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03 April 2006

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After Embarrassing Flaps, Do Baseball, Talk Radio Mix?

After several ugly incidents at KTRS/St. Louis, including the now-infamous Dave Lenihan firing over his Condi Rice slip-up, the Post-Dispatch wonders: in taking over the station, did the Cardinals get in over their heads?

From Dan Caesar's report:

The Cardinals shook the earth under many of their fans last summer when they announced they were moving their radio broadcasts from KMOX, where they had been for 51 seasons, to KTRS.

But that merely was the start of a KTRmesS, the first in a series of developments that have been viewed as either negative, insensitive or embarrassing...


KTRS already is on its third incarnation of its mid-morning show in less than four months, after Jay Anderson and Dana Daniels were dropped and then Dave Lenihan was fired for saying a racially offensive word on the air. Adding to the unconventional circumstances is that the NAACP recently urged KTRS to rehire Lenihan, who is white.

McGraw Milhaven, who was dumped in the pre-Christmas bloodletting, has been re-hired. This makes the second broadcaster fired by the Cardinals who has been brought back before the season's start.

Are these guys good enough or not? Apparently management doesn't know.

An ad campaign trumpeting the team's move to KTRS duped Cards fans, who were led to think replicas of redbirds were stolen off billboards. But it was a marketing stunt aimed at deception, hardly a good idea for a station that already was in a tempest with fans.

Al Brady Law, who was brought in by Cardinals management to oversee KTRS, was accused in February of harassment by one of his former employees at a station in Toledo, Ohio. She alleged that Law sent several harassing and menacing e-mail messages to her over the past year and a half, according to a police report. Law denies doing that.

All this adds up to a stark bottom line: Cardinals brass wants a different identity than they had at KMOX. They certainly have accomplished that.

Also, Mike Anderson at STLMedia admits he was wrong in his initial sentiment about the team taking over KTRS.

Elsewhere in media
news, leave it to The Anchoress to make sure the CBS Public Eye blog didn't get away with elitist attacks on "citizen journalists".

We appreciate her support:

But I wonder if Mr. Freedman would look at the last 12 months work of, say, Ed Morrissey from Captain’s Quarters Blog and consider that his ethical, tenacious, accurate and provocative work - particularly regarding the corruption of the liberal Canadian government - was something less than journalism, simply because Ed is just a guy with a blog and not a “journalist.”

I wonder if he would look at Brian Maloney’s (and Michelle Malkin’s) tireless work uncovering the sleazy financing ops at Air America (a story the NY Times never actually did cover) and say that this carefully researched, meticulously documented expose’ was something less than “real” reportage because - well, because Brian did not graduate from a J-school and his work was not featured in the correct forum.

Yes, Anchoress, it's strange to have years of previous radio and even newspaper experience brushed aside, merely because one is a "blogger".

As for our friend Captain Ed, he had a significant role in bringing down Canada's corrupt Liberal Party government, all from his Minnesota-based computer.

At WorldNetDaily, KSFO's Melanie Morgan (in above photo) has a great new column.

Air America
co-founder/ Lyndon LaRouche supporter Sheldon Drobny has his latest conspiratorial rant here.

Drobny's Nova M Radio, LLC (first exposed by Michelle Malkin and your Radio Equalizer) has apparently bailed out Air America in Phoenix, at least for now.

mAss Backwards sure has the Bay State pegged. Make a run for the packy.

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