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27 April 2007

Sheldon Drobny, NovaM, Liberal Talk Radio, Boston


Drobny ProgTalk Tour Reaches Boston

If you thought oddball Air America Radio co- founder Sheldon Drobny had disappeared along with his failed attempt to buy that infamous money pit, guess again.

With his NovaM progtalk outfit now a year old and struggling to gain affiliates, Drobny has hit the road, working with lefty activists in local areas.

At the moment, he's in Boston, where his followers are having more success than one might expect, but perhaps not in the way Drobny had hoped.

For the full rundown, see SaveWRKO.

ELSEWHERE: OlbermannWatch has some great new video clips of our pal Olby!

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  • The amount of libtalk on air in Boston (not counting NPR) is in inverse proportion to the number of Democrats in office here. If it can't make it in Boston...

    The excuses have been, "Weak signal.
    No promotion. No local hosts." Well,
    WXKS and WKOX didn't have great signals but they weren't bad during the day at least. Promotion: what about the free publicity in Globe
    and Herald articles? Ch 4 in Boston
    giving free publicity when Steph
    Miller did an appearance in town?

    They had a point about local hosts:
    only late in the game did Clear
    Channel hire a local host, and he
    was once a week on Sunday afternoons.

    If Greater Media, Salem, CBS,
    and Entercom felt liberal talk
    would work in a place like Boston
    they would put it here. if they felt it would make a profit...

    They have had no luck so far in
    getting a smaller station to carry
    it. So far.

    My attitude, as a mostly-conservative, is "go ahead,
    put it on a big station, promote
    it, do local hosts". If it flies,
    then congratulations. If it bombs,
    then it must be the programming...
    It's a free market thing. If there's such a demand for prog.
    talk in Boston, someone should
    give it a try if they think it will fly. Whether or not people would
    want to tune into the Noam
    Chomsky Show or Cindy Sheehan
    Across America is another matter.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 27 April, 2007 16:11  

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