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09 March 2006

WABC, Curtis Sliwa, Ron Kuby, Phoenix, London


Sliwa vs. Kuby, Kook George Galloway, Save Air America!

After talk radio's weirdest-ever real life drama played out this week in a New York courtroom, a big question emerges: without killing each other, how long can WABC's Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby really expect to work together?

After testifying on opposite sides of the John "Junior" Gotti racketeering conspiracy trial, the "Curtis and Kuby" morning drive co-hosts are headed for rough waters.

While the conservative Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels, liberal Kuby is a longtime criminal defense attorney.

From the New York Post's Bill Sanderson:

Curtis Sliwa sounded even-tempered yesterday talking about radio co-host Ron Kuby's testimony for John "Junior" Gotti's defense - but he said later it was all for show.

The Guardian Angels founder and co-host of the WABC Radio morning talk show "Curtis and Kuby" says he will never get over Kuby's testimony, which might help Gotti beat charges that include orchestrating Sliwa's kidnapping and shooting in 1992.

"Our friendship is over," Sliwa said of Kuby in an interview with The Post.

"We never socialized, but you have to be friends five hours a day when you're discussing all kinds of situations from A to Z . . . That's over. I just have to maintain a professional outlook."

Sliwa said he strove to be "cool, calm and collected" during his air time with Kuby.

"That was the only way I could get through the next five hours," he said.

"You can't be so angry that you reach over, take his pony tail, wrap it around his throat and choke the hell out of him," Sliwa said.

Who can blame Sliwa? He was nearly killed by the very mobsters Kuby wants to protect.

More coverage from the New York Daily News, which calls Kuby a "civil rights lawyer" and the New York Times here.

Will ratings go through the roof, as listeners take bets on which day these two will come to blows?

In a move only Cindy Sheehan and crackpot Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) could love, fringe lunatic MP George Galloway has been given his own radio talk show!

From All Access:

UK Pol Galloway Gets Show On TalkSPORT

Controversial UK politician GEORGE GALLOWAY joins TALKSPORT/LONDON to host a weekend evening show for 8-10p SATURDAY and SUNDAY nights, starting MARCH 11, according to UTV. GALLOWAY, who recently appeared on "CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER," is known for his vehement support of the Muslim community and anti-American, anti-ISRAEL comments; he was expelled from the LABOUR PARTY in 2003 and won a seat in Parliament for the BETHNAL GREEN and BOW area of LONDON under the RESPECT PARTY banner.

Buy a pixel, save Air America!

With alerts from amused readers and other bloggers, the Radio Equalizer's in-box has been filled regarding a fundraising effort to get the liberal radio network back on the air in Phoenix.

Here are the donation levels:

Pixels - Cost - Package

100 - $100 - Truth Teller
300 - $300 - Freedom Fighter
500 - $500 - Liberty Lover
1,000 - $1,000 - Patriot
5,000 - $5,000 - Pioneer

From their site:

If you are interested in providing other types of financial assistance: loans, loan guarantees, etc. please contact Jeff Farias directly at (602) 577-3837.

Jeff, just a thought: have you tried any of the area Boys and Girls Clubs?

Thanks for your continued and vital Radio Equalizer support, via Amazon orders that begin with clicks here, regardless of what you ultimately order! Because this investigative work is taking an increasing amount of our time, it's needed more than ever.

Galloway image: The Londonist


  • Thanks for the chuckle Brian. Keep up the good work youa re getitng to them and its shows.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 09 March, 2006 12:39  

  • Curtis and Kuby ain't breaking up; Sliwa was just riffing some schtick that any regular listener would recognize and realize that's all it was. Every Friday Kuby does shout outs to his clients in various lockups around the listening area and Curtis always mutters "disgrazzia!" and hammer Kuby for representing the scum of society.

    The whole point of the pairing is that they are about as far apart politically as any on air duo could ever be. Phil Boyce would yank the entire show off the air and replace it with something else before he'd ever consider breaking the pair up.

