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23 April 2007

Free FM New York, New Racial Flap, JV & Elvis, Hot Talk Radio


China Calls CBS Talkers Anti-Asian Racists

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Is America ready for another flap over racist content on the radio?

You say you'd rather have a few unnecessary root canals?

According to state- run Chinese television network CCTV, Asian- Americans are furious with FREE- FM / New York hot talkers JV & Elvis over a recent skit they claim was racist. If the story proves accurate, it could create new headaches for CBS, at the worst time one could imagine.

In a report airing today in China, CCTV contends JV & Elvis demeaned Asians with derogatory slurs:

Chinese Americans outraged by CBS radio

Source: Xinhuanet | 04-23-2007 16:24

The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) on Sunday expressed outrage over a recent CBS radio segment, which it described as "racist, vulgar and sexist."

The Dog House with JV & Elvis is a radio talk show airing in NYC.

WFNY 92.3 Free FM, which is part of CBS Radio, aired twice a segment of a talk show involving a prank call to a Chinese restaurant.

In a press release, the OCA called for an immediate apology from the hosts of the segment, JV & Elvis, their producer and the station.

The leading Chinese American group also demanded the immediate firing of JV & Elvis and their show's producer.

In the segment, the caller began by telling the first restaurant employee, "I would like some Asian food, son of a bitch" as well as to the second employee, "I would love to have lots of Asian food, son of a bitch."

The caller then told the restaurant's female employee, "Should I come to your restaurant so I can see you naked? " and continued, "That way, I can see your hot Asian spicy ass." As the caller went on, he told another employee that he would like some "flied lice," but not "some old dung" and indicated that "I am training in Kung Fu, bitch" before ending with "Tell that hot Asian girl answering the telephone, I'd like to tap her ass."

OCA-New York President Vicki Shu Smolin said that what is especially disturbing to the Asian American community is that even after CBS fired Don Imus for referring to the Scarlet Knights, the Rutgers University women's basketball team, as "nappy-headed hos" on April 4, one day before the segment was first aired, JV & Elvis aired it again on April 19.

It is apparent that not only did JV & Elvis not learn anything from the Don Imus scandal, but CBS and CBS Radio decided that Asian Americans are easy prey for racist radio broadcast, he said.

John Tandana, executive vice president of OCA-Long Island, said:" Once again, radio has tried to gain ratings to the detriment of Asian Americans. The segment lasted over six minutes, the entire time, casting Asian Americans and women in a demeaning manner. We will not allow talk radio to spread stereotypes that hurt our community."

Here's the big question: is this report accurate? With FREE FM's ratings at rock- bottom and CBS Radio's "hot- talk" or "guy talk" format a nationwide disaster, it's hard to believe many heard the show.

Upon further review, your Radio Equalizer found this audio excerpt from the show in question. Unfortunately, it does back the Chinese government's claims.

However, it appears the skit may have first aired earlier in the year, but was re-run in the last few days, likely leading to the new controversy. Here, listeners react with their own racist comments.

In the wake of the recent Imus meltdown, how could anyone be so stupid?

And here's the big question: do we have different tolerance levels for racism targeted at Asians versus African- Americans? Over the next few days, the reaction to this latest incident will provide an easy answer.

UPDATE: Have JV & Elvis just been suspended by CBS?

UPDATE: From tomorrow's New York Times:

CBS Radio Show Hosts Suspended After Prank Call

Published: April 24, 2007

CBS Radio suspended two hosts from an FM station in New York City today after an Asian-American advocacy organization complained about the broadcast of a six-minute prank phone call to a Chinese restaurant that was peppered with ethnic and sexual slurs.

The call was first played on “The Dog House With JV and Elvis,” a midmorning show on WFNY, on April 5, the day after Don Imus made his comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team on WFAN, another CBS-owned station. The call was then replayed on “The Dog House” on Thursday, a week after Mr. Imus was fired by CBS Radio.

In the skit, a series of apparently unsuspecting employees of a Chinese restaurant are berated by a caller who tells one woman he would like to “come to your restaurant” to see her naked, especially a part of her body he refers to as “hot, Asian, spicy.” The caller also attempts to order “flied lice,” brags of his prowess in kung fu and repeatedly curses at several employees.

In a statement on Sunday, the four New York-area chapters of the Organization of Chinese Americans, an advocacy group, demanded an apology from the show’s two hosts and from CBS Radio, and called for the firing of the hosts and their producer.

