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15 March 2007

Sheldon Drobny, Air America Radio, NovaM Radio, Little Rock, KXDE


In Little Rock, Libtalk Loses Another Affiliate

Apparently, even Bubba himself can't save lefty talk from its own demise.

In a troubling development for Sheldon Drobny's fledgling NovaM libtalk network, flagship station KXDE / Little Rock has dumped his "progressive" format and switched to sports, according to talk radio reporter Perry Simon.

In addition, with the end of "Air America Little Rock", KXDE's owner has apparently severed its business relationship with Drobny and his company, which had involved a lease- management agreement (LMA).

Launched less than a year ago with great fanfare, KXDE 1380 was expected to provide an important base from which NovaM could grow.

With wife Anita, Sheldon was one of Air America's original founders, but later had a falling- out with the company. NovaM has since picked several other affiliates across the country.

No less than Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark participated in KXDE's widely- publicized launch in April of last year, with the station featuring a mix of Air America and NovaM libtalk programming.

In the most recent Arbitron ratings, KXDE failed to rank with any measurable audience.

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  • and since Ann Coulter's "faggot" comment, her column has been pulled from 5 different newspapers so far.

    it isn't just the left that suffers losses.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 15 March, 2007 17:25  

  • Boston has now gone about 3 months without "progressive talk". A yahoo group dedicated to bringing the format back has yet to produce results; similar groups are in places like
    New Haven and Columbus, Ohio. It's
    possible the only success in "bringing back/saving prog. talk" was the Mic
    in Madison.
    NEW HAVEN-- "Help Connecticut recover the format that relentlessly holds rogue former-Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman accountable today!"
    BOSTON--"How does the bluest city in the bluest state in the Union lose their progressive talk station? Well, ask Clear Channel. They showed no passion or dedication to the Progressive Talk format."
    DULUTH--"When 1490 KQDS-AM was pulled from the air it was like a thief came in the night to steal away the only Progressive Talk station in a city that votes overwhelmingly Democratic election after election."

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 15 March, 2007 17:46  

  • The libe here do not want the people deciding what they want to listen to. LO, hash, and MoPoop would just force their view down everyone's throat.

    By Blogger PCD, at 16 March, 2007 10:00  

  • interesting imagery you're forcing down ours, fudgie

    how typically you

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 16 March, 2007 11:03  

  • PCD - that makes absolutely no sense, nor does it have anything to do with anything that anyone has said on this post.

    i don't force my views down anyone's throat. i don't care if Air America loses every affiliate. however, if you want to talk about losses then you need to acknowledge that your queen of hate is suffering losses as well.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 16 March, 2007 11:04  

  • Now for the last year I've been reading MSM poop about the Drobny's "buying" radio stations to build a liberal radio network. Now I find out they've been kicked out of a "lease management agreement" at the flagship. Let's get our facts together...have the Drobny's bought anything??? Sounds like the same hype about AAR reaching millions on hundreds of stattions, typical liberal fiction.

    By Blogger NYC_rebel, at 16 March, 2007 12:20  

  • the Talking Radio blog notes that AAR will soon be gone in El Paso, too,
    the 21st AAR/PT station to flip in the past year. "The new management of AAR would be better advised to spend their time trying to reverse the trend of lib talk flips than to battle with Fox and the Republican Party over presidential debate coverage"

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 16 March, 2007 15:39  

  • LO, you are the one that makes little sense. It seems every other post, excluding the BDS outburts, is how the goverment ought to force stations to take Libtalk and dump non-libtalk.

    By Blogger PCD, at 16 March, 2007 16:10  

  • fudgie, apparently it is not enough that you have stolen the public airwaves from the american people

    now you expect us to find the off button and the tuner on your radio for you

    sorry, but you shouldn't require such intensive hand-holding for life, even with your diminished iq

    and, as for the cliff klaven of radiodequalizer....

    has it ever once occurred to you that any of these affiliates may be deliberately weeded out by aar's management, and this has been in the works for some time

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 16 March, 2007 23:07  

  • ok. PCD - you are absolutely fucking insane. i have never, ever, ever said anything close to saying that the government should force stations to add liberal radio or dump non-liberal radio. i don't care what they play because i don't listen because i'm too intelligent for it.

    you blatantly just made that up out of nowhere. you seriously need to seek psychological help, or die. personally, i don't care which one you choose.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 19 March, 2007 15:16  

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