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16 February 2007

Al Franken, US Senate Race, Minnesota Polls


So Far, Franken Crushed By Incumbent

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Has Al Franken made a big mistake?

If Stuart thought quitting his radio talk show to run for a Minnesota US Senate seat would be a cakewalk, that scenario was smashed to bits by a new poll showing him well behind Senator Norm Coleman, the GOP incumbent.

Apparently, they aren't fooled in the North Star State, at least not yet.

According to The Hill, a non- partisan publication covering Congress, Franken truly has his work cut out for him:

Coleman ahead in Minnesota polls

By Aaron Blake

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) leads both of his potential Democratic opponents — comedian Al Franken and attorney Mike Ciresi — by more than 20 points, according to a poll conducted by SurveyUSA for local KSTP-TV.

Coleman leads Franken, who entered the race Wednesday, 57–35. He leads Ciresi, who announced an exploratory committee Sunday, 57–34. The poll surveyed 632 likely voters on Monday and Tuesday, before Franken’s announcement.

The 2008 Minnesota Senate race is projected to be one of the most hard-fought in the country in the upcoming cycle.

Strangely enough, that's only slightly better than Stuart had fared when the same question was asked of Minnesota voters in 2004, according to the St Paul Pioneer Press:

In the past three decades, Franken has given his opponents a lot of material.

"He's a researcher's dream," said Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey. An hour after Franken's announcement, Carey had pages of quotes ready.

Franken has a long record of saying things most politicians would not — from using four-letter words to discussing past drug use to downplaying his ability to hold office.

Asked by a Playboy interviewer in 2004 whether he ever saw himself holding office, Franken said: "I would be crushed by the sense of responsibility. Voting on whether to authorize the use of force is a big decision, especially on a close call. I don't know if I could handle that. That's what you're doing when you elect someone: You're giving them the opportunity to handle it."

Later that year, a Pioneer Press/Minnesota Public Radio poll found that 57 percent of likely Minnesota voters said they would pick Coleman in 2008, while 29 percent supported Franken.

Though it's true Franken will have major monetary support from the national Democrat Party's elite fundraisers, that's quite a gap. How will he overcome it?

More disturbing is that because his name recognition factor is extremely high, the issue clearly isn't one of voter awareness.

This rather startling poll data leads one to wonder just why he chose to take the plunge in the first place. With Air America perpetually in the toilet, was there simply no other choice?

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  • Win or lose, he did not make a mistake. His bank account is full from profits off his books and time on Saturday night live, he is a success, even if he loses.
    and the race is over a year away, too early to tell. Even a hack knows this

    Coleman may have saved his political ass by voting for debate on Iraqi non-binding resolution anyway

    Lets see
    A. best selling writer of 3 major books
    B. Comedy writer for top comedy show Saturday Night live
    C. Radio host for 3 years, helping launch liberal talk.
    D. Brief TV show on Sundance TV
    E. Launching bid for Senate

    every way you slice it, he is a success, far more than you or I Brian. deal with it

    and a poll this early means nothing, Rick Santorum once lead in the polls too.

    lets see Brians resume
    A. fill in host on right wing radio show
    B blogger, with a blog attracting a few wing nuts and liberals who mock him

    C. kissed ass on Bill Oriley 2 times

    you are in no position to diss the Franken

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 16 February, 2007 13:54  

  • That isn't even a good attempt at spinmeistering for Franken.

    He bombed at talk radio, helped bankrupt the network and is now 22 points behind GOP Senator Coleman in a blue state.

    And, he hasn't been funny since 1980. Why defend this jerk?

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 16 February, 2007 13:59  

  • Chech this out at huffTV, Franken in bed talking--geez, could he stoop any lower?

    Everyone at AAR, past and present, hates Franken and knows that he is greedy. Brian just has the guts to expose him.

    By Blogger FYIFYI, at 16 February, 2007 14:15  

  • oops here is the link of Franken this week doing a "strange bed fellows" interview,in his P.J.s in bed.

    By Blogger FYIFYI, at 16 February, 2007 14:17  

  • Spining??


    3 best selling books
    former writer for SNL

    helped launch liberal talk, which like it or not had a huge impact, deny away

    I don't even listen to his show, I stream Hartman, but the fact remains his name put liberal talk on the map
    Deal with it

    Franken was the host that made A.A.R , his presence got it off the ground, and helped AAR gain affiliates, deal with it.

    and the poll is rediculous, again Rick Santorum once had a huge lead in the polls, 2 years before the election
    So did George Allan, and he lost as well, so did the Montana senator who lost

    I don't spin

    these are cold hard facts

    this is why you have no career Brian, you are a hack.

    a poll over 20 months away from the election, means nothing. Just look at the polls, from who lost in November. Facts Maloney

    again. I find Franken BORING

    1.3 NYT best sellers
    2.successful writer for SNL
    3.helped Launch Liberal talk, regardless of how his show did (average at best ratings wise)
    4. Sundance TV show
    5 bid for senate

    NO SPIN, these are hisd accomplishments. Nobody gave you a syndicated program, Brian. Even hacks like Jerry Agar, got a program, even whining sissies like Maec Levin, launched a successful radio career.
    Not me either, but I'm a media hobbiest, this is not my career.
    and my show got turned down by Free-FM in NY, not ashamed to say it, and also turned down by AAR as well, BIG DEAL.