UPDATE: Other than the New York Times piece published late Monday, this story has so far been slow to catch on in the media. The obvious point is this: where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson this time around? Do they have a selective view of racism?

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  • The comments were only to a certain extent "racist"; they only work if the person on the phone doesn't speak English. This is similar to the Monty Python naughty phrasebook sketch; was that racist against Belgians(?) ?

    If people want to stop this hypersensitive crap, start picketing or whatever Sharpton and all the other "leaders" who've said and done far worse things.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 23 April, 2007 14:43  

  • RE: The station 92.3 Free FM it's picking up from where WNEW left off with their crock talk a few years ago before becoming its current Fresh 102.7 and the calls changing to WWFS and WNEW-FM being sent to Palm Beach, FL.

    If you ask me, 92.3 Free, should be called FREEFALL FM. It has to be the WORST COMMERCIAL STATION ON THE AIR in NYC (Worst Non-Commercial goes to WBAI). Sometimes 92.3 airs a sporting event should WFAN run into a conflict.

    lonewackodotcom, if only people in the black community could listen more to people like Roy and Niger Innis or Jesse Lee Peterson instead of these racist shakedown artists. But Sharpton and Jackson have clout, money, and the corporate media in their pockets.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 23 April, 2007 21:46  

  • bob anthony/patriot world

    until you forgive your father his inadequacies and his inability to cope with an autistic/asperger's child, you'll never be trusted to handle serious responsibility again

    it's a question of Divine Ordinance and of your personal karmic destiny

    "But Sharpton and Jackson have clout, money, and the corporate media in their pockets...."

    yes, bob, absolutely

    everyone knows it is definitely the BLACKS who control the corporate media....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 24 April, 2007 22:46  

  • The comments are without a doubt both racist and sexist. What these two said was a lot worse than what don Imus said. I did not believe that Imus should have been fired for what he said, but he was, so now the only fair thing to do to JV and Elvis is to fire them too. If Imus was booted for a simple little phrase that was not intended to hurt the members of the Rutgers basketball team, then surely the abusive racist and sexist language spoken directly to Asian Americans deserves the firing of the two. Unfortunately I don’t think that Elvis and JV will be fired or this story will receive significant national coverage. The Asian American community, as usual, won’t care enough to make a big deal about it, even though it is. I say that it is a big deal not because of what the two said, which was still bad, but because people think that they can attack and make fun of Asians without consequence. If JV and Elvis had called Black owned businesses and done the equivalent to Black employees they would have been off the ar faster than Imus. Currently in our society it is socially acceptable to make fun of Asians (as well as whites), but it is not okay to say anything about Blacks or any other minorities. Either no one is off limits or everyone is. I would prefer the former, but in light of Imus’ firing, JV and Elvis must go to, or it will be completely obvious that there are huge double standards in America when it comes to racism.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 25 April, 2007 02:52  

  • First of all... JV is my brother... Racist he is not... It is ridiculous how minorities (not just race). But how a small group of people in this country can make changes for the rest of us even though we dont want them...

    By the way his WIFE.. Korean.. And their producer of 15 years... Japanese... He gave up his home to a black male who needed a place to stay without any strings attatched.

    So everyone needs to shutup with the race card they know nothing about them and If racy humor is that bad, pull Carlos Mencia and Dave Chapelle...

    By Blogger Josh, at 25 April, 2007 20:49  

  • uh, josh...

    "But how a small group of people in this country can make changes for the rest of us even though we dont want them..."

    has it ever once occurred to you that your brother worked for a BUSINESS, and it is the business owners, not anyone here, who have the right to decide who works for them, and who does not?

    he should sue for wrongful dismissal if he thinks he has such a case....if not, perhaps he needs to reevaluate his choice of material when he goes on the public airwaves...

    words matter
    intentions matter even more

    this is something even a teenager working in a store understands, when dealing with the public

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 25 April, 2007 21:13  

  • This is outrageous…What a nation of adult children… Man the liberals really want everyone to play nice no matter what the outcome will be, sacrifice our civil rights sure why not its the liberal agenda and they run the news stations… Atleast Hannity and O Reilly and a few select others have voiced their support for JV and ELVIS, and against the Secular Movement which is trying to shake down the last front against them..Free Radio

    Welcome to the new America, where a prank call is considered hate speech!

