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07 May 2007

New York Times On Shock Jocks, Rush Limbaugh, Media Matters


Where Radio's 'Hurtful' Language Really Originates

No wonder the Media Matters crowd is so angry with their mainstream media pals: they sure aren't towing the party line!

In fact, a major Sunday New York Times piece on the post- Imus radio environment is more notable for what it leaves out than what is included. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

While David Brock and his Huffingtonian friends tried to use the Imus sacking as a trial run for the removal of issues- based hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and others, the NYT instead correctly places the Imus incident in the "shock jock" radio context.

Inside the Grey Lady's newsroom, did they miss the memo? Check again, guys, the notepaper has a George Soros letterhead.

From the piece:

Almost two weeks after CBS Radio fired Don Imus for his racially and sexually demeaning remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, Nick Di Paolo opened his talk show on another CBS station in New York by mocking a manual that, he said, one of his bosses had given him that morning.

The booklet was entitled “Words Hurt and Harm” and, as described by Mr. Di Paolo, it urged him and his brethren to avoid the sort of stereotypes that had not only upended Mr. Imus but had also just gotten two colleagues on WFNY (92.3 FM) suspended for broadcasting a six-minute prank call littered with slurs to a Chinese restaurant.

“Right away, we’re starting with a false premise,” Mr. Di Paolo told his listeners on April 25, just after noon. “Because words don’t hurt.”

He then proceeded to refer to someone in the studio who was apparently of Colombian descent as “a drug dealer,” before using an exercise in the manual as a springboard to the following observations: that “enough” Native Americans drank to make them fair game for a joke; that waiters in Chinese restaurants were “efficient” and “better than most, you know, other ethnic groups as waiters and waitresses”; and that Jewish mothers were “bad cooks and a little hairy.”

The part of the radio spectrum where Mr. Di Paolo holds forth each day — shows in which commentary and entertainment fuse, sometimes under the rubric of a morning or afternoon “zoo” — remains as arguably and insidiously untamed in the days after Mr. Imus’s collapse as it was before, based on a New York Times screening of nearly 250 hours of shock-talk radio broadcast over the last week.

Gay men and lesbians, and women and Muslims, among others, were frequent targets of ridicule; coarse, sexually explicit banter, particularly descriptions of anal and oral sex, proliferated, much of it reminiscent of the routines that once drew Howard Stern heavy penalties; and meanness appeared to be a job prerequisite, whether a host was belittling someone who called in or the unwitting subject of a prank call.

In a sense, the hosts of these shows are juggling live grenades each day, putting the companies that broadcast and sponsor them at the greatest risk of collateral damage, particularly as the smoke clears from the Imus affair.

While the story's theme is that FM shock talk has changed little since the I-Man's removal, some of those singled out today accused the paper of "prodding" advertisers into dropping sponsorships, according to All Access, an entertainment industry trade publication:

The article says that TIMES staff (twelve reporters in addition to STEINBERG are listed as contributing to the piece) monitored "a dozen prominent shows on so-called terrestrial radio for five weekdays in a row" to compile the article, which quotes TALK RADIO NETWORK's MANCOW MULLER, WKXW (NEW JERSEY 101.5)/TRENTON's CRAIG CARTON and RAY ROSSI, ST. LOUIS-based STEVE AND D.C., the WSKQ (MEGA 97.9)/NEW YORK-based "EL VACILON DE LA MANANA," and WRTO/MIAMI's "EL TRAKATEO" (STEINBERG called Spanish-language radio "the Wild WEST of the medium").

Discussing the article on OPIE AND ANTHONY's show MONDAY morning, sidekick JIM NORTON noted that newspapers have a "vested interest" in hurting radio as an advertising competitor. "He's a PC, hall-monitor little sissy-boy," NORTON said of STEINBERG, later adding that STEINBERG was "trying to create a story" by taking out-of-context quotes to advertisers. OPIE added that the quote cited by STEINBERG from NORTON ("Would it be possible, could you whistle 'Singin' in the Rain' while I rape a girl?," NORTON asked a guest whistler in a several-years-old segment replayed on a "best-of" show APRIL 25) was an obvious reference to the movie "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE."

In addition, at Harvard University's Nieman Watchdog website, Morton Mintz is busy comparing these jocks to conservative talk hosts.

While we would hardly put it past the New York Times to engage in journalistic advocacy, this focus on radio's real filth greatly undermines the left's crusade to remove dissenting voices from the airwaves.

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  • more whining and bitching from the reich wing.
    please stop Media Matters from pointing out to the public how we lie

    Nobody is silencing reich wingers, media matters focus for the most part on journalists who slant and omit, they barely cover reich wing talk show hosts, nobody cares about reich wing talk show hosts, they are considered comedy/entertainment, Media matters does what the reich wing hates, they simply point out the fact that the media is slanted RIGHT, it kills reich-wingers when this is exposed.

