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18 September 2006

Dr Laura Schlessinger Interview Part Two: Politics And Pop Culture


Longtime Advice Talker Discusses Politics, Culture And More

*** Exclusive to the Radio Equalizer ***

By Brian Maloney

When it comes to pressing issues, where does Dr Laura Schlessinger stand? While that might not be something her listeners readily associate with this highly- successful, always controversial dispenser of advice, your Radio Equalizer has long wondered about her political positions.

After all, since Dr Laura's moral stances certainly appear to have a socially conservative tilt, wouldn't right- leaning political views go hand- in- hand?

In part two of our exclusive interview (for part one, click here), we learn that making that determination isn't quite so simple after all. And getting her to open up on specific issues isn't always easy, as sometimes she's not inclined to reveal her hand.

What advice does Dr Laura have for President Bush? And would she ever run for office? Are the antics of pampered stars damaging our children?

It's all here and more:

Part Two: politics and pop culture

Brian Maloney: Even though your radio program's primary function is to give relationship advice to callers, there's a political aspect to the philosophy behind your responses, isn't there? Do you have a keen interest in politics?

Dr Laura Schlessinger: When I get a call, the only philosophy I am thinking of at the time is to give my caller the best possible insight and advice I can.

They are usually calling with some type of struggle in their lives, heart or soul. My goal is to help them the best way I can.

Even when they call about having "political fights" with loved ones, I always remind them that the "love" comes first.

BM: Would you consider yourself a conservative, moderate or independent? Or, could you even be a liberal on some issues?

Dr Laura: I consider myself an American first, and have different views on different issues. I don't reflexively grab any "party line", it's not my style at all.

BM: Are there issues in the news today that you feel especially passionate about? In particular, is there one we haven't heard you previously discuss in public?

Dr Laura: I am the proud Mom of a United States soldier. I support our troops who put their lives on the line for us all around the globe.

I also have a passion for raising money for US military families who have lost a loved one in recent wars, through Operation Family Fund.

BM: In March, you were named "Woman of the Year" in California’s 19th State Senate District by GOP State Senator Tom McClintock. Looking at the presentation photo from the Senate floor in Sacramento, you looked very comfortable there. Would you ever consider running for office?

Dr Laura: Is there a ballot square for "Empress"?

I'm not suited for public office because I find the often- necessary action of compromising principles in negotiations a problem.

I am where I should be, doing what I love: talking one on one with people who are struggling to do better with their lives.

BM: Have you endorsed a candidate in California's hotly-contested gubernatorial race this year? Do you feel that Gov. Schwarzenegger deserves another term? What kind of person do you think Arnold is?

Dr Laura: No endorsement made.

BM: There's a possibility that the Republican Party could lose its majority status in Congress this year. If that occurs, what do you think will be the reasons for that? Have they done what they set out to do?

Dr Laura: I am not a political analyst.

BM: With your son Deryk serving in our Armed Forces, how do you feel about the state of affairs in Iraq? Did too many Americans expect instant gratification, not keeping in mind that building a state from the ground up is going to take time? Or, is our media the problem? How long should American troops remain there? Was going into Iraq a good or bad idea overall?

Dr Laura: I believe we need to support the troops, wherever they are. When they get a mission, they need to know that they have the support of their country.

They are putting their very lives between us and the bad guys and get paid very little to do it; at least they should have our gratitude and respect.

BM: It's no secret that President Bush has faced a very challenging period in his presidency. Polls have shown support at particularly low levels in his second term. During times like this, what advice would you give him, on a personal or political level?

Dr Laura: True leadership means doing what you believe is right for the American people.

That is what the American people voted him in as president to do: lead.

Leadership is also not a popularity contest. There is much going on about which we are not aware, for security reasons. We need to trust that there is always more to the story and the burden is great.

I am dismayed by the manner in which TV talking head pundits behave as though they know the whole picture and have some superior knowledge.

I find that destructive to America.

BM: There seems to be a contest underway by young pop-culture celebs to see who can get into the most trouble. Paris Hilton's recent DUI arrest is being portrayed almost as a publicity coup, while Lindsay Lohan seems determined to play catch- up. And rapper 50 Cent was caught racing his expensive, but unregistered, sports car through New York City. Young people at the scene yelled at police for pulling him over. What can be done to take away the rewards for these kinds of antics and how are they affecting young people in America today?

Dr Laura: Nothing can be done, because it is all about ratings. Whatever gets attention translates into big money.

Unfortunately, the impact on our children is devastating, as we teach them that "infamy" pays.

BM: Recently, you've been busy with a one-person stage show called Dr. Laura: In My NEVER To Be Humble Opinion as well as jewelry-making fundraising assistance for Operation Family Fund, which helps injured troops and their families. How did you get involved with these activities? Isn't being on stage a lot different than doing talk radio?

Dr Laura: I started the one- woman show concept in my mind some twenty years ago. I got the 'bug' from seeing Lily Tomlin's fantastic show.

The fans love the stage show because they get to see me close- up and personal. Even those who've never heard the radio show, or who've only heard bad things about me and the show, but are curious, say they love it and become fans!

I got the philanthropy drive from Paul Newman. Before I was "Dr Laura", I read about Mr. Newman selling spaghetti sauce and other products, and turning over 100 percent of its profits for camps for terminally ill children.

I thought then, 'what a wonderful use of celebrity!'

I have been raising money for various children's causes, through CASA, and helping the families of troops who have died in battle, through Operation Family Fund.

Helping others is the single most important use of celebrity 'power'.

BM: Where is the show going from here? Do you see yourself still doing it in five years, ten, or more? Do you still enjoy talk radio?

Dr Laura: We have some nine cities planned for the upcoming tour. Check out website at for more details.

I will be in radio as long as I can be successful and the listeners tune in. My listeners are the ones that give me the energy each day.

They are very loyal and I love them for that.

BM: Anything else we should know about you and what you're up to these days?

Dr Laura: Look for my new book on marriage, THE PROPER CARE AND FEEDING OF MARRIAGE to come out January 2007. It will be very hot!

Also, THE PROPER CARE AND FEEDING OF HUSBANDS is now out in paperback.

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  • I love it when someone answers a question that has nothing to do with the original question. It's pretty simple to see which way her leaning are. Maybe some hair raising questions in the future about her nudie pictures.Her response will be something like I have a camera and I really like Canon's. What a cop out.

    By Blogger Owen, at 19 September, 2006 13:56  

  • Common is as common does.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 19 September, 2006 15:11  

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