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02 May 2006

Rush Limbaugh, Drug Case Settlement, Matt Drudge


Drudge Wonders, Limbaugh Tells His Side

On a day when Rush Limbaugh was finally able to address listeners regarding his settlement with Florida prosecutors on prescription drug charges, Matt Drudge had the best question: "was it really about just 40 pills?"

Via the AP's Brian Skoloff:

The deal ends a three-year investigation that Limbaugh blasted as a "fishing" expedition.

Prosecutors accused Limbaugh of illegally deceiving multiple doctors to receive overlapping prescriptions. After seizing his medical records, authorities learned Limbaugh received up to 2,000 painkillers, prescribed by four doctors in six months.

The single charge only represents Limbaugh allegedly illegally obtaining about 40 pills, said Mike Edmondson, a state attorney's spokesman.

"The information in the charging document in this particular instance was only evidence sufficient to support that sole count and that did not reflect the totality of the evidence we had in the overall investigation," Edmondson said.

He would not elaborate or explain why prosecutors scaled back the case.

If their case was so strong, however, then why back off?

If evidence actually pointed to 2000 pills, why knock it down to 40? It certainly supports Limbaugh's "politically- motivated witch hunt" theory.

Yes, he's a first-time offender who has since undergone apparently-successful treatment. To explore that, why does it take so long? Is this no-stone-left-unturned philosophy applied to others in Palm Beach County?

Also from the AP story, Limbaugh's own take on the settlement:

"From my point of view, the end result will be as if I had gone to court and won, but the matter is concluded much sooner," Limbaugh told his listeners. "I have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars with lawyers over the past 27 months fighting this at every stage."

He pleaded not guilty Friday to a charge that he sought a prescription from a physician in 2003 without revealing that he had received medications from another practitioner within 30 days.

"Do you think if there was any real evidence, we would have reached a settlement?" Limbaugh said on his show.

Drudge is right: if they have nothing more to show for a three- year investigation, then there's truly something fishy going on in Florida.

On the air Monday, Limbaugh told fans news of his "arrest" had leaked to the media before Premiere Radio Networks could whip out a press release, leading to those early, nasty AP headlines we've previously addressed here.

Lesson learned the hard way: as someone will likely tip off the press quickly, it's best to have your PR ready to go just as the famous person is booked and released. No sooner, no later.

Of course, that won't stop sleazy Keith Olbermann- types, who will still enjoy pretending Al Capone or Osama bin Laden has just been captured.

From the Huffington Post, meanwhile, this disgusting display:

All right, the world's most famous doctor shopper is free already on a $3K bond, having the good fortune to have ready access to the that kind of scratch. (Not the slang term "scratch," meaning "semoleans," but sources tell me he actually scratched his Vietnam draft-dodging anal cyst and that much money fell out.

Doubtless trapped in one of those giggly, rolling-around-on-a-bed-of-money orgies.) Lots of folks in that situation would have trouble meeting the bond, probably calling all kinds of relatives who didn't want to hear from them and offering fire-sale prices on whatever vehicles, guitars, or extant drugs they had. But not Rusty L., probably the wealthiest broadcaster in the hate-for-Jesus kingdom.

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  • Hahaha. The funniest part about his post is when he called the libs 50% of the country. hahahahaha

    By Anonymous Renellin, at 01 May, 2012 09:06  

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