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06 May 2007

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Should The Media Matters Crowd Throw Stones?

How much do we really know about the group that is now determined to take down America's biggest conservative talk show hosts?

In a new piece for Human Events, author Catherine Moy reveals not only the unhinged personal nature of the site's backers, but also their sheer hypocrisy:

After three years of tax-exempt operation, Media Matters’ credibility as a media watchdog is questionable. Its leader, Brock, is a self-proclaimed liar who strong-armed sources that didn’t agree with him. While writing his mea culpa, “Blinded by the Right,” Brock was hospitalized in a mental facility where he spent time in a “quiet room” and “had delusions, he thought people were trying to kill him,” according to the Drudge Report.

Media Matters stars, including Brock, Eric Alterman and Ryan Chiachiere, are hypocrites who have used the very sexist, bigoted and racist language for which they crucify others, including Imus. They appear to care more about taking out the kneecaps of conservatives than pursuing truth or accuracy in the media. After all, Media Matters certainly allows bigoted posts on their web site -- as long as they are directed toward conservatives.

Here, Moy makes an interesting point about the way Brock's gang bullies the mainstream media when it insufficiently engages in their character assassination agenda:

Perhaps Media Matters’ most publicized assault, aside from the April attack on Imus, started when Alterman sniped Time journalist John Cloud, who wrote an April 17, 2005, article about conservative pundit and best-selling author Ann Coulter titled “Ms. Right.”

“Time’s cover story/whitewash of Ann Coulter, here, will make it impossible for serious people to accept what the magazine reports at face-value ever again,” Alterman wrote. “It is as if Time had contracted a journalistic venereal disease from Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly and is now seeking to lower itself to their level in pursuit of their ideologically-obsessed audiences.”

Imagine making the contention that the mainstream media is too soft on Ann Coulter! That's one bizarre agenda.

To see the rest of Moy's insightful piece, click here.

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  • whining little con bitch Maloney!

    If you don't want your favorite reich wing talk show hosts to be re-printed in media matters, stop lying, stop hating and stop being unbalanced and so far slanted to the right it is no longer amusing. Limbaugh, hannity , that is one thing, but when CNN anchors, MCNBC, ABC, CBS anchors slant the news so far to the right, we no longer have legit journalism, THERE IS A PROBLEM IN AMERICA.

    If I ran media matters, I would ignore the radio retards, they are irrelevant in America as only the 20%ers listen to them, and focus 100% on lies in supposedly objective media, like the Judith Miller fake news stories in the NY Tiems, the Dana Bash GOP friendly framed questions, the RNC slant in reporting is the issue, not right wing hosts. Media matters has more of a focus on lies in journalism anyway, of corse cons only see the attackes on their Reich Weing mouth pieces, like Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh. Media matters should start ignoring your side 100%, and only focus on distortions in "reporting" print and broadcast.

    Moyer proved to the entire world their is no liberal media, simply by highlighting those 8 vital NY Times propaganda pieces written by Judith Miller, you know the "WMD's are a slam Dunk", "unranium deal in Niger" , those non-objective articles, where miller acted like a stenographer instead of a journalist. Where Miller, took her leads from the GOP themselves instead of reporting.

    This is the modern issue in journalism, reporters not reporting and writing "Per datum" single source articles (from the white House). Journalists for the most part have become extremnely lazy, Judith Miller is your poster child, for a media who gets "facts" dictated to them, instead of finding them out themselves.

    This simple concept is one most "cons" miss over and over. Their is no "liberal bias" in the media, you have a lazy, single source "per datum" culture of reporting, instead of hard hitting, FACTUAL NEWS. If th press did their job 4 years ago, there would be no Iraqi War.
    Conservatives are so warped and partison, they shriek "liberal media", without stopping and realizing, the press has given their party a public forum to use their parties agenda as "facts".

    Stop bitching CONS, love the Iraqi war, you should thank on your knees the NY Times, for the "liberal" NY Times, helped lead us into this war.

    There is no "liberal media" argument. It is a straw man, delusion, the "lib media" claim has no basis in reality. Bury the argument cons, your not winning it EVER.

    And pointing out to a doctored photo by one Palestinian photo-journalist is not cutting it.

    Most "con" blogs are dedicated to their concept of "pallywood", where they found this one example of a false photo of a dead Palestinian supposedly killed by Isrealis. They use this as their gospel to shriek "lib media". I highly doubt a Muslim photo-journalist is "liberal" anyway. It is absurd.

    Keep up the good work Media Matters, now focus 100% on lazy journalism, and forget about the right wing hosts, they are irrelevant in 2007, only the 29% GOP sheep take them seriously anyway.
    mockig the right
    exposing the right!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 06 May, 2007 17:52  

  • wow, truth hurts doesn't it?

    anytime a leftard goes into a screaming frothing at the mouth
    YOU know the truth has been passed/

    change your URL to

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 May, 2007 01:00  

  • Moyer proved to the entire world their is no liberal media, simply by highlighting those 8 vital NY Times propaganda pieces written by Judith Miller,..."

    Mini Prop:

    It continues to amaze me what you and many of the posters at MMFA consider to be "proof".

    You think evidence about one columnist at one paper is "proof" of no liberal bias. Remarkable!

    Eric Boehlert, one of the highlighted "we are not responsible for what they say but we publish it anyway" columnists at MMFA had an article entitled "Can conservative bloggers tell the truth?"

    It concerned one blogger at one blog about one topic, the medals/wounds dustup between Kerry and the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. He then issued Part 2, presumably based on the harsh criticisms. "Conservative bloggers" in the charge, one blogger, one blog, one topic in the evidence.

    Oh, his latest column is about haircuts.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 07 May, 2007 09:45  

  • It is physically impossible for the left to be truthful. Liberalism is a mental disease.

    It really is amazing how hard the left is trying shut down speech with which they disagree. I believe we call that fascism.

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 07 May, 2007 21:49  

  • you are lowlife capitalist scum

    you are filth

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 07 May, 2007 23:48  

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