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22 June 2006

Randi Rhodes, New Contract Signed, Air America Radio


Outrageous Terms And Perks Mark New Contract

*** NOTE: There is a newer post on this subject ***

So that Randi Rhodes can enjoy her fat new contract, how many Air America staffers will lose their jobs?

Just as Air America Radio has been forced to determine where to cut 20% of its budget, the Bush- bashing host has demanded and received an outrageous new deal that only Al Franken could truly admire.

While we put together our full report, the Radio Equalizer has a note of caution: do not believe the media spin you're likely to see regarding the terms of her agreement.

As the truth will be far too embarrassing for the shameless Rhodes to honestly reveal to her listeners and co-workers, expect deception.

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  • [Sarcasm] Oh great, now Pacifica and NPR are footing the bill for this shrilling bee-yotch and her failed network. GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST! [Sarcasm off]

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 22 June, 2006 18:55  

  • hey, whiner, I mean, "whiner to earth, come in, come in."

    The Dandy one lost me on Day one when she invited Nader on her show and started screaming (make that screeching) at him. Good way to treat company and get readership. Not mine, though.

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 23 June, 2006 11:57  

  • I am in the middle of listening to 3 hours of phone-in calls restricted to junior high and high school students only on Air America Radio. Pretty sobering and memorable stuff. Try as you might, you can't suppress this information, no matter how much you try to will it into submission.

    By Blogger @whut, at 24 June, 2006 00:10  

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