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19 September 2006

Greenstone Media, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, NAB Convention


Steinem To Teach Radio Pigs A Lesson

Gloria Steinem has just made the best case ever for radio industry convention non- attendance!

How, you wonder? By giving a "special address" at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Dallas tomorrow, the longtime feminist is planning to stick it to the misogynists who run the radio business.

The session topic: "Talk That Women Really Want".

Given that attending a NAB convention can easily set one back as much as $2000, between fees, food, drinks (!!), hotels and transportation, who wants to pay good money to hear Gloria pretend that women are begging for her new feminist talk radio network?

Hey, she's even got clever research to back it up!

Never mind that there are already a number of talk shows that appeal to women, including some hosted by (yikes!) men. And that a number of female talk hosts have been able to succeed just fine without her movement's help, including Dr Laura Schlessinger, Laura Ingraham, Stephanie Miller, Tammy Bruce and a number of others at the local level, such as Melanie Morgan in San Francisco.

Even worse for Gloria & Friends (which include Jane Fonda, Rosie O'Donnell, Billie Jean King and others), Rush Limbaugh (gasp!) has quite a few female listeners.

In her eyes, none of this has ever happened.

Instead, the radio world is being introduced to the female gender for the first time, simply because Ms Steinem has chosen to impart her wisdom to this year's attendees. Never mind that her broadcast background pretty much doesn't exist.

Here she is discussing the network with Bill Maher recently:

So, to those attending the NAB this year, be sure you don't miss this crucial tongue- lashing session from one of feminism's true icons. Radio will never be the same.

ELSEWHERE: At FrontPage, Leila Beckwith properly lays out the case against the failed UC- Santa Cruz campus.

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Steinem photo: New York Times

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  • Hi,

    Nice blog very informative. Hope you don't mind but i have bookmarked it.

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    By Blogger Darren Mallory, at 19 September, 2006 20:31  

  • Progressive Radio (AKA Air America) is dead from financial bulimia!

    Long live (well, not really) Progressive Radio (AKA Greenstone Media)!

    This is going to be fun!

    Wonder how long this assessment (BELOW) is going to be correct?

    "Though it could not have been Ms. Steinem’s intention to hand the Rush Limbaughs of the world an early holiday gift, GreenStone too easily obliges the idea that debate is just a synonym for bad manners, and in doing so suggests that the only corrective to invidious discussion is no discussion at all — or, rather, lots of little discussions about hosiery and slumber parties."

    My bet is that they're busy dissing the Bush Administration before February ends.

    Oh, I'm excited. I just love this kind of misguided venture, and I was wondering what I was going to do for excitement after AA folds....Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem - Now there's a pair of talk-radio giants!

    By Blogger Lokki, at 19 September, 2006 22:39  

  • Yeah, GIANT EGOS NEEDING TO BE FED! This will have as much success as New Coke--NONE!

    Now I know it's not even on the air, but given the ridiculousness that are Steinem and Fonda and in Steinem's case hypocritical behavior (from Do As I Say), this is already DOA.

    Who would they get to do their news, Amy Goodman? No she's got her big money stipends from Pacifica.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 20 September, 2006 07:10  

  • I don't see such a network being allowed to broadcast much longer than AAR was allowed to, under this regime.

    I also believe that sluts like Malkin and Ingraham have also had a certain amount of success in demeaning a certain type of intelligent woman and replacing them with an ugly stereotype that does have superficial roots in truth.

    I'm not sure if this network's only option to survive would be to become another "lifestyle"-type channel, or if persecution of a hard-hitting style would ultimately backfire.

    I'll wait and see before making any predictions. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what women really want.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 September, 2006 19:35  

  • "sluts"

    Now that's Progressive!

    By Blogger Jim Treacher, at 20 September, 2006 21:11  

  • Ah, but we at least know what the term "human dignity" means.

    We just choose not to give it to those who are undeserving of such.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 September, 2006 23:06  

  • Because they're sluts!

    By Blogger Jim Treacher, at 22 September, 2006 17:36  

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