    Expose the "lib media" myth, and the reich wing has nobody left to blame but their own failed ideology

    and Imus is not a shock jovk
    Shock jocks do not get the vice president on their program

    when was the last time the VP called "bubba the sponge" or "the doghouse"?????

    nobody is silencing reich wing hosts. More paranoid, delusion from the reich wingers. They need their lies, you can have your alternate reality on the talk radio.... but JOURNALISM can no loner be written by White House fax pages.
    Media matters exposes the lazy journalism which is a fucking disgrace, a fucking pathetic disgrace of stenographers insteads of reporters.

    Media matters is the ministry of propaganda's worst nightmare.

    Media matters for the last 4 years has exposed lazy reporting, RNC complict reporting and outright
    LIES in the media, and inbetween all of that, exposed the hate on the reich wing radio.

    Long live reich wing radio, every day it exists, 10,000 more youngsters become democrats! Nobody wants to be on the side of Rush Limbaugh!
    Please !! continue to play the victim!! waa!!! waaa!

    whiny little con shits
    Cons are good at playing the victim, I love it!!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 May, 2007 12:50  

  • MoPoop, if the 1st amendment only protected the ability to speak publicly the truth, Media Matters would be shut down and silent.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 10:49  

  • Site a single lie on media matters hack. you cry about media matters, because media matters works hard at busting the "lib lib lib" media myth that you love so much.

    Where is the lie on media matters?

    Printing transcripts is what they do idiot. No lies, they recite what your degenerate warped and irrelevsnt side have to report. If the 1st amendment only coveed truth, there would be no right wing radio idiot, media matters prints what you say, you can not handle it, they destroy your "lib media" lie every single fucking day

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 08 May, 2007 11:15  

  • Mommy'sOtherProblem (MoP):get some help before you go all Cho on us. You do the same long rant no matter what the topic of the blog, making no sense and seeing conspiracy behind everything. Your vulgar screeds aren't even amusing anymore.
    I don't know what problems you have in your personal life (though I can guess based on the hatred displayed in such abundance), but leave your basement and pretend radio show long enough to get professional help. Just do an online search for "Behavorial Health Professionals" in your area. Many have a sliding scale for charges.
    I am not kidding. You need help.

    By Blogger Will H, at 08 May, 2007 12:31  

  • Hey Will
    go fuck yourself.
    Everything i write is 100% accurate, ands true, you should seek help, try Republican rehab, you freak. every point I make is not 100% true, it isd 1000% true, asshole. Prove me wrong on one thing asshole.
    I will be waiting forever

    and did I say
    go fuck yourself, I hate you, I hate the right, I find you all traitorous scum

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 08 May, 2007 12:55  

  • MoPoop,

    First off Media Matters lies about its funding sources.

    MoPoop I intend on sending more so just suck your thumb until I'm done.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 13:54  

  • Media Matters just can't tell a story straight, but neither can MoPoop.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 13:57  

  • A very telling article exposing the partisanship and disregard for the truth by Media Matters.

    MoPoop, You still there? I'd ask if you were sane, but you never were.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 14:01  

  • More lies by Media Matters are exposed here:

    Had enough yet, MoPoop? I shouldn't ask that. MoPoop can't see the truth and will cut and paste is obscentiy laced screeds to answer me and others. What a one trick pony.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 14:03  

  • no connection to Soros, bald faced neo-con lies. Soros has given money to just about everyone else, liar. Your RNC blogs are about as accurate as RNC radio hosts buddy, it's plain HACKERY

    again no connectrion to Soros, Oriley echoed the rightwingblogolies "expose' its bunk, again I know Eric alterman from media matters, your fellow reich wingers are lying to you again.

    The Moy piece is pure hackery as well, again not a sinlge LIE sourced by a single reich winger, all lies and finger pointing. desperate, losers.

    Understand this, there is nothing the right says that is true, 805 of this country GETS IT.

    and the low life hacks that blog for the right and attack Media matters are liars as well. god Bless media matters, Im sending them another $500.

    I love to se the right implode
    last 6 months have been the greatest in years, the right is totally imploding, attacking a web site!!!! bu bu bu blame media matters!! bu bu bu Clinton, bu bubu pelosi, bu bu bu media matters!!!!

    I read your rewich wing links, not a single lie exposed.
    This is simple

    the right speaks crap
    Media matters prints it

    not hard to grasp, not hard to grasp, nothing to lie about, the right says it, they report it


    and if I had more $$$ I would give them 2 million if I had it, they deserve it, look what they have done to make the moonbats simply unhinged! your unhinged over media matters! I love it!

    another con imploded

    By Blogger Justin, at 08 May, 2007 15:27  

  • While cons are busy shrieking about media

    the great and honest GOP lied again to the American people, this time attacking the gov. of Kansas

    tony snow:
    If you don’t request it, you’re not going to get it. … As far as we know, the only thing the governor has requested are FM radios. There have been no requests to the National Guard for heavy equipment. … We are eager to provide what Kansas needs. But again there are also - you also have to go through the process of making the request first.

