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08 September 2006

Al Franken, Forbes, Solid Gold, President Bush


From Solid Gold To Forbes, Stuart's A Hit

Did you know that Al Franken could dance?

Neither did we, but from the 1980s, all the way to 2006, 'ol Stuart Smalley proves he's quite a pro. Back then, of course, he was actually on stage, appearing as Mick Jagger on (are you ready for this) Solid Gold.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, here it is, complete with Marilyn McCoo's introduction:

Now, of course, Franken's dancing is of a political nature, carefully stepping around specific solutions to the biggest problems facing our nation. Case in point: a just- released Forbes interview, where Smalley bashes President Bush over Iraq, but provides no solutions of his own for dealing with Middle East terrorism:

Forbes: How did Sept. 11 change your world?

Franken: A lot of people ask me why the dialog in this country is vituperative nowadays. After Sept. 11th, it wasn't. We were totally united as a country, and the world was almost all behind us. Bush had this golden opportunity to lead the world in a spirit of mutual sacrifice, and he blew it. He hijacked all this suffering to go to war in Iraq.

We haven't learned the right things, that's for sure. Yes, there is a jihadist movement that wants to kill us, but I think we've made it a lot worse by attacking Iraq. We played totally into their hands and have been essentially recruitment for them. By torturing people, by attacking an Arab country under false pretenses and to go in a fake international coalition, we have undermined our own position in our world, and our influence has eroded tremendously.

Forbes: Terror is …

Franken: Terrorism, to me, is the use of terror for political purpose, and terror is indiscriminate murder of civilians to make a political point.

A perfect example is Hezbollah firing missiles into Israel. Is Israel bombing villages in southern Lebanon "terrorism"? I don't think it is, but I think the way they handled it was very ill-advised. I think it should have been up to the Israeli military to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible.

Another example of terrorism is the Golden Mosque in Samarra in Iraq. It was blown up to stoke violence, and its purpose was to have Shiites go after Sunnis, and it succeeded.

We responded to Iraqi insurgency in a way that made enemies. It was the fault of the president and the Pentagon, and we didn't adapt fast enough, which was the most difficult part.

What "mutual sacrifice" is Franken talking about? Just about any action to eliminate terrorism abroad would have failed to secure "sacrifices" from the likes of France and the other European powers. Just look what it took to get them to commit to anything more than a token percentage of the UN's new "peacekeeping" force in Lebanon.

Franken & friends will simply never stop bashing the US and covering for Euro- stupidity, it seems.

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  • Sorry Brian, but the Bush Administration's continued attempt to link terrorism to the war on Iraq has been discredited. It is time to find a new talking point since even the Fox News drones are seeing the light on that one. I suggest you stick with the message Sadaam was a scumbag with oil. Stay clear of any message regarding the fact an Iraq closely aligned with Iran is not in our strategic interests.

    By Blogger none, at 08 September, 2006 16:54  

  • Lack of willingness to accept responsibility for failed foreign policy, a campaign of misinformation, and total absence of transparency regarding policy decisions will forever be the lasting legacy of the Bush Crime Family, and all of our soldiers that they slaughtered.through government sponsored terrorism.

    9/11 was Bush's Reichstag.

    If anything, Franken is too weak-willed to tackle much else but fund-raising and appearances at colleges.

    If anything, Franken stands for appeasement of the right wing.

    Ironic, that they can't even accept that with good grace.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 September, 2006 19:42  

  • The real Sam is furious with Air America, that's obvious to everyone. So what if Malloy returned for a guest appearance, that will do little to placate lefty anger over the way he was fired.

    Otherwise, "samseder" sounds like a third-grade playground bully looking for milk money.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 09 September, 2006 03:33  

  • I found this article's title to be ironic given the name of the website.

    By Blogger none, at 09 September, 2006 04:35  

  • Terrorism, to me, is the use of terror for political purpose, and terror is indiscriminate murder of civilians to make a political point.

    That proves he just doesn't get it. The use of terror is for POLITICAL purposes? He needs to read a little bit more on history, especially the history of islam and what we are up against.

    They want us all DEAD. Period.

    By Blogger Crimsonfisted, at 09 September, 2006 09:49  

  • Brian, I assure you that Malloy's appearance was not DESIGNED to placate anyone's anger.

    Leave the placating, as well as the inciting, teasing, manipulating, and twisting, to the fascist media and UABC (the Un-American Broadcasting Corporation). They're the ones that perfected it.

    Those in search of truth prefer INFORMATION and PERSPECTIVE, not propaganda. And our patience is wearing thin.

    Uh, "Fisted", get a grip. It's time to learn a new trick to turn....not even the evangelicals are buying into the "Muslim Menace"....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 09 September, 2006 15:32  

  • Uh, "Hash", keep smoking.

    It wouldn't hurt you to do a little research either.

    Try here as a start.

    By Blogger Crimsonfisted, at 10 September, 2006 13:11  

  • Uh, fisted, who supports your referred source of information? (And we don't want shell companies, etc....we want NAMES.

    Who composed the "9/11 is Clinton's fault" revisionary drama on UABC (the Unamerican Broadcasting Corporatists)?

    Who sponsors them?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 10 September, 2006 16:26  

  • Just listening to you "conservatives" makes me laugh! The more we follow your ideas, the more the US is going to the toilet.

    By Blogger sven86, at 05 November, 2006 17:16  

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