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11 May 2007

Opie & Anthony Condi Rice Rape Controversy, Shock Jock Radio


Opie & Anthony's Condi Stunt Apology May Not Help

*** Warning: Disturbing Transcript To Follow --- Update: Opie & Anthony Suspended ***

Can FM / Satellite shockmeisters Opie & Anthony survive their latest ratings- driven meltdown? With a savage verbal attack on Secretary Of State Condi Rice earlier this week, the subsequent apology may not overcome rising public anger.

Forget the "post- Imus environment" here: it's not clear how this kind of language would have been received at any point in broadcast history.

There's one mitigating factor, however: the creepy stunt didn't air on land- based radio stations, it was confined to a satellite- only portion of the show. That could keep the infamous pair from losing their FM deal.

Regardless of the end result, it's hard to understand what would motivate them to cook up this kind of savage verbal attack. That a guest was involved doesn't make any difference.

Here's the transcript (warning: nasty, nasty language):

Opie & Anthony On XM Radio

(Guest) Homeless Charlie - "I tell you what...what's the George Bush b---h on Rice...Condoleezza Rice?"

O&A - "Condoleezza Rice"

Charlie - "I'd love to f--- that bitch dude" (laughter)

Charlie - "She's the F---in man"

O&A - "yeah"

Charlie - "I'd F...that bitch...."

O&A - "I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice's face...."
- "(laughter) ..... as she realizes what's going on"
- " you were just holding her down and F'n her."

Charlie - "punch her all the F'n face, shut the F--- up bitch"

O&A - "that's exactly what I meant"
(laughter in background)

Charlie - "you know F--- it .... and George Bush wife? I'd F--- that bitch to death"

O&A - "yeah?"

Charlie - "Oh yeah. She needs a man."

O&A - "You digging her?"

Charlie - "Oh I love it"

O&A acting out scene - "Hey woman, Hey woman....."

Charlie - "I love dem old b---hes"

O&A Continued - "...I'll show u a real man! Why don't you come by my box? I'll show you a real man!"

O&A - "Hey what about uh....what about the Queen? Current events, the Queen just finally went back to her -dumb castle or whatever...."

Charlie (loses mic - can be heard in background) - "F--- that bitch"

O&A - "oh boy..We lost his mic. We lost Charlie's mic.
- "Oh no"
- "We lost Charlie's mic."
- "I can paraphrase...and he was just saying something nice about the Royal Family.... (laughter)"

Charlie - "F--- the Queen"

O&A - "OH!"

Charlie - "She lost b---h. Why you coming over here for? You horse face lookin B---h" (neighs like a horse)

O&A - "you lost"

Charlie - "F--- that bitch"

Too bad Charlie's mic wasn't lost about five minutes earlier!

Meanwhile, here's a discussion over at the New York Radio Message Board.

From here, the fate of Opie & Anthony isn't clear, but this incident clearly demonstrates that nothing has changed in shock radio since the Imus incident.

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  • "nothing has changed in shock radio since the Imus incident"

    You know how stupid that makes you sound after weeks of comparing Imus to Rush Limbaugh?.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 11 May, 2007 19:31  

  • El
    Do you know how stupid that makes you sound.

    I guess you on the left think it’s ok what those morons say because of who they were talking about.

    They are just like the morons on AAR hate radio.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 May, 2007 00:35  

  • pf1, it's far worse, because americans have let it be known-loud and clear-that they are sick unto death of junk radio and poorly produced programs littering the airwaves

    these types of programs aren't even rooted in anything based on intelligence, common sense, or reality

    this dumbing down of the media, particularly morning drive-time talk, commenced during the second term of the reagan era, when the buzzword was "relax!! we'll take care of all the problems, you just go and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!!"

    and damned if they didn't

    there has hardly been a challenging morning program since, and america's general worldview has deterioriated significantly as a result

    pf1, elmonica didn't refer to air aipac at any point....why do you feel compelled to bring its name into the dialogue?

    in fact, even with crypto-neocons running the show at air aipac, the hosts themselves are per capita far brighter than the hosts on any rightard radio outlet, and it's the extremist wingnuts on RIGHT-WING RADIO, like limbo and the savage weiner, that are recognized by middle america as purveyors of hate, as opposed to educated, more sophisticated talkers like thom hartmann and rachel maddow

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 May, 2007 00:53  

  • Pf1,
    Thank you for an opportunity to expound.

