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13 January 2006

Seattle, Boston, Steve Forbes, Olbermann, Ramona Bell, Joseph Farah


Spinning Host's Firing, WaPo's Plug Habit, WTKK Update

It seems some so-called "progressives" can't accept the circumstances behind the termination of one of their own. Apparently, it's really just an Internet conspiracy to bring him down. After Seattle talk host Mike Webb, who previously called for President Bush's "execution", was arrested on charges of insurance fraud, he was fired by KIRO-AM.

Previously, we've documented Webb's many flaps and unprofessional antics, much of which I'd experienced first-hand in working with him.

Now, a few hard core supporters are lashing out against the messengers, the Radio Equalizer included. According to Blatherwatch, a liberal talk radio blogger who broke the Webb story, this has been circulating in Seattle (excerpt in italics, Hood's comments in standard typeface):

On the subject of radio discussion boards, it is unfortunate to see bloggers make unsubstantiated comments about Mike Webb (and other liberal talk hosts). On this long list of blogs includes Micheal [sic] Hood's "Blatherwatch," Geov Parrish's "Eat The State," Brian Maloney's "Radio Equalizer," and In3 Media's "Radio-Info.Com." You've probably seen these web sites - the bloggers seem to have nothing better to do with their time than spread mistruth and slander about radio talk hosts.

He managed to capitalize our name properly this time, but he misspelled it. (We'd love to hear specifically about which of our comments are "unsubstantiated," or mistruths or slander.)

Always the victim, Webb hinted he's just part of a trend of liberal talkers across the country losing their jobs.

Unfortunately, Mike Webb is one of several liberal talk hosts who have left the US airwaves in 2005.

He names a few, and intimates: "Live, local, caller friendly liberal talk radio requires listener support, since conservative hosts are given priority at most talk stations."

He may be right about that, but he neglects to say that he among them was fired after being arrested for felony insurance fraud- which has nothing whatsoever to do with programmers' conservative propensities.

Remember: this host has been charged with criminal offenses, booked and released on bail. A liberal blogger broke the story. How deep in denial must one be to see this as some sort of a joint left-right conspiracy to bring down Mike Webb?

Sure enough, there may be something to my curiousity regarding a major management change at Boston's WTKK-FM. Excerpted from the Herald:

Jay Severin’s move to syndication apparently didn’t work out so well for Matt Mills, vice president and general manager of Greater Media Inc.’s Boston radio stations.

The news from Greater Media yesterday is that Mills will retire April 14 after nearly five years with the company.

But Mills’ departure plans also have something to do with Severin’s recent move to syndication through CBS Radio-managed Westwood One. Severin was the drive-time host of Greater Media’s WTKK-FM (96.9) until Infinity Broadcasting (since rebranded as CBS Radio) signed him to a syndication deal.

While WTKK still broadcasts Severin’s syndicated evening show, it lost the host as a Greater Media talent. And Severin’s future on WTKK beyond this year is foggy, even in syndication.

Industry insiders suggest that Mills got caught up in a game of take-it-or-leave-it chicken during the negotiations — and lost.

From the
Pahrump Valley Times, a tribute to Art Bell's departed wife Ramona can be found here. She passed away recently after apparently suffering a severe asthma attack.

Never underestimate the Washington Post's ability to endlessly plug Air America, even in the strangest of places. Here's an example, from a new story on the Alito hearings:

The crying wife is sacrosanct, an argument-ender, and more than a little retrograde, which is why we think of "I Love Lucy," and Lucy dissolving into tears when Ricky wouldn't let her buy a new coat or some such thing.

Between the "bullying" Sen. Edward Kennedy and the "loving spouse of a smeared nominee, most American people would side with a loving spouse," says Ed Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, whom we found outside the hearing room.

On the other hand, said Ellen Murphy, listening to Air America on her headphones just outside the Hart Building, the reason the Democrats keep pounding at Martha-Ann's husband is " 'cuz the man won't answer."

The power of tears prompted lefty bloggers and Internet commentators to speculate that Martha-Ann might have faked them, that the tears were a "Rovian cue." Translation: She who cries, wins.

I'd say the WaPo has earned at least one free Air America bumper sticker.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann called Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter "dogs" on last night's show, according to Newsbusters. Read it here.

Topical fodder: The Wall Street Journal picks up on the quirky PC habit at the Seattle Times of refusing to call Washington DC's football team the "Redskins". In Latteland, even the sports section is infected with liberalism's virus.

Steve Forbes lobs a grenade at Al Franken here.

Talk radio in St. Louis is in such a constant state of flux, the Radio Equalizer can't stay caught up with it. Luckily, we have STLMedia to keep score.

Joseph Farah, best known as WorldNetDaily's head honcho, has ended his syndicated radio show. He explains why here.

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  • The latest 12 + ratings for Boston show a big drop for WTKK; could be due to Severin's absence last quarter (with listeners perhaps migrating to Howie Carr on WRKO--which had a big
    uptick). The two AAR stations combine
    for a whopping 0.7 while conservatalk WRKO gets 4.5 (WTKK 2.7)

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