    America…Free aslong as you celebrate diversity but IGNORE EVERYONE’S DIFFERENCES!

    These corporate shake downs in essence are just censoring radio djs, so in effect you are deciding what I GET TO LISTEN TO…And the only person who decides that is me.. Don’t like that radio show…than turn the damn dial no one is forcing you to listen to it..Grow up, stop whining and bitching.

    support free speech support jv and elvis.


    By Blogger Unknown, at 26 April, 2007 00:35  

  • Hey Josh, I don’t care if your brother is racist or not. He could very well not be a racist. But that doesn’t change the fact that what he did on his radio program WAS RACIST AND SEXIST. I also don’t care if it was supposed to be funny. It was still racist. Having a good laugh at the expense of some innocent unexpecting person, by belittling their culture and gender is not funny. But if you do think stuff like that is funny than go ahead and listen to that kind of stuff. As I said earlier, I don’t think Don Imus should have been fired for what he said. But the same company that owns JV and Elvis’ program, CBS, did in fact fire Imus. What JV and Elvis said was by far worse than what Imus was fired for. This isn’t an attack on free speech. These are public radio stations and there are predetermined rules in place that both Imus and JV and Elvis knew about. Just as you can’t use excessive foul language, you also can’t be overtly racist and sexist. There are punishments and consequences for doing this, and all three men knew this. As pointed out earlier by hashfanatic, these radio programs are a business. There are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed. And if they aren’t then you get fined or booted. It’s the same for every profession. Just because you are on the radio does not make to immune. Now, whether I think that these rules are fair is another question. I do not. I personally do not care if some dumbass talks shit about my culture. I don’t have to listen. In a perfect world Don Imus would get his job back and so would JV and Elvis. But it isn’t that way. There are rules and they have to be followed. It’s not your “right” to be on a radio show, it’s a privilege that the producers gave you. And they can take that privilege away if you break the rules.

    And one more thing, Josh. I could care less if JV has a Korean wife. That doesn’t mean a thing. Are you kidding me? If I had a Mexican wife does that mean I can go down to Home Depot and hassle and make fun all the Mexicans? Of course not. Having a Korean wife doesn’t magically make him Asian. And even if he was Asian, this would still be a problem. I think it’s funny that whenever someone says something racist, they all of a sudden bust out with all these good deeds they did for minorities over the years. It’s such a joke. I don’t care about some Black guy sleeping in his house. You’re a joke.

    And to “The TRUTH,” I am not a liberal, I am a republican. Can’t you tell by my name? It’s not just free radio being attacked by liberals; it’s an attack by the defenders of civility.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 26 April, 2007 16:12  

  • Sure you are a republican...Please, unless you are working for the Catholic Church... You're comments are what speaks louder than your online 'handle'.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 27 April, 2007 18:54  

  • Albert Wang's suggestions:

    1. Federal Communications Commission has the regulatory authority to investigate CBS RADIO to make a determination of whether the BROADCAST and the REBROADCAST of Dog House's "Chinese Food" prank call violated INDECENCY regulations. FCC should make the determination of whether CBS RADIO should be sanctioned, e.g., $10,000 for the BROADCAST and $15,000 for the REBROADCAST. If you are upset by the "Chinese Food" prank call, contact the FCC by sending an e-mail to Ask FCC to protect children from unwanted INDECENT, OBSCENE, PROFANE, and, yes, also VIOLENT, material involuntarily transmitted by TV stations and Radio Stations into our homes, especially during daytime (6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.). We also have the right to privacy in our own homes.

    2. DOG HOUSE hosts should NOT be fired without cause. Don't bark at the wrong tree. Do you want to go to a comedy show where the comedian is focusing on compliance with each and every imaginable federal, state, local and judge-made law and regulations? Let's give comedians some artistic licence, and allow them to be funny. If CBS Radio is pressured into firing Dog House hosts without cause, more than 90% of Americans, including myself, would believe that another injustice has been created . We should not commit an INJUSTICE in response to a prior INJUSTICE. Let's be FORGIVING, and not REVENGEFUL.

