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05 January 2008

Bizarre Glenn Beck Video Interview From Hospital Raises Eyebrows


Beck's Latest Oddity Leaves Us Baffled

*** NEW: O'Reilly Denies Shoving Match ***

Let us first get one thing out of the way: the media business is full of eccentrics. For the well- adjusted among us, the industry's inherent insanity just isn't very appealing.

For a certain mindset, however, the lure of the spotlight proves too much to overcome. The lion's share of broadcast professionals find ways to hide their rough edges, at least shielding them from the audience, if not the newsroom.

In a class of his own, unfortunately, is Glenn Beck. On the one hand, he's a nationally syndicated radio and cable television host, with a recent book that has sold well. He considers himself conservative, but his odd public behavior has long made some on the right nervous.

Here at the Radio Equalizer, we've long considered Beck a liability to the conservative movement and have endured angry comments and emails from his fans as a result. This site has wondered out loud why some on the right continue to defend him.

Until now, however, this debate has mostly flown under the radar. Without a front- burner reason to address the issue, many conservatives have simply chosen to pretend he doesn't exist. Lefties have pounded away, but it hasn't impacted his career one bit: he recently signed a fat renewal deal.

With the ill- considered release of a bizarre YouTube video, everything has now changed. Beck has instantly become a high- priority topic and conservatives must now decide what to do with him.

Featuring an unshaven Beck rambling away from a hospital bed, there for a procedure he refuses to reveal, the host talks about medical malpractice and how close he recently came to committing suicide.

So far, it has been viewed by nearly 300,000 people, more than generally tune into to his CNN:HN television news program.

Watch this freakshow for yourself, if you dare:

BECK: By Saturday night, if they would have come into the room with a handgun and said, 'okay we can give you some more medication or we can give you this handgun, and you can go ahead and blow your brains out' I would have honestly taken a handgun at that point and ended it.

Reaction has so far been predictable: liberals are ripping him, while conservatives tread lightly in public and exchange baffled emails in private.

That said, the right is overdue for a public debate on how to deal with Glenn Beck and his baggage. Because he presents a generally conservative viewpoint, Beck speaks for the movement, whether we like it or not. That means the potential for damage is real.

The easy out is to write off Beck's behavior as a series of publicity stunts. With some personalities, that might be the case, but not this guy: it's real.

Ignoring him isn't working anymore, so it's time for a new approach. Will conservatives prove as stubborn as their lefty counterparts?

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  • Sorry, but I like the guy. Period.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2008 09:13  

  • "For the well- adjusted among us..."

    Well-adjusted to what?

    And who are "us", at this point?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 05 January, 2008 12:34  

  • I guess the First Amendment only applies to people you agree THAT'S something that makes me nervous.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2008 14:21  

  • I guess you only like free speech in the First Amendment when you agree with what people that REALLY makes me nervous.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2008 14:26  

  • I love to read the comments of neocons and their reactions when one of the psychos they watch, read and listen to finally melts down. Maybe this is one of those things that comes in threes, and O'Reilly and Michael Savage will be next. I can only dream...

    By Blogger Chaoszen, at 05 January, 2008 15:14  

  • I like Beck too, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

    If he makes conservatives nervous, it's because he says what he thinks, and is not beholden to the Republican establishment. He speaks truth as he sees it; not conservative talking points.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2008 16:32  

  • Oh, yes--because bayonetting our wounded makes "The Conservative Movementâ„¢" all that much more attractive.

    For consistency's sake, I certainly hope you were calling for Rush's head when he was abusing painkillers.

    By Blogger DP, at 06 January, 2008 15:42  

  • I don't know what's more freakish - Beck's using YouTube to communicate this rather than his TV and radio shows, or the notion that the right has to "deal" with Beck. The right doesn't 'own' Beck, and they're not responsible for his every utterance.

    If the right is so worried that the left is going to use Beck as an example of all right-wingers, then the right had better grow a goddamned backbone. The left is the intolerant party that attacks its Liebermans. Is the right lowering itself to that pathetic standard?

    Brian, your continued attacks on Beck as a problem to the right are at least as bizarre as Beck's video. Maybe moreso. Find something of substance to write about. Beck's harmless in the scheme of things.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 January, 2008 19:04  

  • I stumbled upon your site, while Googling the G.Beck Utube segment I had partially seen on TV. As he mentions in his comments, the word COMPASSION comes to mind. . Jesus, at least he's not bumping off ex lovers re: WhiteWater. Have you ever experienced a life changing situation in the hospital? I have..and they covered it up within the first 5 minutes of reviving me. Give Glen a break for C-sake! What is with the younger generation? It seems their missing more than COMPASSION in their personality "traits". There are a lot more wack units out there besides Beck to pick on. Why don't you try that Politico who had a homosexual call-boy service out of his basement in Mass. Yet everyone claps, cheers and reveres this guy on the floor of Congress!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2008 11:02  

  • Glenn has an op-ed on CNN's site about the matter that you might want to read, Brian:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 January, 2008 13:07  

  • Brian Maloney is obviously a liberal piece of Brainless Malarkey - By the way, who gave YOU the right to free speech? Do you think you were just BORN with it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2008 09:28  

  • Ive been listening to Beck since his first airings in Tampa Bay years ago. I think he's the best thing running on the radio right now.

    Alot of times his info is speculative and almost gossip. However, the further up the food chain he has gotten the more accurate as well.

    Bottom line is this. The guy and his handlers KNOW how to run the web. They realize the potential for monster traffic via blogs and youtube. I mean come on. How many thousands more heard of him after the silly video he slapped together. How many more books did he sell. How many more viewers, listeners, detractors or followers did he create with a short little video.

    Anyway, like I said, I think the guy is very good. Listen for a week or so and love him or hate him, youre probably hooked!

    By Blogger, at 26 January, 2008 20:57  

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