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10 February 2007

Reader's Digest, Tom Finneran, WRKO Radio Boston, Entercom


National Publication Weighs In On Finneran Hire

While WRKO / Boston's stubborn managers defiantly stand by their doomed decision to hire convicted felon Tom Finneran as the station's new morning host, the absurdity of this move has not escaped the attention of a major national publication.

Finneran, a former state House Of Representatives speaker and Democrat, was convicted on obstruction of justice charges in a federal court earlier this year. At SaveWRKO, we've been tracking this sad situation since January.

Now, after a considerable amount of local criticism, including an avalanche of listener complaints, Reader's Digest has denounced WRKO for making this foolish move.

Entercom, WRKO's parent company, has also been in the news recently after one of its radio promotional stunts killed a young mother in Sacramento. In addition, the firm has been embroiled in a number of other sleazy scandals, including a major payola bust in New York state. ABC News covered it here.

The "thumbs- down" appears on page 32 of the new March issue and says this:

NAY - Boston's WRKO- AM for making ex- Massachusetts House Speaker Thomas Finneran its morning talk jock after he pleaded guilty to obstructing justice in a federal voting- rights lawsuit. We hope the station gets lots of static.

Thanks to reader Will H for taking a nice snapshot of the page. Click the image to enlarge it.

Meanwhile, keep checking SaveWRKO for the latest on this medium- damaging move. And, as a reminder, your Radio Equalizer has hosted programs on the station in the past.

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  • You're right, Brian. This is despicable. I'm sure you were equally condemning of all those stations who carried three time convicted felon Oliver North's radio show. I'll have to look back in your archives but I am likewise confident I will find your condemnation Fox for glorifying North and his "War Stories" show because, after all, he did sell weapons to Iran. Oh, or are you going to use the excuse that his conviction was overturned with the help of (you gotta love it) the ACLU and thus he gets a pass? Will you likewise be as gracious if Finneran's conviction is overturned or are only conservatives enablers of terorism who sell weapons to our enemies, you know, the same people Bush and the right wing are ratcheting up to attack, given this consideration?

    Hey, maybe soon you can likewise defend Noriega when he is released from prison in September. I'm sure he'll beat the murder convictions in Panama and run for president again. And, since he is decidedly right wing, I'm sure we'll hear from the right wing spin machine and this administration how, really, he wasn't such a bad guy after all. The U.S. needs all the friends it can get in Latin America, even if they are murderous tyrannical drug dealers, eh, Brian?

    Stay tuned.

    By Blogger Dave Carroll, at 10 February, 2007 17:39  

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