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26 June 2006

Al Franken Radio Challenge, Randi Rhodes Change For Change


Rhodes, Franken Now "Care" About Kids!

Okay, let's get this straight: it's okay to care about children overseas, or to support Habitat For Humanity's Katrina rebuilding efforts, but inner- city kids deserve to be railroaded?

Excuse us for a moment, as it's not easy making sense of the inconsistent philosophies of Al Franken and Randi Rhodes.

The same talk show hosts who did everything possible to help Air America Radio cover up the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club scandal, where $875,000 in taxpayer grants were diverted to the liberal radio network's coffers, now claim to have "compassion" for the kids.

Now, the infamous Stuart Smalley is behind an "Al Franken Radio Challenge" to encourage 100 listeners to sponsor poor kids through Children International, a non- profit organization. So far, 35% of the goal has been reached.

Meanwhile, Randi Rhodes's "Change For Change" effort, to support Habitat For Humanity's post- Katrina rebuilding projects, also continues.

While both look to be good causes, how transparent could this possibly be?

If they still can't be honest about what happened to the now- shuttered Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, which served poor kids in the Bronx, why should anyone believe they care about others now?

After all, Rhodes and Franken each have a long history of putting themselves first. Rhodes has just seen her salary trebled, while Franken makes over $2m a year. Why should anyone believe they are sincere?

According to a note from Franken at Children International, he is sponsoring a grand total of one child for this effort:

For many of us, the blessings of life in America are abundant. We don’t worry about dying from hunger or having a roof over our heads. Diseases don't run rampant through our communities and the opportunity for an education is available to everyone, regardless of social class.

In many countries however, this is not the case. Poverty is an epidemic and unfortunately those who suffer most are the children.

But thanks to a wonderful and caring organization called Children International and people just like us, these children have hope. I am proud to be associated with Children International and thankful for the opportunity to reach out and help one of these children.

Will you join me in sponsoring a child? My child's name is Maria, a 6 year old girl from Guatemala. Her family income is just $115 per month. You can see why Maria and her family desperately needed our help.

For a contribution of $18.00 a month, just sixty cents a day, you will provide a needy child with food, clothing, healthcare and much more.

So join me, won't you? Call 1-800-864-9456 or visit this page to find your special child. See how a small contribution of just sixty cents worth of change a day, can make a big change in a small child's life...and yours too!

Al Franken

Al, here's an idea: why don't you and producer Billy ($625,000 annual salary) Kimball donate some of those lunch expense reimbursements you're constantly demanding from Air America? That amount alone would likely cover your 100- child goal.

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Greed, AAR Help: David A Lunde, Frankentincup and Driving Miss Randi: Pete at IHillary for the Radio Equalizer


  • You fat twit! What happened to your secret source and your part two of the earthshaking story that Randi gets paid to radio (admittedly since it is in your experience a fantasy maybe you are awed by it).

    HaHa loser. Attack people for doing charity work-- as a way of harping on your loser non story!

    By Blogger samseder, at 26 June, 2006 16:01  

  • What is most shocking is that Al only has 35 replies to his call to sponsor a kid, since mid April! It's only an 18 dollar a month deal. I know some small small market talk guys that could get 100 sponsors in a day. For a supposedly "big syndicated" guy to be so lame at moving his audience, is shocking!

    By Blogger Dan Gaffney, at 26 June, 2006 16:21  

  • jeez, Maloney you are obsessed with Franken and Rhodes, I think you need to see a therapist, you suffer from O.l.D, obsessed with Liberals disorder. I know the closet queen NAMBLA freak savage wrote "liberalism is a mental disorder", but in reality, conservatives are the ones who are mentally ill.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 26 June, 2006 16:33  

  • Brian,

    It is enlightening to see how some people respond to reasonable criticism regarding their sacred cows.

    Today's Examples: "You fat twit"; "HaHA loser"; "see a therapist"; "mentally ill"

    It reminds me of the SNL Weekend Update with Jane Curtin & Dan Aykroyd - "Jane, you ignornat slut!"

    It is distressing when they sink to these levels and can't offer any facts or intelligent dialog.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 26 June, 2006 16:53  

  • My sentiments exactly. I shall say no more.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 26 June, 2006 17:46  

  • "It is distressing when they sink to these levels and can't offer any facts or intelligent dialog."