    By Blogger TC, at 09 March, 2006 14:03  

  • Woman sues for alleged firing over talk show bumper sticker

    Woman sues for alleged firing over talk show bumper sticker

    VISTA ---- A San Diego County woman is suing her former employer, accusing her manager of firing her on the spot when she saw the woman's car had a bumper sticker advertising a progressive talk radio station.

    The suit also alleges that, after seeing the sticker, the employer commented that the woman could be a member of al-Qaida.

    In a civil suit filed at the county courthouse in Vista, Linda Laroca is targeting both her former manager, Beverly Fath, and the company she briefly worked for last year, Advantage Sales and Marketing, Inc.

    Neither Laroca nor the defendants could be reached for comment Wednesday. Laroca's attorney declined comment.

    Laroca, who was hired by the company as a sales representative, is seeking lost wages and damages for wrongful termination for violations of both public policy and the state labor code. She is also claiming state constitutional violations and emotional distress.

    The California labor code prohibits employers from controlling or directing the political activities of employees.

    According to Laroca's suit, the bumper sticker in question read only: "1360 Air America Progressive Talk Radio."

    The nationwide syndicated radio programming from left-wing Air America, which describes itself as "progressive entertainment talk radio" features show hosts such as comedian and author Al Franken. The network programming is carried locally by radio station KLSD 1360 AM.

    A call to Clear Channel-owned KLSD on Wednesday afternoon was not immediately returned.

    In her Feb. 21 claim, Laroca asserts that on Oct. 8, three weeks after she started working for the marketing company, Fath called her on a Saturday and requested they meet at a nearby grocery store parking lot so Laroca could pass on some documents Fath needed.

    During the brief encounter, Laroca charges, the manager pointed to the bumper sticker ---- the only one on Laroca's car ---- and remarked that it was a new sticker and called it "that Al Franken left-wing radical radio station."

    Laroca alleges in her suit that Fath then told her, "The country is on a high state of alert. For all I know, you could be al-Qaida."

    A stunned Laroca laughed nervously at the statement, the suit alleges, and then was dealt "the final blow" when Fath fired her on the spot.

    By Blogger Dick Tuck, at 09 March, 2006 14:04  

  • It was true, wasn't it?

    alQeda and AAR are roughly the same in that they both want to tear down the United Stated of America.

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 09 March, 2006 14:14  

  • Ya know Trader, you can go "F" yourself with the divisive "teardown the United States" bull.

    Bush is doing a heckuva job tearing down America all on his own.

    - Worst Federal Response to a disaster
    - Worst War of Choice
    - Worst Tax Policies for the Average American
    - Worst Record for Protecting the Environment
    - Worst Consensus builder of any President
    - Worst Economic Policies for the nation
    - Worst Federal Deficits
    - Worst Trade Deficits

    By Blogger Robert, at 09 March, 2006 15:38  

  • gotta love the typical conservative response when they can't come up with an intelligent argument - compare anything and everything to alQaeda to re-establish the sense of fear that caused people to support you in the first place.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 09 March, 2006 15:55  

  • robert, hilarious. Who voted Bush the worst on all those items? If it weren't for the tax cuts, this country would have been in deep doodoo after 9-11, a terrorist attack (thought you might need some reminding).

    Even I have taken advantage of the tax cuts. My money has more than paid for the loss of revenues to the federal trough.

    Of your list, only three of your comments are debatable. Debatable, but barely.

    You know, I have several friends that were against the war, just because. I can respect them.

    But, I can't respect those new to the party who got their gumption to protest after swigging a gallon of KoolAid given to them by John Kerry, Micahael Moore, Al Frankenstein, Randi Roadkill, and others.

    So, what is it with you?

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 09 March, 2006 16:55  

  • Actually, it's this current crapbag of conservatives who have damaged this country far worse than alQaeda could ever possibly have done. To continue the litany of incompetence...

    Osama bin Laden... FAILURE
    War in Iraq... FAILURE
    Illegal immigration... FAILURE
    Port security... FAILURE
    Federal deficits... FAILURE
    Social Security reform... FAILURE
    Health care reform... FAILURE
    Prescription drugs... FAILURE
    Corruption and bribery... FAILURE

    It is the right who hates America. Otherwise why would they support this incompetence?

