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10 September 2007

Hannity & Colmes, David Horowitz, UC- Santa Cruz


Exposing Academic Extremists Unleashes Anti-FOX Squad

When it comes to criticism of the extreme left's collegiate strongholds, our so- called "progressive" friends sure have thin skins.

Merely for denouncing one of America's most outrageous examples of taxpayer- funded campus radicalism gone amok, Frontpage founder and ex- leftist author David Horowitz has stirred up a mini anti- FOX attack squad.

First, here's the clip of Horowitz appearing on Hannity & Colmes Friday night, placed on YouTube by News Hounds, an anti- FOX News Channel website:

And from the News Hounds post on this segment:

In a true moment of McCarthyism, admitted traitor David Horowitz, who has NO academic credentials, joined college drop-out Sean Hannity to declare the University of California at Santa Cruz as the worst school in America. Not because the students aren’t learning but because Horowitz felt its faculty and courses were too anti-capitalism and pro-communism. Unfortunately for Horowitz, his hypocritical bias was exposed by Alan Colmes.

Horowitz’ treasonous past was not revealed to viewers, nor were they informed that the evaluation of UCSC was coming from someone without any credentials and being endorsed by a co-host who never finished college, either. Nevertheless, FOX News presented Horowitz as an expert without any balancing guest who might have cast doubt on his credibility.

Horowitz cared not a fig about the school’s academic capabilities. He even acknowledged that the UCSC has a “world class astronomy department, it’s got a first rate physics department, it’s got professional schools which are terrific. The problem at UCSC is the liberal arts college which is just an indoctrination and recruitment center for far left ideologues.”

In other words, politics trumps scholasticism in Horowitz’ evaluations.

Horowitz’ proffered evidence that the liberal arts college is an “indoctrination and recruitment center” was the fact that the women’s studies department has been renamed the “Feminist Studies Department.” Horowitz claimed that the department’s “guiding light” and “architect,” Bettina Aptheker, is “a well known American communist who supported the Soviet Empire until after the fall of the Berlin Wall.” A quick look at their website makes it clear that Aptheker is not the chair of the department. Nevertheless, Horowitz, who just proved that academics took a back seat to politics in his own standards, complained, “It’s politics conducted by other means.”

By focusing on personal attacks against Horowitz and Hannity, News Hounds is clearly attempting to skirt the issue itself. Is UCSC a hotbed for campus extremism, indoctrination and taxpayer- funded radicalism?

Our lefty friends believe Hannity and Horowitz aren't qualified to answer that question. But the latter has been studying the left for decades, since his own personal conversion from that philosophy, writing extensively about UC- Santa Cruz and other extremist strongholds in academia.

In fact, in a new FrontPage piece, Horowitz and Jacob Lacksin provide a number of excellent examples of just why the campus has gone off the deep end.

And during the segment, it was Colmes that was confused, not Hannity or Horowitz. What he thought was "redbaiting" on the part of Horowitz was in fact a mere statement of fact, since some of UCSC's professors have quite openly been members of the Communist Party USA in the past.

As a UCSC grad, your Radio Equalizer not only knows that Horowitz was right on the mark with every point he made, but can also answer Alan's question as to whether courses with a radical political agenda are actually required of students in order to graduate.

The answer, of course, is a big YES, since incoming freshman are forced to take "core courses" sponsored by their particular colleges, regardless of one's intended major. These courses seem built around re-education, working to convince students that everything they've learned to that point in their lives is dead wrong.

In the Hannity & Colmes segment, however, a major point was missed: why hasn't Governor Schwarzenegger done anything to clean up the mess that has become the University of California system? Between widespread corruption in executive compensation to taxpayer- funded radicalism, Arnold has been asleep at the switch.

And here's one for everyone in this debate: why does the public sector insist upon rewarding poor performance? UC- Santa Cruz, for example, has added thousands of students in recent years. In response, the city of Santa Cruz is aggressively fighting further campus expansion, which has led to a lawsuit by the university.

In the end, this is the key question: why are taxpayers on the hook for what Horowitz correctly labels one of America's worst universities?