    LIES!!! LIES!!! LIES!!! the responsible right wing hosts, will obviously ignore this lie and focus on their own lie, soros soros soros soros soros

    so!!!! What did the govorner of Kansas request ? mmmmmmmmmm
    the GOP is lying again, and Republicans are silent

    Dec. 30, 2005: Sebelius writes to Rumsfeld requesting new equipment. “The Guard was critical to responding to recent blizzards and floods in Kansas, yet its ability to respond to similar situations is being diminished by a lack of equipment,” wrote Sebelius. Included with her letter was a list of equipment Kansas had lost to the Iraq war. [Kansas City Star, 1/21/06; Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/29/06]

    – Jan. 23, 2006: Sebelius personally urges Bush to increase National Guard funding. In an one-hour motorcade ride in Kansas with Bush, Sebelius expressed concern about “a reduction of National Guard troop strength in its next budget.” Bush assured her he was “dealing” with the shortages. [Topeka Capital-Journal, 1/24/06; Kansas City Star, 3/11/06]

    – June 28, 2006: Sebelius sends Army Secretary list of equipment lost in war. In a meeting with Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey, Sebelius told Harvey that the state had lost about $140 million in National Guard equipment to the Iraq war. Her office then sent him a list of the lost equipment. [Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/29/06]

    – Sept. 2006: Sebelius lobbies for replacement of National Guard equipment sent to Iraq. “Kansas’ congressional delegation, Sebelius and governors from around the country have been lobbying the Pentagon for increased funding to replace National Guard equipment that has been left in Iraq or damaged beyond repair after repeated use in war.” [AP, 9/5/06]

    – Feb. 27, 2007: Sebelius pushes White House and Congress for more funding. “Now the Guard needs Washington’s help,” Sebelius said in press conference on Capitol Hill. “The President and Congress need to step up to the plate and give our Guard members the support they deserve.” [Press Release, 2/27/07]

    and the right is still crapping out of their mouths about Eric Alterman insulting Ann Coulter!!!! Yep, these people are treasonous bastards, they hate America, and once more in Kansas they failed America and blamed the govorner!!!

    but Moy is talking about Eric Alterman insulting the disgusting drug addled ex-hippie Ann coulter


    By Blogger Justin, at 08 May, 2007 15:54  

  • Justin,

    People can read for themselves. You are not honest and neither is Media Matters. You are just a shill and flack for them.

    As for your hysterics over what was requested by the Kansas Governor, stick to what was requested to deal with this twister.

    Just like Louisans, you liberals think that every little whim by liberal politicians must be provided by the taxpayer. It isn't true. Get out of your delusions Justin.

    There are procurement laws to be followed. Many written by Liberal Democrat who want to starve the military, including the National Guard, to fund liberal social programs that are nothing more than vote buying handouts.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 16:14  

  • Hack posted:
    Many written by Liberal Democrat who want to starve the military, including the National Guard, to fund liberal social programs that are nothing more than vote buying handouts.

    totally hackery. The National guard is at 50% capacity, they are all fighting Bush's oil war, deal with it hack. You will say anything to defend the mighty letter "R". statistics prove the military grew in size under Clinton, and recruitment has shrunk under Bush. none of your RNC talknig points hold water, Bush destroyed the military.

    leave it to tony snow to blame the govorner, absolutly pathetic

    Still not a single lie on media matters, you have pointed out NONE.

    This is MOP by the way, signed into the wrong account

    By Blogger Justin, at 08 May, 2007 16:31  

  • MoPoop,

    Like we couldn't recognize the cut and paste style you have.

    You are an idiot. If this is a war for oil, where is it???

    You are truly insane.

    By Blogger PCD, at 08 May, 2007 16:39  

  • PCD

    The Production sharing agreements are in the hands of the Iraqi parliment as of Monday (reported in Wash post), if they sign these PSA contracts, foreign oil companies will control the oil wells for the next 30 years.

    When you watch Cable news and listen to RNC radio, you of corse are oblvious to these things

    By Blogger Justin, at 09 May, 2007 09:33  

  • MoPoop, as usual, you have the MM/Democrat nutberger talking points pronto, but as usual, you are wrong. The Kansas governor lied. Read this and the links contained within. Blows you up once again.

    By Blogger PCD, at 09 May, 2007 15:12  

  • As usual, MoPoop, you are wrong on the Iraqi Oil revenues. This is from the BBC:

    The foreign oil companies will get a return on their investments, not control of the oil. Your Extreme Communism is blinding you, MoPoop.

    The Iraqi provinces are the sharing the wealth, not a central government, and not the oil companies.

    Besides, foreign oil companies do not necessarily mean American oil companies. Asian companies got the first contracts.

    By Blogger PCD, at 09 May, 2007 16:13  

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