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 09 March, 2006 16:57  

  • Uh, Phil M:

    Bill Clinton had THREE chances to get Bin Laden--he didn't--three strikes you're out and 3,000 or so innocent lives are killed!

    TC Lynch, you're right on Curtis and Kuby--dramatics and semantics or not, this is something that happened to Sliwa over a decade ago at the hands of Gotti who thankfully is burning in h-e-double-hockey sticks!

    The actions by the mafia--a disgrace to American-Italians like myself--to try and shut him up would be akin to a radical leftist finding out where Michael Savage lives in San Fran. and posting it in some chatroom threatening his life.

    Look I listen to C&K and find Kuby irritating as he is a liberal--they are the Odd Couple of NYC Radio (insert Neil Simon joke here!).

    And guess what, those on the left HATE AMERICA so much that they would rather kiss the toejammed feet of Bin Laden, Castro, Chavez, or Hussein. These ultra left radicals, many you'll find on college campi, do not want to see America survive!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 09 March, 2006 17:16  

  • Actually its the left, and the Democratic Party that has been causing problems. The tactics of the Democrats since the 2004 elections has been to try to disrupt the functioning of the government by sitting back and complaining about eveything, while at the same time offering no solutions of its own. The Democrats also, wherever they can, make sure that any strategies for effective government are hampered in any way possible. The Democrats have obviously learned their history - this strategy has been effectively used in the past -by such organizations as Russian Bolsheviks and German National Socialists.

    By Blogger B.Samuel Davis, at 09 March, 2006 17:23  

  • Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen -

    This isn't a blog to post general arguments for and against George Bush or for and against any specific political party.

    We have plenty of other things to sling around on the radio front. Politics are fair game only if there's a radio angle in some way shape or form.

    Everybody agree? Of course, since Mr. Maloney owns the joint, the final decision is his.....but....

    Please take your fight outside.

    Dick Tuck -

    Your story is very interesting and on point since it has a pretty potent radio angle... (Did you ever think we'd agree on something?)

    I'm interested... please keep us posted. I think that her charge is going to be hard to prove, given that she was only an employee for 3 weeks....

    By Blogger Lokki, at 09 March, 2006 18:12  

  • And everything is STILL Clinton's fault!

    Pathetic Wuss... Clinton has been out of office for over 5 years, you ignoramus!

    There's a GOP administration and a GOP-controlled Congress and yet AMAZINGLY all of these failures are not their fault. That's right, folks... it's all the fault of Bill Clinton and/or the Democrats.

    YOU WINGNUTS HATE AMERICA so much that they would rather blindly defend an incompetent government than reflect for one moment on the damage that their failures have done to our country.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 09 March, 2006 18:14  

  • Well, Phil,

    War In Afghanistan - OKAY
    Precenting Any More Attacks on American Soil - SWEET
    Tax Reform - NOT BAD
    Unemployment - PRETTY NICE

    By Blogger Fatmouse, at 09 March, 2006 18:16  

  • "There's a GOP administration and a GOP-controlled Congress and yet AMAZINGLY all of these failures are not their fault."

    The republicans worked _with_ Clinton many times. I'm trying to think of an issue where the democrats weren't either outright obstructionist or at least pretended to be (such as with the patriot act, which they wailed and moaned about before overwhelmingly voting for it).


    We like it quite a bit - far more than any other country we know of. We just think it needs some improvements.

    By Blogger Fatmouse, at 09 March, 2006 18:20  

  • I can't believe I scooped the Equalizer in my first week blogging.

    From my blog, to paraphrase my mentor, straight from the Heartland:

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Network marketing meets Air America--a win-win
    I don't talk much about network marketing on my blog becuase there are other blogs which cover the subject.

    However, if you were to ask me for an indicator of my success in my business, it would be when commercials for my products begin airing on progressive talk stations across the U.S., and print ads for my products can be found in GLBT publications throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    I've purchased air time during traffic reports on Big Eddie's show and Rachel Maddow's show the last week in March on my local progressive talk station. If people buy, I'll buy more. If people buy a lot, I'll buy a lot more.