    Actually I think those morons should be suspended and possibly fired if they have been previously warned by their employer.

    Maloney is being a hypocrite since he is now throwing Imus into the shock jock category after arguing previously that IMUS was a liberal commentator that should be condemned since Limbaugh and Hannity wouldn't get away with saying the same thing.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 12 May, 2007 01:17  

  • AAR host brighter. Lol

    They repeat the same thing over and over from one show to the next. Try and tell me that is not true.

    The talk shows one the right do not always agree, which is great because I don’t always agree.

    I think for myself and make my on conclusions based on my values and Christian beliefs.

    My Christian beliefs are the reason I disagree with AAR. I personally believe they do not represent most democrats.

    If one is a “Christian democrat” how is it possible to listen to shows like turks or ex-host Malloy.

    You are correct in saying there is a lot of trash on the radio. It started with Howard Stern.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 May, 2007 07:17  

  • Here's a thought.

    O&A are shock jocks. If that offends you you should listen elsewhere.

    Were the comments distasteful? You bet. Were they designed to motivate people to attack Rice, the first lady or the queen? No.

    There's a lot in radio these days that I find offensive. When I'm listening to a talk show host who says something i dislike, I vote with my finger and push the button, moving to another station.

    By way of disclosure, I'm the news and programming director at O&A have webcams in both their CBS and XM studios and webcast their show to a virtual auditorium on Paltalk daily.

    More on this on my blog,

    By Blogger Gary Baumgarten, at 12 May, 2007 08:36  

  • PF1, it is exactly because of MY Christian beliefs that i cannot stand to listen to right-wing talk radio, which is excessively Judeo-centric and espouses a so-called "Judeo-Christian" worldview, which simply does not exist (Judaism is Judaism, and Christianity is Christianity)

    Jesus Christ was not a promoter of, and in fact inveighed against war, torture, cruelty, revenge, suffering and evil speech

    i am continually flabberghasted at how often different denominations of Christianity as a whole is attacked on right-wing radio (recent examples include kevin mccullough, michael savage, michael medved, hugh hewitt, etc.), yet the right-wing media holds only liberal feet to the fire

    in addition, christian right-wingers will never defend themselves against attack by anyone jewish, out of a spirit of fear, a thoroughly internalized guilt/inferiority complex, coupled with an overriding anxiety that the evangelicals may be correct and those pesky jews may be needed for rapture purposes further on down the line

    malloy (who i listen to nonetheless) is probably the only host who is openly contemptuous of religion as a whole, but this reflects a large portion of society as a whole, and, given the very public negative behaviors of high-profile Christians and the hypocrisy it displays, who can blame them?

    in fact, randi rhodes, unbeknownst to many, is a spirit-filled jewish believer in Christ who decries the spiritual defilement of church, shul, and mosque alike, and it is exactly this sort of criticism from within that we all NEED to hear to discern the wheat from the chaff

    compare that to synchophants and spreaders of falsehood like bill o'reilly, sean hannity, and laura ingraham, who may very well try to walk the walk, yet operate in a spirit of hate and speak with forked tongue

    i couldn't disagree more that hosts on the left fall into lockstep

    contentious issues include the role of israel re domination of us foreign policy, importance of environmental/climate change issues, 9/11 truth, gun control,
    reproductive rights issues, immigration, etc.

    al franken was a very pro-dlc, pro-aipac liberal (not my speed, but he had his fans)

    thom hartmann, for instance, is a committed capitalist who nevertheless wants a debate on tariffs and so-called free trade

    on the other hand, lynn samuels will tell you to your face that she thinks abortion is murder, wants the immigrants to get the f--- out of her country, and doesn't care how many guns you own

    so it's completely invalid to claim that there is no diversity of thought or opinion on the left, any more than it would be valid to claim that levin, limbaugh, crowley, savage, etc., are hollering from the same bullpen

    good post, pf1

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 May, 2007 14:17  

  • Hash I am sure you are more of an expert on AAR than I. I listen in small amounts but can not stomach the hate and utter disrespect for the President.

