November 2005

Sleepy Libs Drift Off During Show


'Progressive' Host Helps Elderly Activist Snooze

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In radio, there's perhaps no greater insult than to be told your program helps elderly listeners nod off at night. Talk shows are supposed to keep people awake, not serve as a sleep aid.

In addition, because advertisers demand audiences primarily between the ages of 25 and 54, stations usually try to aim in that direction, without completely chasing away listeners older than 55.

With that, I'm not sure if Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Gordy Holt meant to dig extremist KIRO/Seattle host Mike Webb, but the result was one of the most devastating verdicts ever levelled against a radio program:

Grace Stanchfield doesn't venture far these days, certainly not so far as Green Lake.

But in her assisted-living apartment at Heritage House in Pike Place Market, she continues to listen.

Today, on Stanchfield's 100th birthday, she will wake to the voices of National Public Radio. And tonight, when she hits her pillow, she'll drift off to the sound of KIRO's Mike Webb.

"But I don't care for Dori Monson," she said.

In short, she listens to liberal talk radio. Counts on it. It's what stokes her fire.

"I love it," she said, then inquired of a visitor: "Don't you think old Cheney and Bush are finally squirming a little? Don't you think maybe now the Democrats will get off their hind ends and do something for the rest of us?"

If it were any other host, liberal or conservative, I'd probably refrain from calling attention to this story, to save the person further embarrassment.

In Mike Webb's case, however, I'm merely one person in a long queue waiting to have fun with it. Why?

Let us count the ways:

--- In 2004, Webb called for President Bush's execution on-air, then denied it, even when confronted with a tape of the broadcast. He then threatened the conservative-leaning reporter who broke the story with a lawsuit.

Instead of terminating his employment, KIRO added an extra hour to the program.

--- Even some liberals don't like him, because he says one thing, then does another. He supports labor unions on the air, but pushed an AFTRA decertification effort at KIRO without disclosing it to his listeners.

--- Webb rails against Republicans for supposedly being rich, uncaring and greedy, yet drives a shiny black Lexus to work each evening.

--- While opposing Second Amendment rights on the radio, he carries a loaded gun with him nearly always, even sometimes at the station.

--- When times get especially tough, Mike resorts to threats and litigation. Some critics believe this is what keeps him employed, since his ratings are generally not strong.

--- He made an especially questionable allegation against a Seattle police officer in 2004. Read about it here.

--- In my own experience, he was a nightmare to work with. He regularly arrived at the station as his opening theme music was playing, or sometimes even late for the broadcast. Worse, he would then refuse to vacate the studio at the end of his program, keeping the next show from starting on time.

--- In terms of program content, there is only one issue: four hours of pure, nonstop anti-Bush vitriol, with gay discrimination "outrage" usually thrown into the mix.

It doesn't matter what's in the news, there is no other topic, ever. When even he can no longer stand it, he'll spin oldies discs for an hour or more.

Bullies have a way of avoiding consequences through intimidation and Webb's an expert in his field.

I do believe, however, that all people are eventually forced to account for their actions.

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  • Like Stern, sooner or later he'll be off the air. In the meantime, take heart that only the screamingest of screamers are probably listening and they don't count.


    By Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret., at 26 November, 2005 19:35  

  • Hey Speaking of Sleep aid....

    Average Per Day 1,515
    Average Visit Length 1:26
    Last Hour 59
    Today 1,206
    This Week 10,605

    What's up with your god awful site numbers, Brian?

    This is what you try to do as a living, right? Course, you live with your parents so you have little overhead.

    Maybe it's time you beg one of your brain damaged conservative freinds to link you to her racist screeds?

    You are welcome for me giving you this bit of attention- I genuinely hope it raises your numbers because it is important for me (from an artistic perspective) for people to read your "writings".

    I honestly don't understand how much more I have to crap on you publicly for you to get the message: STOP EMAILING ME!!

    And, no, I will not sue you- I don't care if you "have calculated the costs of such a litigation and it would be econmoically beneficial for both of us, several times over."

    I don't need your money. I have a job!

    By Blogger samseder, at 27 November, 2005 00:07  

  • Gotta love it when a guy screams, "STOP EMAILING ME" and yet can't bring himself to stop visiting your Web site.

    Reminds me of the trailer chicks on "Cops" who file for restraining orders against their boyfriends, then greet them with open arms the next time they come knocking on the door of the double-wide.

    If Sam Seder (or whoever's using his name) really wants to help liberal radio from going the way of the dodo, he should get out there and start pushing those $100 "stylin' yet functional" tote bags. That way, Air America won't have to cozy up to the local Boys & Girls Club the next time the power company threatens to shut off service.

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 27 November, 2005 08:54  

  • You've topped yourself. This ranks as the lamest blog you've ever done.

    By Blogger Dick Tuck, at 27 November, 2005 09:03  

  • about the pot calling the kettle black.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 28 November, 2005 05:35  

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