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10 March 2007

Jeff Katz, Talk Radio, Islamic Political Party Of America, Charlotte


Another Talker At Odds With Islamists

To be a successful talk radio host in 2007, engaging in a public fight with local Islamist activists has become almost essential for one's resume.

And with these groups also seeking publicity for their cause, a weird, symbiotic relationship has formed between conservative hosts and Muslim organizations. Over the past year, we've seen these flaps emerge in Washington, Los Angeles and elsewhere across the country.

Now, the fight moves to North Carolina, where WBT talker Jeff Katz has the Islamic Political Party of America in a state of fury, according to the Charlotte Observer's Tim Funk:

At a Wednesday news conference, Jibril Hough of the Charlotte-based Islamic Political Party of America charged that Katz speaks mockingly about Muslims and showcases only critics of Islam on his 3-6 p.m. show at 1110 AM.

"His agenda has been one of inciting fear, hatred and ignorance against Muslims," said Hough, who is also spokesman for the Islamic Center of Charlotte. "His type of rhetoric would not be allowed against any other minority community ..."

Asked for specifics, Hough said Katz sarcastically refers to Islam as "the religion of peace"; distorts passages in the Koran, the Muslims' sacred book; calls Muslims who disagree with him "apologists for terrorists"; and refuses to let Hough and other Muslims speak on his show.

Katz, who is among the leading ratings performers in afternoon drive, rejected the group's characterization of his comments as bigoted. The Philadelphia native said he has merely expressed his frustration that too few Muslims have spoken out against terrorism.

"I've been looking for the reasonable, moderate, sensible voice of Islam that says, `Stop killing in our name,' " said Katz, who came to Charlotte in August from San Francisco radio. "There are one billion Muslims in the world. I don't for a second think there are one billion terrorists ... But (radical Islamic) groups have cowed people -- including practicing Muslims -- into not speaking out."

Katz added that he's become more hopeful this week, after a so-called "Secular Islam Summit" in St. Petersburg, Fla., was held to "stand (up) against radical Islam," according to promotional literature for the summit.

"It reminded me of the Founding Fathers," said Katz, who discussed the summit on his Wednesday show with guest Robert Spencer -- the source of another complaint from local Muslims. Spencer is creator of and author of several books that have been criticized by Muslims, including "The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion."

Katz's positive take on the "secular Islam summit" was not shared by some: A Georgetown University professor who teaches about Islam and Christianity told The St. Petersburg Times that the summit was a collection of extremists.

"Legitimate scholars are horrified by the lineup," said Yvonne Haddad. "Basically, it's everyone known for damning Islam."

Hough said he and other moderate Muslims have spoken out against radical Islamic terrorists since the attacks of Sept. 11. He urged Katz to tone down his comments about Muslims at a time when reports of attacks on Muslims are on the rise.

For talkers, becoming their latest target can represent a real badge of honor.

Sometimes, however, it can be risky if Islamic groups are well organized enough to pressure a station into terminating their host. As you may recall, that's exactly what happened to former WMAL / Washington host Michael Graham.

Does the same fate await Katz? Stay tuned.

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  • katz

    no further questions, your honor

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 10 March, 2007 16:50  

  • Katz used to be one of the late night hosts at WRKO, as well as co-host
    (with Darlene McCarthy) of their
    morning show for a time.

    More on Katz

    Anti-immigrant Disc Jockey Fired - August 31st 1996
    KTSE-AM in Sacramento, California has fired disc jockey Jeff Katz for urging listeners to use their cars to hit illegal immigrants trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico. During his morning talk show, Katz said drivers should be awarded sombrero bumper stickers that could be redeemed for a meal at Taco Bell. The National Hispanic Media Coalition, based in Los Angeles, took credit for the firing.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 10 March, 2007 21:32  

  • from rac's own reference...

    "....Jeff Katz responded to the Pope's call for Catholics to attend Sunday Mass more regularly by ridiculing the Pope and Catholicism. They declared that no man who "wears a dress and a funny hat" can tell them what to do. They called the Mass "mumbo jumbo"; argued that parents were wasting their children's time by taking them to church; and sarcastically suggested that brownies be used as Communion hosts..."

    neocon logic

    conservative katz good
    liberal marcotte evil

    wake up, dorchester
    wake up, woodlawn
    wake up, maspeth
    wake up, mineola

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 10 March, 2007 23:05  

  • Maybe Katz ought to take a page out of Bill Handel, KFI am Los Angeles' book. At the end of his show, appologize to anyone and everyone Katz could have offended, and do it the way Handel did it. Katz' critics will slink off back under their rock from being laughed at by the general public.

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 March, 2007 16:01  

  • what is sad, crazy and disgusting that J.Katz has a special segment in the afternoon to share stories of extremist and radicals muslims and he calls the religion of islam (the religion of peace) in a sarcastic way. He is offending all muslims who are NOT exteremist! that is not liberal or right thing to do!, I stopped listnening to him after what I heard. It is horrible radio.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 March, 2008 12:03  

  • Its sad when a person like Mr. Katz has to make a living spreading hate and lies about others. Whats even more sad is that WBT hired this nimrod. The ratings at WBT have taken a tumble , WBT has gone from the Number 3 station in the market to Number 5. I guess hate doesn't sell as well as it used to. Maybe Mr. Katz can find a job as spokesman for the KKK when he gets fired from WBT.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2008 15:00  

  • Katz hatred intimately cost him his job. I guess hate doesn't sell like it used too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 February, 2009 08:23  

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