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15 January 2007

Don Imus Contract Renewal, New York City


Talk Fossil Imus Signs New Deal

Determined to spend more time on the airwaves than Strom Thurmond did in the US Senate, talk fossil Don Imus has signed a new five year contract.

That means another five long years of his increasingly- incoherent ramblings, mushy political positions and general boredom. For a fluffy take on what keeps Imus on the air, here's a blurb from the New York Daily News:

IMUS RE-UPS: Five years ago, WFAN (660 AM) morning man Imus said he was signing his last radio contract.

Turns out his count was off by at least one. He's signed for another five years - no doubt to the vast delight of WFAN's parent CBS Radio, which is having some cash flow issues with its low-rated FM stations and thus counting on its thriving AMs like WFAN to keep drawing advertisers. Few do that better than Imus.

CBS Radio CEO Joel Hollander is also a big personal fan of Imus - who really has no reason to leave, since he tailors his radio show to fit his life.

Tomorrow Imus' guests will include authors Linda Fairstein and Kurt Vonnegut and country duo Montgomery Gentry. Would any other show do that?

Sure, if Imus is still bringing in dollars in New York City, it would make sense to keep him for another year or two, but not five.

After all, his ratings there have been in a slow state of decline for almost 20 years and he's no longer heard in many other markets, with most of his remaining stations located in the Northeast. We find it hard to believe he will continue in those cities for long.

As for his cable news simulcast, who knows what their plans are, after all, it's MSNBC we're talking about!

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  • Where the hell is the arbitron data to justify whether or not this new contract is justified Maloney ?

    By Blogger none, at 15 January, 2007 13:39  

  • a) Leave Imus alone. There's only so much Curtis & Kuby (or super-sub Marc Simone) that anyone can put up with.

    We need an option other than NPR's "Morning Edition."

    And Kucinich is a tinfoil capped idiot.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 15 January, 2007 23:35  

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