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  • >>admitted traitor David Horowitz

    because he drifted right over the years as many people do? (and how
    many people drift LEFT?) "Not liberal at 20 and you have no heart;
    not conservative at 40, and you have no mind"

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 09 September, 2007 23:18  

  • How long must we continue to hear of this reactionary parasite?

    Blessed is the Lord, that such a site as "News Hounds" has been permitted to operate. Every time I hear phrases like "anti-FOX attack squad", I sleep a little better, knowing that there are SOME in this country with the balls to say what needs to be said.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 09 September, 2007 23:49  

  • The reason Horowitz is refered to as a traitor is because he himself admitted he engaged in supervise activities when he was a radical leftist.

    Which is interesting for two reasons:
    1. If he supposedly is ashamed of the life he used to lead and the thing he did, and he engaged in subversive activities, why isn't he turning himself in to the police?
    2. Now that he is no longer a radical leftist, but a radical rightist (so basically, different shades of the same extremism), is there any reason to believe he wouldn't continue to do the same illegal actions that he alluded to having done in the past?

    By Blogger Ben, at 10 September, 2007 03:57  

  • The difference, of course, is that only radical leftists are held accountable for their extremism.

    Extremists on the radical right are immune from prosecution.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 10 September, 2007 06:03  

  • hashhead, I see you're preparing to become a college professor with the usual hatred for people who are conservatives!

    Listen, Horowitz is needed very badly with the commie left taking over colleges at an alarming rate.
    Believe me having gone to the University of the People's Republic of Connecticut-Stan and being fed Marx, Nietzsche, Thomas Moore's Utopia, and being forced to listen to the voice of communism WBAI 99.5, if only I knew what was going on then.

    To be honest, I would cringe having to go back to college because I think it's even MORE RADICALIZED ON THE LEFT!


    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 10 September, 2007 07:20  

  • Bob Anthony;
    Believe me having gone to the University of the People's Republic of Connecticut-Stan and being fed Marx, Nietzsche, Thomas Moore's Utopia,

    maybe if someone on the right actually wrote something becides "USA USA" "kill the Muzzies", Ann Coulter would be part of a classroom too. What does Nietzche have to do with "liberals" anyway?

    The right has never contributed anything of substance anyway. "kill kill kill" 'free market free market" "social security is communism"? Just what exactly should they be teaching? Which brillian mind on the right, should students be numbing their brain to/

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 10 September, 2007 12:51  

  • I'm a UCSC student and I love it there. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. And how can you claim it is so left wing when my Stevenson Core Course had the Bible on the reading list? I think it is pretty well rounded, as a matter of fact. And to think that college students are so suggestible that they can't form their own opinions- well that's just insulting. Give your kids some credit.

    By Blogger belzik, at 11 September, 2007 15:13  

  • I also went to Santa Cruz. I never even took a class by any of these so-called communists. My transcript reads like any other university . . .

    I don't like having the college I went to being called the "worst" school in the country.

    It's fucked up for job interviews. Just had one today where this guy was saying going to Santa Cruz must have been "interesting." I was wondering why he made that comment and then I found this garbage.

    But I guess this jerk-off author was only thinking about selling books and not about screwing over people like me for no reason.

    Thanks a lot asshole.

    By Blogger Tony, at 18 September, 2007 00:36  

  • "Listen, Horowitz is needed very badly with the commie left taking over colleges at an alarming rate."-Comment Post

    Your readers are un-educated and are the most dangerous element of our society. Their reactionary views are 10 times worse then the so called "commies" they are getting upset over. Get a life!!!! You are all dinosaurs and your 1950's-era rascist, sexist, and classist viewpoints are coming to an end. Stop your fear mongering and turn off FOX NEWS you losers!!!
    -2001 UCSC Graduate

    By Blogger Benjamin, at 18 September, 2007 16:26  

  • I'd comment, but it would only legitimize the discredited Horowitz.

