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24 August 2006

Jerry Springer, Sam Seder


Host Claims He'll Take Jerry's Slot In Mid-September

On his Majority Report blog today, Air America Radio host Sam Seder claims he's won the war against Jerry Springer and will soon take the trashmeister's 9am- noon radio timeslot.

So far, however, there's been no official word on the changes and Springer's own site says nothing.

Though we first exclusively reported on Springer's impending demise back on August 9th, events over the past week made it unclear who would get his timeslot. For several days, it even appeared the Mayor Of Hell had in fact held on to it.

Reports from behind the scenes described a bloody battle of egos at the floundering network, with Jerry appealing his case all the way to the Supreme Court: Rob Glaser in Seattle, that is.

From Seder's site:

That is what they call in the radio business a tease. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I will be moving to the network 9a-12p slot starting sometime in mid september. They're still working out the details of the launch.

Don't know what the show will be called as of yet. There is desire form the network for me to call it the Sam Seder Program or show or something like that-- supposedly it's a branding issue or some other crap. I am not terribly comfortable naming a show after myself because it bores me in one sense and probably because of deep seeded psychological issues.

But more specific- ally, I am very attatched to the name Majority Report. It's what the first prototype of this show was called on one night in Feb. 2003 when Tom Scharpling gave me two hours on his Best Show on FMU. It has a two and a half year history which I shared with Janeane. Most importantly, I now associate it with you, our listeners and particularly our bloggers. So with all that said, we'll see... but, and I bold this so there is no doubts this blog will remain.

In the end, however, it may not matter who wins this battle: the network is dire financial straits, to an extent far greater than ever before. How long Seder, Franken and Rhodes can really expect to continue their shows

And as for Springer, it's not clear where he will take his talk show, but because it does have high- profile industry backing, we may yet see Jerry resurface somewhere else.

ELSEWHERE: Glad to see somebody in the blogosphere actually cares about the ongoing atrocities in Zimbabwe. Read The American Thinker's report here.

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Springer sandwich: NBC - James Edstrom


  • Sederific !

    Kudos to Scharpling too. I listened to his show on Tuesday, and suffice to say he has the most brilliant cast of callers. Catch it if you can.

    "Tom, this is Don. .... Don't you remember me from the fifth grade?"

    By Blogger @whut, at 24 August, 2006 20:49  

  • I guess Brian must be surprised that Sam Seder is in line for the 9am-noon timeslot. Last I remember he was saying "Co-host Sam Seder seems to have moved into an ongoing fill-in role for other hosts, including Al Franken this week. Is this it for Seder, or will he slide into a late- night position?" (from his July 3, 2006 article)

    I guess his Air America source must have been wrong about that one.

    By Blogger Ezsuds, at 24 August, 2006 22:28  

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