    Checkout the sophomoric graphics that litter everyone of Maloney's blog entries.

    By Blogger Robert, at 26 June, 2006 18:35  

  • Robert

    There is a very simple solution to that problem you have with the graphics. I am surprised you have not realized it yourself. So here it is. Dont come here. You wont see the graphics, you wont make yourself look like a whiner complaining about all manners of things that dont matter and you might live longer since your blood pressure will be lower. Now thank me!

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 27 June, 2006 00:28  

  • Seriously

    You are the one whining and being a hypocrite. Your fellow con sheep "benson report" cried, "waaa the left is making fun of Brian". The other poster pointed out Maloney is just as sophmoric as me and the other poster's remarks. One childish post (Brain's) deserves another. The right attacks, all is fine, the left uses the same tatics, the right starts to cry like little babies.
    I have said this over and over. The right owns no copyright on hate, the right owns no copyright on insults either. If you can dish it, be prepared to take it. Stop whining. I actually laugh at Brian's graphics, I think they are funny. I honestly do think Brian needs to see a therapist. He is suffering from Obsessed with Liberals disorder. IF the right can deem "liberalism is mental illness", I can do the same to them. Stp whining!

    In the ideal con sheep world, Coulter, Limbaugh and the rest of the Anti-american crew can spew insults, and the left is supposed to stand there. The right wishes it was this way. The right can not handle a taste of their own medicine without whining and crying

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 27 June, 2006 09:58  

  • Not surprised the AAR Shills are more angry and demented than usual. Mark Levin just picked up six more stations. Yet another conservative upstart leaves Al Franken and Randi Rhodes staring at his taillights.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2006 13:35  

  • If you listen to Levin, V, seriously KILL YOURSELF. I can do Levin's show right here for you
    Here was yesterday's show:
    lib lib lib lib lib lib lib lib lib

    good impression?

    This is what that mouse Levin will say today:
    lib lib lib lib lib lib lib

    V, needs an imaginary 'enemy' to hate. You are one sad, impotent, filthy little hatefull, steering wheel smashing, angry white man. People like you are the coward's of America, confronted face to face, you turn yellow. Levin's audience I will stereotype, you desevve it, Levin is the worst radio I have EVER HEARD, PERIOD. If you can listen to a little shadow of a man scream lib lib lib lib for 3 hours, you obviously are a scared little sissy, who needs a pretend enemy to hate. Us "libs" are all around you. You can pound your steering wheel in anger, listening to that mouse on the radio all you want. In reality, you are a coward, a terrified little man, scared of his own shadow.
    Levin, would turn yellow in fear, if he debated me.

    Levin is a hateful, little ignorant piece of human excrement. I dare Levin, to confron a patriot like Mike Malloy or Randi Rhodes, he would be turned into minced meat. Screaming lib lib lib lib , does not hold weight against facts.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 27 June, 2006 16:28  

  • I guess that makes it all the more humiliating that he's kicking your guys' butts... and without having to loot any children's charities.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2006 20:50  

  • Here once again to take away from you some of that hot air, which I'm sure you've gained plenty of with the news from Cincinnati.

    While it's not known if Clear Channel is doing a format swap between Air America affiliate WCKY and its sports station, or if the sports format will be replaced by something else when it moves to WCKY next week, it's a whole different story in Columbus.

    The latest Arbitrends show Air America affiliate WTPG with nearly double the audience from a year ago. It has gone up once again--this time from 1.4 with last month's ratings to 1.7. Meanwhile, sister station WTVN (home to Limbaugh and tape-delayed Hannity) continues its slow decline.

    And in case I didn't mention it...Randi Rhodes just entered the Talkers Magazine Top 25, along with WOR's Lionel, heard on many progressive talk stations. They now join Ed Schultz, Al Franken and Stephanie Miller.

    Jerry Springer may be losing his flagship station in Cincinnati, but if your predictions on WLIB are correct, you will be left speechless once Big Eddie and Stephanie invade the Big Apple.

    By Blogger QEd, at 29 June, 2006 21:55  

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