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02 December 2006

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Your Support Keeps The Radio Equalizer Going Strong

(For the latest on Air America Radio's bankruptcy proceedings, scroll down)

Here at the Radio Equalizer, we've so far refrained from adding a tip jar, nor do we hold NPR- style pledge drives. We don't even have Air America Radio tote bags to give away.

We do rely on your support to keep this effort going, however.

Whether through the purchase of a BlogAd (via "Crank Up Your Own Levels" in the sidebar) or the ordering of Amazon items that begin with clicks here, your help is greatly appreciated (it is not necessary to buy the particular products shown in the graphic boxes).

Thanks for your recognition of the Radio Equalizer's efforts to keep the mainstream media in check!

By the way, your Radio Equalizer highly recommends the talking Dr Laura and Ronald Reagan action figures as gift ideas.

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