    3. Let's reaffirm our LOYALTY to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Let's reaffirm FREEDOM OF SPEECH under the FIRST AMENDMENT. Let me be blunt: I am ethnic Chinese and a naturalized American citizen, and came here and choose to live here because I like it here and respects our LEGAL SYSTEM. If you don't like our CONSTITUTION and have no respect for our LEGA SYSTEM, you can vote in the next election and try to make a difference through the electoral process, petition your Senators, House Representatives, State Assemblymen or Assemblywomen, City Councilmen or Councilwomen, or, if nothing works through the LEGAL PROCESS, you can exercise your CONSTITUTIONAL right to travel by moving to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, China or any other country of your choice.


    Albert Wang...........a Romantic Realist
    aspiring to be a valiant seeker of TRUTH, LIBERTY and JUSTICE
    (a/k/a the lawyer who got some impartial justice for the First Baby of the Year)

    p.s. If you like what I just said, or if you are upset by what I just said, before you make any comment, or criticism, educate yourself on these "Freedom Of Speech?," "Indecency?" "Social Responsibility?" "Racism?" issues instead of making a lot of irrelevant and/or irreverent "Ben Ben" noises. Get educated first. If you like to get educated by me, go to my Blog, "BenBenXiong" ( i.e., "Stupid Foolish Bear") at

    P.P.S. I am not the BenBen one, i.e., I am neither Stupid or Foolish. Draw your own conclusion as to whether anyone is Stupid or Foolish.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Albert Wang <>

    Date: May 1, 2007 6:00 AM
    Subject: Radio 'shock jocks' make waves - Controversial hosts fired after national response - By: Elyssa Thome

    Radio 'shock jocks' make waves
    Controversial hosts fired after national response
    By: Elyssa Thome
    Posted: 5/1/07
    Shock jocks have gotten attention beyond their usual frequencies with the most recent wave of radio controversies. Television, newspapers and Internet media have since weighed in on the comments and actions of the controversial radio hosts, raising the question of what kind of behavior is acceptable on air.

    The term "shock jock" refers to a radio broadcaster who relies on humor that a significant portion of the population may find offensive. For example: Howard Stern.

    In Sacramento earlier this year, a woman died from water intoxication during a radio-sponsored contest. Don Imus drew national attention and was then fired due to racially charged comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. The hosts of a New York morning show called "The Dog House with JV and Elvis" were suspended indefinitely after airing a prank call to a Chinese restaurant for the second time Apr. 19. It was first aired the day after the Imus comments, Apr. 5.

    The intense public and media response to all three events includes, most recently, a statement released Apr. 17 by the Organization of Chinese Americans, an advocacy group. The statement specifically calls for the firing of JV and Elvis due to their offensive, anti-Asian prank.

    "Following so closely on the heels of the Don Imus incident, it is unbelievable that another CBS Radio affiliate would air such derogatory and demeaning content," said Michael Lin, OCA national executive director, in a press release. "The right of free speech is being abused by so-called 'shock jocks' and their producers to make crass and unnecessary comments at the expense of other peoples' dignity."

    However, according to Jesse Drew, director of technocultural studies at UC Davis, the recent controversies are not free speech issues.

    "Being on the radio is not the same as standing on a street corner," he said. "The radio is a public resource."

    According to Drew, radio stations obtain licenses for radio frequencies, but they do not own them. Drew said radio stations belong to the public and, therefore, must be used for public good.

    John Theobald, continuing lecturer in the department of communications at UC Davis, said First Amendment rights do not necessarily apply to what one says on the job. In a contractual agreement, an employer can decide what conduct constitutes just cause for firing.

    However, Theobald said the nature of shock jocks makes these situations almost inevitable, which is why people listen in the first place.

    "Part of the idea of being a shock jock is seeing how far you can push the line," he said. "They are more or less irresponsible. It's adolescent behavior, which isn't necessarily bad."

    According to Theobald, the situations that receive national attention are different because of the public response and not necessarily because of the intensity of the comments.

    "It developed a constituency," he said. "What I mean by that is there is a small and persistent group of people who will grab a hold and spread it until it resonates with the culture."

    This response is not necessarily uniform. According to Theobald, the prevalence of racist and sexist comments in other media, such as rap music, is generally excused, despite having a larger following than Don Imus does.

    "I think [the public response] also makes us think about some of the inconsistencies in our culture," he said. "I think there's something interesting in the standard we set about who can say what. There are some double standards operating here."

    Still, according to Drew, the nature of the response is significant, illustrating a resistance to intolerance in America as a whole.

