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15 September 2006

KFI, John & Ken, Los Angeles Mayor


Villaraigosa 'Declares War' on John & Ken

In a completely unprovoked verbal attack, the mayor of Los Angeles used a Hispanic awards presentation to blast top- rated KFI / Los Angeles hosts John and Ken for their opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

During his speech, the always- scatterbrained Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa abruptly switched gears, launching out of the blue into an attack on the longtime opposition to illegal immigration. John and Ken responded by calling his words "a declaration of war."

A big hat tip on this one to Perry Simon, who quotes Villaraigosa as calling John and Ken "hatemongers... two people who get on the radio every day, who share a commitment of dividing AMERICA, who demonize our immigrants... shame on you."

Here's the KTLA video clip:

The obviously discriminatory luncheon was meant to honor Spanish- language broadcasters. How can Villaraigosa call John & Ken divisive from a race- specific awards presentation? Should they add a "Pot Calling The Kettle Black" award?

Villaraigosa apparently wants to make it clear that his constituency is made up of illegals and their apologists, rather than hard- working, tax- paying citizens of Los Angeles. Antonio provides yet another reason for productive American citizens and corporations to abandon La La Land for good.

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  • It can't be stressed enough that Tony V. is a Democrat and that the Democratic Party has not censured him in any way and fully supports him. In fact, he's a rising star in the Democratic Party.

    And, that Democrat is also a former member of the racial separatist group MEChA.

    That Democrat also strongly supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

    That Democrat supported foreign citizens making a show of force in our country by marching in our streets.

    That Democrat traveled to Mexico right after his election and promoted illegal immigration.

    In other words, he's just a standard Democrat.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 15 September, 2006 16:04  

  • And he is a Dem who is more like his socialist heroes like Castro, Chavez and Lopez Obrador (who whined like the democrats in 2000 about not winning the Mexican prsidency!).

    Also makes me wonder if some of the people in LA who voted for this guy are illegal aliens?

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 15 September, 2006 17:09  

  • It's can't be stressed enough: Republicans stand for corruption and treason.

    Examples: Abramoff, Ney, Cunningham, Franklin, Safavian - and those are just the ones stupid enough to get caught red-handed!!!

    By Blogger BWTechnical, at 15 September, 2006 21:45  

  • Dovish-this is true, but I break at that point, and call for an immediate end to open borders, enforcement of existing immigration policy, and further stringencies regarding immigration in general.

    This to me is a no-brainer, and the gravity of this national emergency should transcend all political ideologies and divisions.

    It's just common sense.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 16 September, 2006 21:13  

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