    By Blogger GDAEman, at 08 October, 2007 21:00  

  • ... But I will share a mother's correspondence with her UCSC daughter who has a new cat, we'll call ... David for purposes of confidentiality:

    Poor little David! Doomed to being brainwashed at UC Santa Cruz as a communist! He must be moved safely off campus NOW!!! (But NOT to my house -- I already have enough leftist animals protesting my rules).

    On a serious note -- you must get a large-sized pet crate to contain the little radical when he's too rambunctious. No destroying tax-payer property, you militant cat owner you! But also don't be brutal -- no tazer guns, or choke holds -- just a crate. Occasional containment is all important otherwise there will be a White Panther revolution!

    Yes, please be a little "conservative".... your Dad and I don't want you getting thrown off campus by the housing office to live with all the other homeless people in Santa Cruz and tainting UC Santa Cruz' notable reputation as a premier anarchist, bohemian, underground enclave that harbors extreme liberal thinkers.

    love, MOM

    By Blogger GDAEman, at 08 October, 2007 21:12  

  • I am a UCSC alum. Horowitz is absolutely correct that UCSC is merely a mill for leftist, at this point EXTREMELY outdated thought. UCSC is a conservative institution-- and the traditions for this instituation started in 1965, when it was founded. It sells the party line to students who already agree with it. I had no class in which I was forced to learn anything but leftist tripe about gays and women. (And I am female, unfortunately not gay.) But what does this have to do with education?

    Absolutely nothing. The sciences at UCSC are stellar. But I majored in humanites. It was a giant, pathetic rip-off. The tax payers are paying for kindergarten for grownups. Literally.

    I've taken excellent classes at community colleges and state colleges in other states that top humanities classes at UCSC by leaps and bounds. Real education is going on- just not here at UCSC. They think history started in 1970 here in Santa Cruz. I've never met a group of more indoctrinated, fascist group thinkers in my life. I was 17 when I came here, and UCSC distorted my sense of reality. It took years to recover.

    Please note that I'm a liberal-- but liberals make me ashamed. It takes people like Horowitz to tell the truth.

    By Blogger Delecta, at 15 October, 2007 15:30  


    A woman has been sentenced to receive two hundred lashes
    And jail time--for a rape done by a gang of seven men
    All unrelated to the victim: she was under-cautious
    In her proximity, but so she learned her lesson then.

    It is the "Muslim" way but most especially as it is
    Interpreted and implemented by our friends the Saudis--
    Yet moralists discretionary turn their eyes from this
    For friendship´s sake--make no mistake--or even they applaud these

    Progressive indicators because our cohabitant
    Within the bed of oil has made for palms greased all around;
    So we may overlook it because getting what we want
    We tolerate injustices no matter how profound.

    However let it be a country as Sadaam´s Iraq,
    Or even say Iran today--outside of the exclusive
    Friendship association Good Old Boys (the US pack),
    Why then denouncement and concern becomes ultra-effusive.

    Then those same moralists decry "female victimization,"
    Though than their Saudi counterparts the women in the case
    May live freer substantially with less discrimination,
    But so faux-feminism bears a schizophrenic face.

    Such policies however as the US foists upon
    The various Arab emirates and lands of the Koran,
    All tend pejoratively to impact the women there,
    As in Iraq: US know-how may lack some savoir faire.

    Get off your high horse, hypocrites,
    And cease to moralize
    About some other peoples--it´s
    Presumptuous and unwise;
    In fact distortion as it flits
    Amounts to telling lies.

    By Anonymous i.m.small, at 27 November, 2007 12:00  

  • Indoctrination serves only for the week minded individual. I have met a masters student at UCSC of Community studies and he wants to help people in third world countries learn about water conservation and productive water management. I am also a student at UCSC and I have not been forced to take any of these classes, but I will say that the campus does contain a diverse student body and insulting one part of the campus does not accurately help someone understand what it is like to be a student there. What evidence can he form from looking at class descriptions and outdated syllabuses. A critic such as Horowitz places himself up for criticism. It surprises people when someone goes from the far left to the far right. It brings up questions of character.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2008 22:12  

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