    "People are less willing to put up with [shock jock behavior]," Drew said. "I think there is a change in the people of the United States. People don't have to bow down to that sort of thing."

    ELYSSA THOME can be reached at
    © Copyright 2007 The California Aggie

    By Blogger Unknown, at 01 May, 2007 13:29  

  • ----- Original Message -----
    From: Albert Wang
    To: Vicki Shu
    Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 5:42 PM
    Subject: Albert Wang's position re CBS Radio: Please DO NOT fire Dog House's hosts

    Albert Wang’s position re CBS Radio: Please DO NOT fire Dog House’s hosts

    As the first reader of Ming Pao Daily News who brought the “Chinese Food” prank call incident to the attention of OCA-NY, and as the first concerned citizen who brought Ming Pao’s news articles to the attention of CBS Radio and engendered the current controversy, I believe that I also have a social responsibility to try to inject some reason and attempt to quickly end this controversy with a “win-win” proposal.

    We should not rectify a mistake by creating another mistake. Based on my personal personal observations in the past week, and after reviewing CBS’s most recent annual Social Responsibility Report and CBS’ statement of Business Conduct, I believe that we should defer to CBS’ internal decision on what disciplinary sanction the Dog House hosts should accept.

    It appears to me that CBS, in good faith, has promptly taken remedial actions against the Dog House hosts, and is probably in the middle of completing its internal investigation. CBS appears to be a socially responsible company and is proactively rectifying this careless (but not harmless) mistake. Therefore, it is inappropriate to use or racial or political pressure to coerce CBS into terminating the employment of the Dog House hosts, if such termination would be effected without cause.

    I believe in the Freedom of Speech guaranteed under our Constitution. Dog House hosts are free to say anything that do not constitute defamation, extortion or other torts. CBS Radio, as their employer, is responsible for editing the content of Dog House talk shows before their broadcast. What happened might be merely and unintended “glitch” in CBS Radio’s quality control system.

    Our collective focus should be how all of us can work constructively to reduce such “glitches” and prevent future harms to Asian Americans, Hispanics, Blacks, gays and lesbians and other minority groups. Firing the Dog House hosts is not the optimal solution. Moreover, such termination might have the adverse effect of creating more divisiveness in our American society.

    As an aspiring seeker of TRUTH, LIBERTY and JUSTICE, I feel compelled to ask everyone concerned to be reasonable and rational, focus on our commonalities, and work together for a better tomorrow.

    Last Saturday, I brought this incident to CBS’ and OCA-NY’s attention, because I sincerely hoped to correct an injustice. Let’s not create another injustice by summarily terminating the Dog House hosts without cause.

    Let’s keep our sense of humor, and play some healthy jokes on each other.

    Albert Wang,

    The lawyer who got some impartial justice for the First Baby of the Year.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 01 May, 2007 13:30  

  • From: Albert Wang
    To: ; Vicki Shu ; Yudkin, Greg ; Leo Y Lee ; Jerry Cheng ; ; ;
    Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 7:05 PM
    Subject: Re: NY Area OCA Chapters Outraged by 92.3FreeFM -- Station owned by CBS


    It is time to work together with CBS and move forward.

    According to CBS’s website (see attached), the effort and commitment that CBS places in areas like community outreach, public service announcements, responsible programming and diversity are initiatives that CBS takes very seriously at CBS Corporation – they are the core of what it means to be a public trust.

    All of us should give CBS the opportunity to show that it takes very seriously the responsibility that comes in being a global mass media company.

    Let’s work with CBS and help CBS to strengthen its community outreach to Asian American communities and take Asian Americans into proper consideration as CBS continues to promote diversity within CBS companies.

    It would be a more productive use of our time to work together, instead of coercing CBS to terminate two of its employees - which is definitely the end result I intended when I brought up this issue last Saturday.

    P.S. If you have time, please take a look at the 100+ page Social Responsibility Report on its corporate website. I read part of it, and believe that we should work with CBS constructively instead of destructively continuing this fight.

