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18 August 2007

Portland Oregon Radio Ratings, Rush Limbaugh, Maine


Now Number One In Rose City, Follows Seattle Climb

What is it about the Northwest and Rush Limbaugh?

Following El Rushbo's number one market- wide showing in recently released Seattle radio ratings, the results have been now been repeated. And this time, it's in the extreme- left stronghold of Portland, Oregon!

In the Rose City, Rush beats every local and syndicated show between 5am and 10pm in the all- important adults 25-54 demographic. From what may be the nation's most competitive talk radio market, that's no easy feat.

There are at least five Portland talkers generating enough of an audience to show up on our radar screen, more than is the case in most major markets, including New York City.

Rush's 5.2 25-54 audience share on KEX topped Michael Savage's 5.1 afternoon drive showing on KXL-AM (though the latter was also up, by 70%). That represents a 58% gain for the talk titan. In head- to- head competition, Rush beats Bill O'Reilly on KXL (3.0 share), libtalker Thom Hartmann (3.1 on KPOJ) and consumer host Clark Howard (1.3 on KPAM).

Also realizing strong increases: Lars Larson's regional show, up 41%, "progressive" talker Ed Schultz (+93% to a 2.9 share), Sean Hannity (+75% on KPAM-AM), local KPAM talker Victoria Taft (+55%) and Tom Leykis (+108% on KCMD-AM).

So what is it that fuels Rush's success in such seemingly- inhospitable climates? Perhaps listeners are looking for an alternative to the fringe politics that are forced upon them day after day. Whatever the case, El Rushbo has recently been on the upswing in some of the nation's most liberal cities. That has got to be an indication of something.

Speaking of Portland, the Atlantic version also saw its conservative talk station score big gains. In Portland, Maine, WGAN has retained its number one position in overall ratings, rising to an 8.8 12+ share from 5.4 a year ago.

It carries Limbaugh, Pine Tree State native Howie Carr and other conservative programming. Because of the market size (it's ranked #167), we don't have specific show- by- show breakdowns.

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  • Just how offensive is that photo you show of Rush, noted smuggler of Viagra, wiht those nubile young women?

    By Blogger John, at 19 August, 2007 01:33  

  • Certainly no where as offensive as Hilary Clinton’s “Presidential Bust” that was put into the Museum of Sex!

    Sculptor Daniel Edwards’s new art piece shows an armless but bountifully bosomed Hillary atop a pedestal declaring her "The First Woman President of the United States of America".

    And though Edwards had a bit of a problem finding out what Clinton’s breasts would look like, he found a way around that hitch by using beach photos of the former First Lady.


    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 19 August, 2007 15:30  


    And as far as Breck Boy is concerned, he should spend less time calling people like Ann Coulter a She-Devil and looking more at himself and his hedge funds hypocrisy!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 19 August, 2007 17:46  

  • What? I thought conservative talk radio was dead, that Air America - or whatever is the "leading" network now - was going to crush Rush! I thought Schultz, Rhodes, et al were the saviors of talk radio...

    When Seattle AND Portland, OR end up with a conservative talkshow winning everything, you know that liberal talk radio is dead...

    By Blogger Shanghai Dan, at 20 August, 2007 17:17  

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