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20 September 2006

MA Primary Election Results, Talk Radio


Patrick's Dem Primary Win Is Golden For Talk Radio

A hotly- contested, three- way Democrat Party gubernatorial primary in Massachusetts has provided New England- based talk radio hosts with a great deal of fodder in recent weeks.

Now, with the Howard Dean / Ned Lamont- like Deval Patrick emerging as the winner of this bruising contest, topic- hungry Bay State news- talk radio looks to have gained a serious shot in the arm. And with ratings sagging based on fresh Boston results released late Tuesday, it can't come a moment too soon. All that's needed now is a Dean- like scream from Deval to use as an on- air sound effect.

The other clear winners: major broadcast firms with local outlets, who've seen a tremendous advertising surge fill television and radio airwaves in recent weeks.

With by far the most liberal of the three candidates winning this contest, alarm is sure to follow in more mainstream Democrat party factions. Patrick soundly beat two well- financed competitors, Attorney General Tom Reilly (an initially strong candidate who blew early leads through epic bouts of stupidity) and venture capitalist Chris Gabrieli (who, through ties to the George Soros- backed Democracy Alliance, has funded the financially- troubled Air America Radio in the past).

Here's a Hotline pre- primary assessment of the race:

Patrick will now take on Republican Lt Governor Kerry Healey in what will be the political fight of a lifetime. Healey, a wealthy businesswoman who has just recently begun to demonstrate her independence from Mitt Romney, hopes to continue the twenty- year trend of Republicans in the position. The last Democrat elected governor in the Bay State was Michael Dukakis.

Oddly, however, Healey entered the nasty political fray between Democrats, running early attack ads against Gabrieli. Did she assume he was the front- runner, or was Patrick's victory in fact the desired outcome? According to the Boston Globe, Healey's campaign thought Gabrieli would be tougher to define, while Patrick and Reilly were easy to paint as hard- core liberals.

While Healey does appear to be a strong candidate, she has so far failed to seal the deal with voters, not revealing the fire in her belly that compels one to run for governor. When will the passion emerge? Hurry, the clock is ticking!

On the other hand, Patrick represents a potential disaster for Massachusetts at the worst possible time. With the state's population on the decline and young people forced to leave for greener pastures due to high taxes and a slow economy, Patrick's policies would only serve to speed up this already alarming trend.

A former Clinton Administration elitist currently building an enormous mansion in the western part of the state, Patrick is in complete denial regarding the many huge problems that threaten the commonwealth. He has opposed reducing the state income tax rate to 5%, which was the will of the voters in 2000, but quickly circumvented by a shameless legislature.

Patrick's sadly delusional mindset essentially maintains that Democrats have created a blue- state paradise in Massachusetts, a potential model for the rest of the country. How many Bay Staters share that kind of view is open to question and the other two Dems in the race had instead adopted reform- focused campaigns.

Expect the national media to portray Patrick as the second coming of Barack Osama- Obama (don't blame us, it was Ted Kennedy who got them confused). And Deval's Dean- like supporters can be expected to paint as racist anybody who dares to criticize their man.

From this point forward, Bay State- based talk radio outlets will not only have their own version of Connecticut's Ned Lamont to pick apart, but also get the added bonus of Healey's so- far questionable campaign to critique.

For local talk hosts, it's a can't- lose scenario.

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  • Brian,
    Very interesting smackdown of old Equalizer friend Sam Seder by Carl Bernstein, as reported in the New York Daily News. Note how he is referred to as "emcee Sam Seder, a host on the financially bankrupt Air America radio". Here is the link:

    By Blogger Will Hansen, at 20 September, 2006 10:59  

  • >>venture capitalist Chris Gabrieli (who, through ties to the George Soros- backed Democracy Alliance, has funded the financially- troubled Air America Radio in the past).

    Wow...on a radio messageboard, I had said jokingly "maybe Gabrieli could have spent his millions on getting a better signal for AAR in Boston". I didn't even know of his ties to
    Soros ("GOOD capitalist pig billionaire"--conservative satire site Communists for Kerry)
    and DA!

    If you want a socialist worker's paradise, Comrade, come to Mass.,
    where both Senators and all 10 Reps
    are moonbats, as are most other politicians. Give the Corner Office back to the donkeys and the Revolution will be complete. More people will move out...

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 20 September, 2006 12:48  

  • Boy, I sure hope more people will move out. More room on the highways for me.

    And if it's mostly Rapeublicans moving out of Massachussetts, that means that mostly giant SUV's or pick-up trucks will be removed from the Turnpike. Even more room to drive.

    Bring it on.

    By Blogger Scott, at 20 September, 2006 17:44  

  • Bernstein's a traitor in his own right anyway.

    Never expect more than a grunt from a pig.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 September, 2006 19:29  

  • "And Deval's Dean-like supporters can be expected to paint as racist anybody who dares to criticize their man..."

    Especially Healey, after she beats Patrick like a drum on 11/7.

    By Blogger D. R. Tucker, at 20 September, 2006 20:02  

  • Hard to tell, at this juncture.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 September, 2006 20:39  

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