    ----- Original Message -----

    From: Albert Wang

    Cc: Maggie Zeng
    Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2007 8:18 AM
    Subject: Fw: NY Area OCA Chapters Outraged by 92.3FreeFM -- Station owned by CBS

    When you make a mistake, the right thing to do is to apologize. To err is human. To ask for forgiveness, divine.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 01 May, 2007 13:30  

  • From: Albert Wang
    To: Mateo, Karen L
    Cc: ; Yudkin, Greg ; ; ; Forman, Robert ; Hope Chu ; ; Florence Chen ; John Tandana ; Jerry Cheng ; ; Leo Lee ; Vicki Shu ; shiuyin Wang [et al]
    Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 3:22 AM
    Subject: Re: CBS - 2005 No Social Responsibility Report; 2006 Social Responsibility Report - Albert Wang to CBS: "SILENCE IS NOT ALWAYS GOLD!!!!!"


    I am still waiting for your 2006 Social Responsibility Report.

    CBS's 2004 Social Responsibility Report is outdated. Bear in mind that this Report was for year 2004, the year that CBS got fined $550,000 by the FCC for its broadcast of Janet Jackon's "costume reveal" during Super Bowl 2004. I took some notes using your 2004 Report, and I have a pretty lengthy list of comments. Here are a few examples:

    - CBS should post its job listings in Chinese papers in order to attract Chinese American applicants. I note that Greg Yudkin, according to CBS Radio's Equal Opportunity Report, sends job listings to various community organizations, including a Korean American organization, but does not have any contact in the Chinese American community.

    - CBS should partner up with an Asian American non-profit organization in Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) to enhance the effectiveness of CBS's outreach programs in Asian American communities in the East Coast. I note from your 2004 Report that you have an Asian American non-profit community partner in the West Coast. However, I do not believe that such Los Angeles-based Asian American non-profit community can effectively assist CBS in reaching out to Asian American communities in Tri-State area.

    - CBS should consider a separate Appendix to the Social Responsibility Report, indexing/cross referencing/summarizing/highlighting CBS's social responsibility efforts relating to Asian Americans. Such Index/Summary/Highlight would make it easier for users/readers of CBS Social Responsibility Report to take a quick glance and get a quick picture CBS's commitment to Asian American communities. If possible, include a table with some relevant statistics, and disclose in terms of measurable achievements, e.g., number of Asian Americans hired and promoted by CBS Corporation, aggregate amount of financial investments in the Asian American business communities, number of times Asian American events are covered by CBS, etc. Please have more numbers than rhetorics.

    The list goes on and on, and many of my comments probably were intended to be addressed in CBS's unpublished 2005 Social Responsibility Report, and probably have been addressed in your 2006 Social Responsibility Report. That is, it is quite possible that many of my comments to your 2004 Report are MOOT, in the sense that I would be merely regurgitating your 2005 unpublished report and 2006 yet-to-be published report, which would be somewhat embarrassing and not a good use of your time.

    Can you e-mail me a copy of CBS 2006 Social Responsibility Report? I don't need a printed copy. An electronic copy via e-mail should be satisfactory to me. On Monday, April 30, 2007, you told me, via e-mail (see your e-mail below), that you were close to finalizing the 2006 Report. It is reasonable to assume that you have made substantial progress in the past 4 days, and therefore, please e-mail me the 2006 report TODAY, so that I can review the 2006 Report over the weekend.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt socially responsible response to this socially responsible request.

    Very truly yours,


    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Albert Wang
    To: Mateo, Karen L
    Cc: Forman, Robert ; ; ; Yudkin, Greg ; ; Shiuyin Wang ; [et al]
    Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 6:34 PM
    Subject: Re: CBS - 2005 No Social Responsibility Report; 2006 Social Responsibility Report


    Given that CBS did not prepare a Social Reponsibility Report in 2005, and the 2006 Report is not available as of May 1, 2007, I will make my comments based on your outdated 2004 Social Responsibility Report.

    By the way, please forward this e-mail to CBS Corporation's independent directors, and let them decide whether they should discuss at the next regular Board of Directors meeting to find a way to improve your preparation and dissemination of CBS Social Responsibility Reports.

    CBS prepares and disseminates Annual Reports on Form 10-K on an annual basis, and Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q on a quarterly basis, with strict deadlines.

    Shouldn't CBS publish and disseminate its Social Responsibility Reports on a timely and periodic basis?????