    Keep in mind: I don't need the money. But advertising on progressive talk radio, and buying from advertisers on progressive talk radio, is key to us working together to fend off the neocon messages of Amway/Quixtar talking heads exemplified by QRush.

    Asking people to donate to get a station back on the air, as in the case with Air America Phoenix (bought by a religious broadcasting conglomerate which I'm sure has ties to Amway's founders) will only lead to neocom ridicule from guys like QRush. That's what Big Eddie believes, and I firmly agree.

    On the Save Air America Phoenix website, I offered to use my profits from sales in the Phoenix area this month--and I mean all my profits--on advertising with the station. I'll let you know what develops.

    I also left a message on Big Eddie's board addressing the subject. It begins with an article I read at on the state of Air America. Keep in mind that Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller and Bill Press are not part of Air America but are syndicated by Jones Radio Networks. Lionel is syndicated by WOR in New York. And Jay Marvin, who wrote back saying he liked my blog, is employed by Clear Channel Radio out of Boulder, Colorado.

    Here's the message:

    From the website:

    Goldberg Memos Staff On Air America Reports

    After reports in ALL ACCESS, the NEW YORK POST, and several other news outlets picked up on the story first printed in BRIAN MALONEY's RADIO EQUALIZER blog about AIR AMERICA RADIO possibly losing its lease on flagship WLIB-A/NEW YORK, the network's CEO DANNY GOLDBERG has sent a memo to the staff that does not specifically address MALONEY's charges but asserts that the network's ratings are growing and blames "right wing bloggers" for "bad mouthing" the network with "gossip."

    GOLDBERG's memo says that the network will "continue to be on in NEW YORK CITY" but does not say whether WLIB will continue to be the outlet and does not refer to whether WLIB owner INNER CITY BROADCASTING has or will terminate the lease, as MALONEY reported.

    The memo obtained by ALL ACCESS tells staffers: "As you may know, some right wing bloggers have, yet again, been bad mouthing AIR AMERICA’s business. No CEO and no company, large or small, discuss its confidential negotiations with third party companies, investors, or others in a public forum. However, following are some general comments on recent gossip.

    "1. AIR AMERICA RADIO is much stronger today that it was one year ago or six months ago and is on track to be stronger still in the coming year and years. Our audience is bigger, the total number of affiliates carrying our programming is greater, and the amount of revenue we are generating is increasing.

    "2. It is vital, when analyzing chatter about AIR AMERICA to consider the source. In almost all cases, the people who say bad things about our company’s business are conservative ideologues who have a particular interest in damaging AIR AMERICA, for one reason and one reason only: the political opinions expressed by our on air talent. BILL O'REILLY alone has mentioned AIR AMERICA on thirty-seven separate occasions since our programming went on the air. (AL FRANKEN has offered to debate O'REILLY in any number of forums including on “THE O'REILLY FACTOR” and O'REILLY has declined.)

    "3. AIR AMERICA’s ratings in NEW YORK went up substantially in the FALL 2005 book. AIR AMERICA’s NEW YORK audience is large, growing and valuable. In every conceivable scenario, AIR AMERICA will continue to be on in NEW YORK CITY.

    "4. Last week, two of our affiliates changed their format, leaving AIR AMERICA with the need to find new outlets for our programming in those markets. In recent weeks we have also picked up affiliates in recent months (sic) in EL PASO, TEXAS, BUFFALO, NEW YORK and others. Overall, AIR AMERICA’s weekly audience as measured by ARBITRON has more than doubled from what it was one year ago.

    "5. AIR AMERICA is a new business which has required investment albeit far less investment than many conservative media companies have consumed. Our board continues to be very supportive of our company and we continue to operate on a firm footing in all respects."