    When I hear a host start from a position of being an atheist, I lose all respect for him or her and frankly don’t have a reason to listen. When one starts from a point of ignorance, why would it get anymore intelligent?

    Malloy. Why would you support or give him any credibility. This I do not understand.

    Hash. Why do you hate Jews so much?

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 May, 2007 01:11  

  • not wishing to adhere to or appropriate another belief system's rites, mannerisms, operating modes, etc. is not hate, pf1

    to stand in condemnation of another nation's transgressions and falsehoods is not hate, either

    you must understand that a sizable majority of americans have the very feelings toward the president that you claim you can't stomach

    if it would not be aar aka air aipac, these attitudes would manifest themselves on other outlets, and sooner or later, the root causes will need to be addressed

    my position is that i prefer to keep my religion entirely apart from my politics, so that they will not unduly interfere with one another, and therefore thrive (politics exists only in the man-made realm by men, whereas God is by Faith, in the spirit realm and by definition everywhere, and therefore incompatible with politics by virtue of His Own Omnipotence....)

    malloy is a superb commentary who has broken with Christianity for reasons truly unknown to anyone but himself, and Our Lord....if he one day returns Home i choose not to be one who tries to hold the gates shut....

    do i agree with his positions on everything? no...

    do i believe God can make miracles with mike malloy, even though his Spirit has been weakened....ABSOLUTELY!!!

    he sees injustice and lack, he speaks out so that we too may know of it, and that has to be inspired by the Divine somehow, although perhaps he cannot yet comprehend this himself

    to be honest, i'm far more disgusted with the idea of hosts going along with advocating rape, ANYONE'S rape....the fact that someone feels articulate (cough) enough to run down a patter list of victims to be ravished while others nod approvingly only reinforces my opinion that there is an underlying spiritual problem in america, and an underlying acceptance of random violence, and throwing it "over on satellite" is an insufficient solution

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 May, 2007 01:35  

  • “i prefer to keep my religion entirely apart from my politics”

    I perfer to keep my religion out front in all decisions I make political or social. Even though I am no were near perfect I keep trying

    Keeping the church and state separate is fine. Meaning don’t govern people and force religion on them.

    It does not mean “don’t let religion govern your decisions” Your religion should govern all decisions.

    I pray God does reach malloy some day soon. I guess we can agree on that.

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 May, 2007 06:41  

  • I'm a proud agnostic.

    It is my opinion that exclusionary religious traditions (that is, those that demand that their adherents have fealty to them and them alone and teach that others have got it wrong) are a blight.

    I used to be a Christian, and till even a few years ago was pretty tolerant of religious folks. But then I lived in Texas.

    The Christians of Texas were the nastiest, most selfish, most willfully ignorant people I've ever lived among. And the worst thing is that their religion granted them a sort of smugness that allowed them to casually express the most cruel sides of their natures. After all, they're saved; everyone else is going to hell. Why care about your fellow humans? Why care about the poor? If the poor were good people, God wouldn't be punishing them, now would he? When the Iraq war hit, they couldn't wait to start killing Arabs. It was disgusting.

    Iran has nothing on us when it comes to crazy fundamentalists.

    Whether it's the conquest of the New World or the current chaos in the Near East, exclusionary religious traditions bring separation, violence, pain, torture,and suffering.

    Enough is enough.

    By the way, why are some people here calling Air America Air-Aipac? What's that about?

    By Blogger John, at 13 May, 2007 11:06  

  • "By the way, why are some people here calling Air America Air-Aipac? What's that about?..."

    it's a bitter reference to the owners of aar, their new program director, and the fact that any host that even dares to criticize israeli policy in the middle east finds themselves out on the street almost instantaneously, which is in keeping with "old", neocon-infiltrated, AAR, and its policies...

    same meat, different gravy

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 May, 2007 14:29  

  • Thanks, Hashfanatic.

