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03 September 2007

Tony Snow Resignation, Talk Radio, Beltway Politics


Dems Still Snickering Over Tony's Cost-Of-Living Concern

Days after White House Press Secretary Tony Snow's resignation from the post, Democrats are still making a stink over his stated concern that $168,000 isn't enough to support a family.

But one big question remains: why would Snow step down without another gig already secured? More on that in a moment.

Because Snow, a former radio talk show host and TV anchor, has been battling cancer for some time, Dems have officially toned down their rhetoric a bit. During yesterday's morning talk shows, the issue was raised, but in a relatively calm manner.

Their talking points are clear: Snow's salary complaint sends the wrong message to Americans, most of whom would love to earn $168,000 annually. What the Democrats know as well as anyone inside the Beltway, however, is that the cost of living there is exceptionally high. Yes, in Spokane, Omaha or many other cities across America, that kind of figure would easily support a family.

In DC, however, that amount provides only a basic lifestyle, given inflated home prices and other major expenses. One should expect someone in a key position such as Snow's to be able to do better than that.

In addition, Snow is likely considering his own health concerns and the desire to make as much as possible should his condition take a turn for the worse.

Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the left from taking some rather disgusting shots at Snow, using the standard unhinged, anti- Bush template.

At Crooks and Liars, a large "progressive" blog, look at some of the reader comments that actually survived the site's editing process:

Delonjo Says:

Not to be macabre or morbid, but Tony Snow looks about ready to die. Seriously. He has physically aged approximately 20 years since just last year. Seeing him yesterday was shocking because I hadn’t seen him in some months. I wonder if his conscience is bothering him as much as it looks to be. He’s such a liar and a weasel.

Darth_Romney Says:

If there is an afterlife, he’ll have a lot of answering to do for being the mouthpiece of this caustic, deadly regime!

Dr. Matt Says:

He’s such an elitist POS hack. He can’t live off 168K/year. Poor thing.

Weaseldog Says:

Evidently, you can renegotiate your deal with Satan. Who would’ve thought?

Honest question here. I’m curious and don’t really know the answer. Given that Tony Snow is Jewish and that he loves to lie and promote the slaughter of millions of human beings, is it expected that he’ll receive some sort of punishment in the afterlife? Where do unredeemably evil people go in this faith?

bushisaliar Says:

really gonna miss that pile o s--t

but another one is waiting in the wings

looks like tony’s days are numbered..

do’nt worry a man of his integrity will have no trouble entering the pearly gates

Putting aside the eternally- angry left for a moment, one big question remains: where is Tony headed? It's hard to believe he would give up the job without another already in the bag. So where is it?

Though it's possible he could return to talk radio, it won't be easy to establish much of a foothold, as the field is now more crowded than ever.

There are far more syndicated talkers on the air than can be supported by the market. Finding stations to carry a new show would likely prove extremely difficult. And joining FOX News Radio means being heard primarily on satellite radio.

As for the FOX News Channel, there might be a place to carve out a spot for Snow, but where? Most likely, this would mean a daytime slot where viewership is much lower than in primetime.

Overall, the options don't look great, but it should easy in any of these scenarios to exceed a $168,000 salary. Beyond the unhinged left, who could blame him for trying?

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  • Heck money is a relative thing.

    Just think remember that lime green shack doing a poor imitation of a stationary porta potty the Paw's have out near San Fran territory.

    Guess what Zillow puts the fair market price of that piece of c*** at somewhere north of 660K based on recent sales in the area.'s a place where you can reach out your window to wash your neighbors windows for crying out loud.

    Go to google earth and navigate there, they have a yard that is a postage stamp.

    I wouldn't try to maintain the little lawn they have, I would cement it and paint it green for crying out loud.

    Where I live that place couldn't even bring 10k on the open market and that would be pushing it.

    By Blogger JustMe, at 03 September, 2007 16:10  

  • Rumor has it that Tony Snow has been hired by MSNBC to replace Keith Olbermann.

    Okay, so that was wishful thinking on my part AND on MSNBC's but it would be cool to see Olbermann get shown the door.

    By Blogger Carl, at 03 September, 2007 23:05  

  • It's not so much that $168k is a pittance. It's that Tony had established a lifestyle based on earning above that level before he took the WH Press Secretary job. He had made decisions based on a greater income, such as mortgage payment, kids schools, cars, etc.

    Tony can go on the lecture circuit. Two or three $25,000 speeches a month - sweet!

    If some college group will pay Breck Boy $55,000 to hear him talk about poverty, I'm sure Tony could drag in some coin for giving a speech.

    By Blogger John, at 03 September, 2007 23:32  

  • I am a liberal who actually liked Tony Snow. He was much better than McClellan. Posting blog comments is pointless - people on both sides of the aisle say awful things. Snow at least was entertaining, and seemed to enjoy sparring with the press. $168,000 is a good salary, but not for that area, and not in comparison with what he could be making elsewhere. And frankly, they should be paying him a lot more than that for attemping mission impossible- how do you spin this administration's record of incompetence?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 September, 2007 05:37  

  • Snow has already hinted at what is in the works. Look for a new Tony Snow book around Christmas where he will defend the Bush policy and guarantee a couple million GOP sales. Prior to its release, he will be on a speaking tour. He made it clear in his formal announcement that he's primarily going on the lecture circuit to talk about cancer. There could be money in promoting stem cell research but, as he's made clear that his position isn't too far off of the administration's position and would be promoting Bush policies, chances are good that he will be primarily addressing regressive think tanks and talking head punditry to help support Republican campaigns.

    Keep an eye on Snow's endorsement as it will likely reflect the administration's. I do find the timing- stepping down as Thompson is officially stepping up- interesting. If he doesn't outright endorse Thompson in the primaries, be certain he'll be stumping for him as the nominee. Likewise, as there are no federal restrictions to how much a candidate pays his staff, don't be surprised if Tony occupies a very high position for the Republican frontrunner where he can make hay for a year at the income he had grown accustomed.

    As for this liberal, I view Snow as a decent guy who has watched how the sausage is made and lost his taste for it. I wish him best of luck and good health.

    By Blogger Dave Carroll, at 04 September, 2007 10:56  

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