    Big Eddie was right on the money regarding the situation in Phoenix. The best way to support progressive talk is to patronize advertisers like myself. For many of us, progressive talk radio is the only place we advertise. In my case, my competition is in the back pocket of the neocons--big time. If I can't count on support from customers like you, you risk the chance that my competition and their neocon friends will repeat what they did in Phoenix in other markets where a company like Clear Channel isn't the owner behind these stations.

    I've started a blog which explains this in greater detail:

    (I took out the link since you're already here.)

    Now, before anyone reacts...Clear Channel is committed to this format in all three cities in Ohio: Columbus (where I advertise), Akron (which brought a longtime liberal talk host out of retirement) and Cincinnati (where Jerry Springer's show is based and is syndicated in a joint arrangement with Air America).

    Clear Channel's Los Angeles station is also where Stephanie Miller is based.

    Also keep in mind what Ed said on today's show: The key to the growth of this format is who owns the stations. I don't need the income from my business; my state job pays me well. But it would be awesome if I built my business big enough that I can advertise beyond Columbus...advertise nationally on shows like Big Eddie's...and even own a station myself.

    And my products cost less than a Select Comfort bed and Bose headsets.

    One last thing...if anyone has a negative reaction to what I just said, you didn't listen to the first few minutes of Big Eddie's show today. He was right on the money!

    Yes, I repeated myself at the end, but some things are worth repeating.

    # posted by QEd @ 7:28 PM 0 comments links to this post

    By Blogger QEd, at 09 March, 2006 20:13  

  • A couple of points from Mr. Goldberg's missive:

    1. AIR AMERICA RADIO is much stronger today that it was one year ago or six months ago

    Six months ago, AAR was in 16 of the top 20 markets. Today, that number number is down to 14 (and will soon be down to 12).

    3. AIR AMERICA’s ratings in NEW YORK went up substantially in the FALL 2005 book.

    AAR went from a 1.2 to a 1.4 in the last book. Problem is, they had already been at a 1.4 back in the Summer 04 book, so all they were doing is regaining ground they had previously lost.

    Overall, AIR AMERICA’s weekly audience as measured by ARBITRON has more than doubled from what it was one year ago.

    The difference between the 12+ ratings for Fall2004 and Fall2005 (he did say "audience", not "audience in money demo") is only an increase of 29%. Losing Philly & Phoenix obliterates that growth.

    Even worse, as the Winter05 Ratings start to trickle in, Total AAR ratings are down about 5%.

    By Blogger BF, at 10 March, 2006 09:08  

  • Fatmouse... it's interesting that you conceded every one of the failures I listed.


    The DOTCOM bust was Clinton's fault too!

    Your blather betrays you as having absolutely no clue. We live in a free market, moron. Millions of investors rushed like lemmings in the 90s to get a piece of the tech sector's growth curve. How exactly was that Clinton's fault? Did he hold a gun to every one of their heads to compel them by force to invest in tech stocks? Did you want laws passed to regulate the market? I thought you wingnuts were against that sort of thing. Your explanation should be quite entertaining.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 10 March, 2006 11:31  

  • One advantage of a Galloway radio show is that we won't have to see him..

    By Blogger James, at 10 March, 2006 12:38  

  • Speaking of good economy, thanks Phil, 243,000 new jobs created alst month. Dow Jones up over 11,000 today. Sucks to be a sour puss lib dont it.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 10 March, 2006 13:07  

  • Speaking of good economy, thanks Phil, 243,000 new jobs created alst month. Dow Jones up over 11,000 today. Sucks to be a sour puss lib dont it.

    Oh, you want to talk about jobs growth now. OK.

    This report from Merrill Lynch clearly confirms that the Bush economy has had the weakest jobs growth in OVER 40 YEARS.

    Sucks to be an uninformed uneducated wingnut, don't it?

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 10 March, 2006 13:52  

  • Well you would have to find something to complain about would you. In 2004 it was the jobs lost, now we have jobs gained still aint good enough. The report about conservatives being happier people that liberals should have addendum with your picture in it as exhibit 1.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 10 March, 2006 15:29  

  • Well you would have to find something to complain about would you. In 2004 it was the jobs lost, now we have jobs gained still aint good enough.