    This makes sense to me. There really is no criticism of Israeli policy on Air America. I hadn't noticed that before.

    In general, I like Air America (as with everything, however, I don't like it totally). But there is seldom mention of Israeli/Palestinian issues, and that is an oddity in an entity that wants to claim progressive credentials.

    Ah, well, it's a commonplace observation that debate on Israeli policy is far more broad and vital in Israel than it is in the U.S.

    Let's hope the Israelis and Palestinians can and do work things out. It looks grim right now, however. And I'm sure glad I don't live in Gaza.

    By Blogger John, at 13 May, 2007 15:37  

  • Wow, an actual discussion of theories and beliefs instead of a tearing down of each other just because. Gives me hope for the future of the blog. Good job, ladies and/or gentlemen.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 May, 2007 17:23  

  • While the attempt at humor by Opie and Anthony's guest was completly deplorable, we have to consider the context of the kind of program Opie and Anthony is, they do an X-rated, offensive talk radio program. Even worse was the attack on Jv and Elvis, who actually got fired for a tired old prank phone call to a chinese resturant. We are crossing a slippery slope here, as much as this may shock some of you, I do not subscribe to political correct attacks on all forms of entertainment. I can't stand Opie and Anthnoy, I find them arrogant punks, never listened to JV and Elvis and never intend to either, but I will dare defned these immature jack ass "shock jocks". This is their "job", to shock and entertain those with a warped sense of humor. It is reflective of our society as a whole, unfortunatly many enjoy this kind of "entertainment". This opens the door to furthur attacks against art in general. Shock jocks are not "artists" but they are a lower level of the stand up comedian, Will comedians be targeted for an offensive joke next? Will it spread to cinema? Paintings? Novels?
    It has to stop at some point. You have a choice, I choose not to listen to shock jocks and either do most adults with a mentality matching their age!
    Their is a big difference between the Imus firing and the shock jock incidents. Imus hosted a round-table political satire program, complete with public officials as guests, it was inappropriate for Imus at this stage in his career to talk like that, it would be like the host of Meet the Press, making the same remark. Shock Jocks on the other hand are not held to the same amount of credibility as Imus (who has not been a shock jock in many years).
    I'm all for exposing real hate radio, like Hal turner, Michael Savage, Glen Beck, dangerous speakers, who claim to be an authority on politics and policy who have listeners that hang on to their words like the gospel. This is vastly different than testostorone driven shock jock talk! Nobody turns for Opie and Anthony and JV and Elvis for political discourse or to support their political ideology. They are tuned into by "meatheads".
    If anything they should be fired for being unfunny and getting low ratings.

    In general America is indeed tired of Shock Jock radio (as Hash pointed out) and it will simply implode on it's own. There is no need to get the politically correct hit squad out in full force over something that amounts to someone like Richard Pryor making a racially charged joke.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 13 May, 2007 20:46  

  • This is M.O.P, Im using the wrong acount!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 13 May, 2007 20:58  

  • Hey, MOP. I thing you're right.

    The reason Imus got canned was that he had deeply insinuated himself into elite circles of discourse, and, ultimately, when he screwed up, he fell. One might have expected to have happened when he was so offensive at the Washington Correspondents dinner in which he so gravely insulted Clinton.

    However, for reasons that still elude, the Washington press always hated Clinton, and he did not get exiled then. I don't understand that. Is it that because Clinton was so much smarter than the other players in Washington that he was hated? And is it because Bush was perceived as a dumb team player that he was welcomed?

    I dunno.

    By Blogger John, at 14 May, 2007 00:07  

  • How is it "ratings-driven" when XM doesn't have ratings?

    By Blogger Jim Treacher, at 16 May, 2007 01:35  

  • I pay for this B/S it's my choice like it or not. TUNE IN OR TUNE OUT thats your choice.

    By Blogger unknown jim, at 16 May, 2007 13:15  

  • This is the beginning of the end. You can't start censoring speech just because you don't like it. A lot of people don't like Limbaugh, and this whole FCC jihad is designed ultimately to get him.

