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23 May 2006

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Lefties Work To Undermine Right From Within

Two "soldiers", one fake and the other genuine, are in the news today for their attempts to undermine the conservative movement from within. By appearing as disaffected right- wingers, or patriotic Americans disillusioned by the "neo-con" cause, leftists hope these guys can inflict significant damage from an atypical angle.

While the lion's share of headlines belong to phony anti- war "vet" Jesse MacBeth (update: Peace Films links apparently no longer work), exposed by hard- working bloggers as a fraud, a real soldier is sadly seeking to dismantle one of Washington State's few checks against a repressive liberal regime.

For over a decade, Seattle's KVI radio has actively and often successfully taken an activist role against total Democrat Party control of the Evergreen State.

By getting behind initiatives that have put a cap on rising taxes and dismantled public racial preference programs, among other issues, KVI has also served as a rare opposition voice against the Emerald City's liberal media domination.

While not as effective today as it was the past, KVI is still pretty much the only game in town for live and local conservative talk. More recently, the station has greatly suffered by not having a dedicated and qualified program director to run it.

Naturally, its track record has made the station a prime target for so- called "progressives", who have spent years trying to cook up ways to eliminate it, including FCC license challenges and other slimy tactics.

In KVI talk host Bryan Suits, it seems Washington liberals have found a potent ally behind enemy lines. Regardless of what he might have done for his country in Iraq, at home, he's providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

In a move that delivered instant ammo to area leftists, Suits denounced his conservative KVI co- hosts before a group of liberal "Dan Evans Republicans" (meaning RINOs: Republicans In Name Only) for using the airwaves to build support for a gas- tax rollback initiative:

My radio station crossed the line in my book in terms of going from advocacy to leadership on a political issue, which is why the 912 talk stopped at 6 p.m. when I came on the air and my name was never on the initiative.

Memo to Bryan: with a statement like that, you've proven you don't belong at KVI radio. If you were a DJ at a country station, would you speak out against Hank Williams, Jr.? As KVI was built on activism, that's the most appropriate comparison.

Given that fellow KVI hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson have had to endure a nasty court battle to defend their rights to free speech over this very issue, what Suits has done is the ultimate in backstabbing.

If it was simply about Mr. Suits taking a principled stand that we merely disagreed with, that would be one thing, but his questionable track record strongly suggests something sleazy occurring here.

With Suits as the left's new poster child, it's ironic to think that just over a year ago, the ultraliberal Daily Kos did a well- researched hit piece on him. In it, they found Suits had given the media conflicting statements on even the most mundane of details, including whether or not he was married.

So how did Suits reinvent himself as a "KVI conservative"? That's a good question. During his previous stint at Seattle's KIRO-AM, his evening show was a watered- down cross between the on- air sex antics of Howard Stern and "guy talk" utilized by Tom Leykis. Generating some of the lowest ratings KIRO had ever witnessed, he didn't belong there, either.

With no previous talk radio experience, he'd apparently been an FM morning show producer on music stations in California before his curious KIRO hiring.

Around the newsroom, Suits was known for looking at porn on his computer and running to management with anything he'd overheard other staffers discussing. He allied himself with fringe- left talk hosts and producers in the building.

For reasons that are still baffling, Suits suddenly appeared on KVI as a would- be "conservative", but never seemed to know how to do more than a weak imitation of what other hosts were saying.

Now, of course, Suits has outed himself as a phony. Will KVI management wake up and smell the fraud in latteland?

Disclosure: yes, your Radio Equalizer worked at KVI during the 1990's and later for KIRO-AM.

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  • RWW - do you have any original ideas in your head, or do you live to torment the readers of this blog with your AAR direct-line talking point spew-grams?

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 23 May, 2006 19:27  

  • First off Dickhead, the last name is spelled F-R-A-N-C-O. Once again, that goverment school education must've come in REAL handy!

    And second Michelle Malkin--whom certain people on this board have resorted to low-blow racist tactics--has a look at this "soldier" dreamed up by the left and their means to support terrorists and thus leave America open to that wonderful relgion called Islam--whose only means of communication are by force--including death.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 24 May, 2006 06:45  

  • "In order for [questioning the war to be aiding the enemy], you have to believe that the enemy are at home watching CNN and listening to A.M talk radio."

    Words fail me at the scope of such a non sequitur.

    The target of the MSM spin isn't the enemy; it's the American public.

    The enemy doesn't need a Tokyo Rose or Lord Haw-Haw; they have the MSM.

    By Blogger James Jones, at 24 May, 2006 14:23  

  • Okay, RWW, let's rumble.

    "Your hero Brian, spouted a worthless right wing talking point, questioning the war is "aiding the enemy...""

    I challenge you to prove that statement. In the article in question, Maloney takes Suits to task for not getting behind his colleagues at KVI/Seattle on the Washington I-912 campaign and resulting lawsuit, not for questioning the war.

    Later: "You neo-clowns want simple answers to everything, and a fascist state with no questioning the government or it's decisions. That is exactly what Brian said."

    I challenge you to either prove that statement with quotes from Maloney from the post, or retract the charge.

    Shall I go on?

    I could take your entire post and do a point-by-point challenge of each of your statements, and I am willing to suggest publicly that you would not be able to back up any of your assertions with on-record statements of fact.

    You spend a lot of time here typing out your arse, and perhaps you need a little bit of smacking in the face with some reality from time to time.

    Because with all of the faults that the GOP has - and it has to many to count of late - its last and best friend is hotheads like yourself who throw around the "neocon" label on everyone who isn't a card-carrying Deaniac or MoveOn drone.

    Get a fuggin' grip, dude.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 24 May, 2006 23:17  

  • RWW:

    Point one - BZZZT! Nice try, no donut. Maloney was talking specifically about Suits and KVI/Seattle, and its battle with WA I-912. He also refers in the article to "Dan Evans Republicans" and "Evergreen State" - IOW, the State of Washington (North of Oregon, West of Idaho, Out Of Its Mind). I challenge you to point out where Bryan Suits said anything negative about the Iraq War. I further challenge you to improve your reading ability. I have my doubts you will be able to successfully defend either challenge.

    Point two - no reply. No suprise there, either. Of course, RWW could man up and say he may have gone a bit overboard with his rhetoric, but that just wouldn't be the RWW we know, would it?

    Executive summary: RWW is both a dullard and a hypocrite, spouting DU and Kossack talking points while accusing all others who disagree with him of doing likewise with RNC talking points.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 25 May, 2006 19:49  

  • Bryan Suits ended up a KFI 640 AM in Los Angelos. He is working the 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST time slot. See If you want to see the type of radio station Brian Suits is working at go to I see that Bryan is not moviong his wife or child to southern California. Smart move!! Welcome to southern California Bryan!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2008 21:00  

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