    Of course! You don't give a damn about the weakening state of our country. Because you wingnuts hate America. A report about wingnuts being total morons who couldn't care less about this country would have an addendum with your picture in it as Exhibit A.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 10 March, 2006 16:46  

  • The DOTCOM bust was Clinton's fault too!

    Maybe not (though you'd have an argument that monkeying w/ the capital gains tax led to some selloffs.)

    For the sake of argument, let's stipulate that the DOTCOM bubble bursting was NOT Clinton's "fault". But if that's the case, then you can't credit him for the front side of the "bubble" either. So all of the "20 million new jobs" and "longest peacetime growth" we heard for those 8 years are hogwash. Again, if you stipulate that Clinton had nothing to do w/ the bubble.

    By Blogger BF, at 10 March, 2006 16:51  

  • For the sake of argument, let's stipulate that the DOTCOM bubble bursting was NOT Clinton's "fault". But if that's the case, then you can't credit him for the front side of the "bubble" either. So all of the "20 million new jobs" and "longest peacetime growth" we heard for those 8 years are hogwash. Again, if you stipulate that Clinton had nothing to do w/ the bubble.

    Is everything black or white with you people?

    Clinton can be credited with turning the largest budget deficit in history into the largest surplus. This budget turnaround impacted the bond market enormously and therefore dramatically lowered market interest rates. Couple that with with another round of financial deregulation, and an accommodatng Federal Reserve chairman, and the result is a massive flood of cheap credit which was then used to fuel large-scale investment and consumption: the 90s boom.

    These circumstances coincided at exactly the same time the tech sector was moving through a growth phase. So a lot of this liquidity of the period was then channeled into the tech sector. The market heats up, overshoots and then corrects. Unfortunately, that's the pattern of such expansions; the same thing happened during the "auto boom" in the '20s.

    Clinton's early economic policies certainly contributed to the 90s boom. But once that wheel was set in motion, he was powerless - especially after a hostile GOP-controlled Congress was installed after '94 - to do anything to stop the market from overshooting and correcting. What could Clinton have possibly done to stop the bubble and the subsequent bust? Could he have raised interest rates to cool the market? No. An independent Federal Reserve controlled monetary policy. Could he have intervened in the market with new laws and/or regulations? No, not with a hostile GOP-controlled Congress. What do you think he could have possibly done?

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 10 March, 2006 18:00  

  • Sure does suck to be a Liberal these days.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 10 March, 2006 18:22  

  • Fill, he could have fired day trader Rubin, who I blame for the stock market crash. I lost several hundred thousand, thanks to trader Rubin.

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 10 March, 2006 18:23  

  • PhilM,

    You are trying to make sense to the proudly ignorant.

    I see tradersmith, in typical Right Winger fashion, has to blame someone other than himself for this stock losses, and surprise suprise, it's Clinton's Treasury Secretary.

    By Blogger Robert, at 10 March, 2006 19:28  

  • Robert,

    Yep, I agree - these pathetic wingnuts are just appallingly ignorant. sissy girl has yet to make an even remotely informed comment and trader claiming to have lost money and blaming Rubin simply betrays his stupidity and dishonesty. If his claim is actually true - which I doubt - there is no one to blame but himself. The writing was clearly on the wall by '00.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 10 March, 2006 22:40  

  • Hi I am an ignorant slut liberal, am I in the right place? Sure thing. We can slam anyone else that bothers to show up and tell each other how superior we are. Dont let anyone tell you only liberal losers hang out on right wing websites and slam people. Its just wrong.

    And dont bother telling us how pathetic AAr is. We already know but it hurts so bad that we will vicously lash out at you for daring to speak about it. Particularly the truth. Dont you dare say stuff like AAR is losing franchises and national market share. We have out fingers in our ears and we dont want to hear it, and we really really mean it.

    Sucks to be a lib.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 10 March, 2006 22:57  

  • ...Yawn...

    Sissy girl, you really should stop - you're just embarrassing yourself. You would be much better off going back to moaning about how the other girls don't invite you to their parties.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 11 March, 2006 08:49  

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