    Mark my words

    By Blogger tmgeneral, at 16 May, 2007 16:53  

  • "This is the beginning of the end."

    oh, blessed is the Lord

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 16 May, 2007 17:25  

  • Hash
    I once felt the same way you did, untill you wake up and realize right wing propaganda and hate is going nowhere. CBS canned these stupid shock jocks because it gives them a level of "responsibility" , and their firing deflectsd away from the reality, people like Michael Savage who condone the killing of transgendered on the air "because they are freaks" are free to abuse the airwaves because they bend over for the neo-con free market monopoly loving radical ideology which is destroying this country. Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Savage, Boortz, Beck are all useful idiots for big media, they promote the ideology that helps big media with their dreams of media empire. They will NEVER go anywhere. CBS appeased the special interest groups with the firing of the shock-jocks.
    Sorry to say: the right wing scum will not be going anywhere, even if Savage said "to shoot liberals in the head", he is not going anywhere, if you propagate the radical right wing message, BIG BUSINESS will be fine with any comment you make. JV and Elvis and Opie and Anthony do not promote neo-conservatism, they were tossed under the bus.

    We should be asking why did CBS fire retired General Baptise and we should be supporting these idiotic shock jocks (no matter how offensive they are). We should be asking why is CNN drooling all over Rudy Guilliani in non-objective fluff pieces on him , why are local newspapers running front page stories on Rudy G (that are close to advertisments).

    The shock jock firing is like a little diversion from the real problem, a failed media which forgot how to report and instead reads RNC faxes, a media which allows hate speech like Savage and Boortz (as long as it is not off color comedy). This is the problem, Hash do not be fooled by these firings as if this is the start of the collapse of the GOP-RNC propaganda machine. Right wing hosts are going nowhere and cable media is acting more and more like a Republican advocacy group than reporters every day.

    I stand in support of free-speech and firmy against vile propaganda which makes gulliable listeners vote against their own best interest and against America. Right wing radio is not a matter of free-speech it is a matter of thye government dictating to hosts (they all go to wehite House meetings) what agenda to propagandize.

    In America PROPAGANDA is the problem, deceptive reporting, reporters who omit facts and slant everything to the benefit of Republicans. NAZI LIKE PROPAGANDA IS NOT COVERED BY THE 1st AMENDMENT, it is Anti-American to have government propaganda disguised as opinion talk and actual news. The 1st amendment protects sexist and racist jokes (no matter how repugnant they are)

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 17 May, 2007 09:46  

  • Your tast in humor might lean more to Albert Brooks, or something some would consider tame. That is ok that is your taste. Personally I most often find O&A funny. Maybe if I had heard the skit I would have, but from the transcript I simply don't. But, it was make believe, and I think that is way different than making fun of a real life scenario. When will the self-righteous realize you are ruining it for you and everyone else. Eventually that Albert Brooks tame humor will be seen as risque. Eventually we will be a be so censored even you will complain. Well good luck with your crusade I hope your children like the fruit from that tree your planting. Ever see the Demolition Man? If you have it your way Jolly Green Giant commercials will be music. You may disregard that and say, no that's not gonna happen, but you continue to pave the way. Imus, Mel Gibson )&A can say what they want, whether, I agree with it or not. The reason is because free speech allows that. O&A are on a supposed "uncensored" service, and that is why it is paid for. XM is a privately run radio network that requires proprietary equipment, and the receivers' have parental controls. The only people listening to this are those who choose to and even pay to. Again, who is this offending? You? Well, then don't pay for it or listen to it. That is like complaining about a porn site you don't pay for on the net. Anyone who would silence another because they don't believe the same things or hold the same morals is intolerant plain as that. Maybe you should rethink why it is that you attack them, is it becuase you don't agree with it or becuase it harmed someone? It didn't harm anyone because it was fictional just like when someone writes a book and kills a character in it. You might want to start with the parade against childrens writer J.K.Rowling now I hear she kills off Harry Potter in the book. You know come to think of it there is "magic" performed in the book. That is seen as witchcraft. Wouldn't want the young impressionables taking fancy to that. I hope you see the point.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 18 May, 2007 03:12  

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