    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Mateo, Karen L
    Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 6:22 PM
    Subject: Re: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report

    As I mentioned Albert, we did not do a report for 2005 and the 2006 version is still a couple weeks away. I will forward you a copy as soon as it's done.
    Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Albert Wang
    To: Mateo, Karen L
    Cc: Forman, Robert; Mainelli, John; Chiusano, Tom; Yudkin, Greg
    Sent: Tue May 01 20:50:50 2007
    Subject: Re: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report


    I am still waiting for a copy of CBS's 2005 Social Responsibility Report and
    2006 Social Responsibility Report. I would appreciate it giving me a status
    update. As you know, these CBS documents should be public records, and I
    hope you don't give me a hard time and compel me to obtain a copy through
    Freedom of Information Act requests.

    Look forward to your prompt response.



    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Albert Wang"
    To: "Mateo, Karen L"
    Cc: "Forman, Robert";; "Yudkin, Greg"
    Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 6:34 AM
    Subject: Re: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report

    > Why didn't you prepare a Social Responsibility Report in 2005?????
    > CBS claims that this is an ANNUAL report, not a BIENNIAL report.
    > Is it because there were incidents in 2005 that CBS would prefer not to
    > disclose in a Social Responsibility Report???????????????????????
    > Look forward to receiving your explanation, and hopefully the explanation
    > a reasonable one.
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: "Mateo, Karen L"
    > To: "Albert Wang"
    > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 6:30 AM
    > Subject: RE: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report
    > We did not prepare one in 2005.
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Albert Wang
    > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 9:29 AM
    > To: Mateo, Karen L
    > Cc: Chiusano, Tom; Yudkin, Greg; Forman, Robert; Mainelli, John
    > Subject: Re: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report
    > Importance: High
    > Karen,
    > Please E-MAIL me a copy of CBS's 2005 Social Responsibility Report,
    > which should be readily accessible to you. If CBS did not prepare a
    > Social Responsibility Report in 2005, please let me know.
    > As soon as your 2006 Social Responsible Report is ready, please e-mail
    > it to me (so that I can get it a few seconds later), or let me know that
    > it is available for distribution to the general public, and I will have
    > it picked up by messenger. As you know, my office is only a few hundred
    > steps from yours.
    > I do not take any unreasonable excuses, unless such excuse constitutes
    > force majeure.
    > Have a wonderful day. God bless America.
    > Sincerely,
    > Albert
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: "Mateo, Karen L"
    > To: "Albert Wang"
    > Cc: "Chiusano, Tom"
    > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 6:22 AM
    > Subject: RE: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report
    > Albert:
    > We are currently finalizing the 2006 version. It will be going to print
    > within the next couple of weeks. When it is complete I will make sure
    > you have a copy.
    > Thank you for your interest.
    > Karen Mateo
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    > From: Albert Wang
    > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 9:20 AM
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    > ANY DELAY.
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    > Your message
    > To: Mainelli, John; Chiusano, Tom; Mateo, Karen L; Yudkin, Greg
    > Cc:
    > Subject: CBS - 2006 Social Responsibility Report
    > Sent: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 01:55:28 -0400
    > was read on Mon, 30 Apr 2007 09:16:27 -0400

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 May, 2007 11:36  

  • (I am not participating in this rally, but am providing the information so that you can make your own decision)



    Come Help Us Oppose Censorship
    Written by Debbie Lynn Wolf
    Thursday, 03 May 2007
    Tomorrow, Friday May 4, 2007 members of PAC will be meeting at 45th and Broadway, in front of 1515 Broadway to hand out information and talk to people about free speech and the dangers of censorship. We will be in front of CBS Radio Headquarters and will also be demonstrating in support of JV & Elvis.

    Please Join Us and Bring Signs Support Free Speech if you Can

    1515 Broadway (45 and bway)

    10;00 am until 12:00 noon

    Bring Friends!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 May, 2007 11:40  

  • (I am not in favor of this boycott by THE DOG HOUSE ARMY, but believe that they are entitled to exercise their FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE PEACEFULLY. Draw your own conclusion after being properly informed.)


    Boycotting and Sincerity
    Post by D-Nice. Filed under Army Affairs.
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Today, we, the community of, name the corporations that we are targeting for boycott due to their support of the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA). The OCA is using our dollar to fight comedy as if it was hate speech and we will not be silent about this any longer.

    We are organizing a nationwide boycott against the following corporations: Allstate Insurance, Anheuser-Busch Inc, AT&T, Avon Products, Brinker International, DaimerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, IBM, Kraft, McDonalds, MGM Mirage, Northwest Airlines, Pacific Gas and Electric, PepsiCo, Starwoord Hotels & Resorts, State Farm, Texas Instruments, TJX Companies, UPS, Verizon Communications, Wal-Mart Stores, and Yum! Brands Inc.