    Admit it Brian, Franken has a career, will always have a career, regardless of his senate bid, which is still too early to tell.

    not SPIN

    and Franken got to hang with Jerry Garcia in Egypt, I'm jealous for sure

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 16 February, 2007 14:23  

  • FYI
    whether or not, he is or greedy is not the issue. He has a career, Brian does not. Brian is in no shape to call him a failure.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 16 February, 2007 14:25  

  • You're right, you're about more than just spin.

    I forgot to mention the unhinged anger clearly evident in your comments.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 16 February, 2007 14:25  

  • MoPoop,

    You are in need of a long rehab at Bellevue. You are delusional and dysfunctional.

    All you have to know about Franken is that he attacks from the rear when the victim isn't looking.

    By Blogger PCD, at 16 February, 2007 14:50  

  • You really think Coleman shares your optimism after showing phony concern over the "surge"?

    Once the campaign begins the voters will be reminded on a daily basis what a lapdog he was to the President.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 16 February, 2007 15:18  

  • A couple weeks ago Coleman said that he was against Bush's plan of a "surge" to add troops to Baghdad, but he was in favor of sending more troops to Iraq if they are going to Al Anbar.

    By Blogger qw3rty, at 16 February, 2007 20:23  

  • Interesting.

    Virtually every comment here, while admittedly seeming at cross-purposes with one another, has at least a strong element of truth to it.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 16 February, 2007 21:13  

  • His bank account is full from profits off his books and time on Saturday night live...

    ... and money stolen from a children's charity!

    Normally, polls this far out mean diddly, but it hasn't exactly been a secret that Franken was running. And, as your examples prove, Franken doesn't suffer from lack of name recognition.

    This poll isn't a TKO. But after the first round, he's down on points. By a fair amount.

    By Blogger BF, at 16 February, 2007 21:18  

  • Don't underestimate Franken. Yesterday, on a Twin Cities radio station, I heard Al talk about coming down hard on illegal aliens. Starting with a smackdown on employers that hire them. Doesn't sound like the typical lefty position to me. Who knew?

    By Blogger AllenS, at 17 February, 2007 09:35  

  • Why would that surprise you, allen?

    This is precisely my position, and has consistently been, and I am ideologically much further to the left than Franken is.

    What makes you think that the Rethugs in some way OWN the immigration reform issue, when there is nothing but overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 17 February, 2007 12:19  

  • Had Coleman said that, you'd call him a racist. Franken will have a hard time beating Ciresi for the DFL nomination. If he does, I expect Franken to move to the right of Coleman. Coleman is/was a Democrat (and, a weasel of a man). It'll be interesting to see your reaction if Franken goes all gung-ho military.

    By Blogger AllenS, at 17 February, 2007 12:45  

  • Ridiculous. This is a labor issue and an internal security issue...both of which Rethug policies have been utter failures at managing.

    If by "gung-ho" military, you mean bringing home our soldiers from useless missions on behalf of other nations, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Franken in support of that.

    Stop worrying over left-center-right positions you can use to either slaughter your opponents or march in lockstep to, and get back to demanding responsible government on relevant issues, and you might actually wind up with a coherent set of positions that YOU actually dreamed up for yourself, rather than the usual neocon talking points that have yielded nothing but failure.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 17 February, 2007 13:13  

  • Anyone who has actually read Al's books realizes that his positions are very well thought out. In a "BLUE" state like Minnesota, when Minnesotans see the REAL Al Franken on the campaign trail, they will support him in droves. Certainly he has more than a good chance of winning...

    By Blogger bauist, at 26 February, 2007 13:29  

  • For anybody who wants to know the real truth about Al Franken, get your hands the book, Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives. The Left was so afraid of this book, they attacked the author on his Amazon page before the book was even released.

    Not only does the book expose Franken as a liar and a manipulator of facts and data, but that he may also be a plagiarist.

    By Blogger truth seeker, at 14 March, 2007 18:26  

  • Hey genius, just thought I'd post here to check in on your little prognostication regarding Franken's viability as a candidate. Isn't it nice to look back on your well-reasoned critique with the luxury of actual facts and events to evaluate your claims? Seems that Coleman's 20 point lead has, well, slipped a bit?

    By Anonymous datajunkie, at 15 February, 2008 15:55  

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