    The OCA has feigned outrage against a local comedy radio show in New York (The Dog House with JV & Elvis) over a prank call. On April 27th there was a protest led by the OCA in front of CBS Headquarters at 51 W. 52nd Street during which there was also a counter-protest by the community. The OCA protest had larger numbers, but a significant amount of their “protesters” were oblivious to the issue at hand as they were confused as to which side of the argument they were supposed to be on. The OCA protesters in question proceeded to chant “Support free speech” and joining us in our protest as we were the first group they passed from the Sixth Avenue direction. Eventually, they were ushered away by the OCA protest organizers.

    Our community showed up with sincere protesters who actually care about the outcome of this fight.

    The OCA was passing out fliers to passersby essentially comparing a prank call to Hitler and Nazi Germany. This label has been used by many groups to silence opposition, but we will not be silenced by this tactic. The OCA tells the media that this type of comedy is divisive for our country, yet they are the ones attempting to divide us with there flawed protest and they are the ones throwing labels around like “Nazi” and “Hitler.”

    Insofar as divisive comedy, they also completely ignored the fact that within our counter-protest the people fighting for the return of The Dog House were Black, White, Latino, and Asian. United we stand in this fight for free speech and comedy!

    The is comprised of fans of The Opie & Anthony Show (nationally syndicated and satellite), The Ron and Fez Show (satellite and local NY), of course The Dog House (local NY), and people with common sense that know the difference between comedy and hate speech.

    For more information please contact us via e-mail at or visit our sites.

    Digg This!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 May, 2007 11:44  

  • If you have any comments to my viewpoints, feel free to e-mail me at

    You might want to get additional information about my thoughts, reflections, positions, and FCC complaints by visiting my blog, BenBenXiong at

    For latest information re: this DOG HOUSE Chinese Food controversy, visit the following websites (at your own risk).
    For more information on THE DOG HOUSE ARMY, please contact them via e-mail at or visit their sites.


    Written By: Romantic Realist

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 May, 2007 11:58  

  • i am a chinese american, and i defintely take it offensive. what they said were both racist and sexist. period. theres nothing else to say. first of all, the prank call is a sexual harrasment to the female employee, second they jokes are mocking the chinese culture, third he should be fired just like don imus.
    josh, all of your crap definitely came from someone who has not experienced prejudice. how would you feel if i call up your mom, insults her and white people. im sure you wont be out raged, and turn your other cheek like jesus right? you have absolutely no right to say your so called brother is innocent. i dont give a crap if he marries a korean and japanese or what so ever. he insulted chinese people, period, and you little protect free speech and boycotting chinese organizations, please, im sure our businesses are hurting from a racist like you not buying stuff from us.
    i hope you realize these actions and excuses you come up with only shows that you are immature and ignorance. common JV and Elvis should be like real men and accept the consequences of their idiotic actions. and i wouldnt be surprised if you joined the KKK or the neo-nazis.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 06 May, 2007 01:48  

  • bottom line is. JV and elvis are NOT chinese. so they need to shut the FU*K up about chinese people. 2. don imus is NOT BLACK. so he needs to shut the FU*K up about black people.
    lonewackodotcom, you are truly a wacko. im sure you love racy jokes, hei how about i call up your mom tomorrow and insult the hell out of her. im sure you get a great laugh from it.
    the truth, nothing you say is true, how ironic. according to you, i just wont listen to it right? yea germans tried to not see the evilness of the nazis, and look at where they ended up. im sure if i just dont listen to JV and Elvis' crap, the world will be perfect and they wont be racist anymore. yea. your argument does not stand at all. you are truly the one that needs to grow up.
    if i curse at your mom, dont worry just cover your ears,you dont have to hear it.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 06 May, 2007 02:04  

  • Aren't prank calls illegal, and weren't they interfering with that business' ability to make money while they tied up their line? I believe in freedom of speech, but they weren't just talking to an audience, they were engaging people that wanted nothing to do with them. What they said was racist and hateful. I know that JV has an asian wife, but that doesn't make it less hateful and racist. I'd be surprised if she wasn't offended(read HURT)on some level by what he said.

    By Blogger John, at 07 May, 2007 16:46  

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