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04 January 2008

Liberal Talk Host Cheers Irwin's Death, Supports Tiger Mauling


Libtalker Celebrates Fatal Attacks By Animals

For years, conservative talk show hosts have had their programs labeled "hate radio" by the mainstream media, often by elitists who rarely bother to listen.

Despite that, over the past several years, your Radio Equalizer has highlighted examples of bona fide vitriol and general weirdness coming straight from the mouths of their liberal talk radio counterparts.

Unfortunately, these unhinged moments from the "progressive" left rarely generate much publicity, even from conservatives who are often afraid of giving them "undue" publicity.

Regardless of one's perspective, the latest example of lefty hate- talk is so extreme, it's hard to ignore. This time, it's Air America Radio talker Lionel, who decided to have an unhinged meltdown over the boy mauled to death at the San Francisco Zoo.

Lionel, who sounds like Joe Pesci after sucking waaay too much helium, topped it off by delivering a rant against Steve Irwin, saying he was glad to see the cable nature entertainer stabbed to death by a stingray.

Here's a brief transcript, followed by a Radio Equalizer- created YouTube clip with the full quote:

LIONEL: Call me wacky, but hurray for the tiger that killed the kid who was... taunting him. Now, I know this is not right... but let's hear it for the wild... I loathe zoos. I'm still cheering the fact that some stingray whacked that Aussie pain in the ass Steve Irwin.

At NewsBusters, Tim Graham also noticed Lionel's meltdown and points to the libtalker's own blog, where the statement has actually been reaffirmed.

Lest you think support for the tiger begins and ends with Lionel, keep in mind that memorials for the animal have already been held in San Francisco, in addition to an ongoing vigil at the zoo's entrance. Considering the extremist mindset in the Bay Area, the temptation to support beast over man will almost always prevail. Local and national media reports consider public sentiment to be mixed.

Even more interesting is that Lionel isn't the first liberal to lose his marbles over Steve Irwin (of all people). In 2006, liberal Hollywood- schmoozing runt Bill Maher showed up as an Irwin- style stingray stabbing victim at a Halloween event.

Why do supposedly peace- loving "progressives" harbor so much anger? It sure seems to spill out of them at the strangest moments, doesn't it?

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  • Brian

    The act has grown stale. libs, libs libs, breaking everything into liberal -vs- conservative. In your twisted world only the "liberal' would empthazize with the tiger more than the kids who died. BAD news, many on the right would feel the same way, morons get whats comming to them. Use a slingshot a tiger, expect to get hurt. Not only "liberals" feel bad for the tiger. This is far from a liberal-conservatie issue. GROW UP Brian. Many animal lovers are Conservative, many Christians, would emthazie with the Tiger, over the sling shot wielding drunk teenagers.......

    Lionel is far from a "progressive", he is a comedian basically, a comedian with a good vocabulary and law background. Hardly a voice for the "left"

    Brian is diverting the real issues, Rush conservatism is DEAD, Reaganism is DEAD. Look at who the GOP is picking as their front runner, an economic populist, Mike Huckabee. He is talking about Globalism and FAIR trade, and monopoly busting. Huckabee also used the term plutocracy, in a negative light. Huckabee warned against the worship of wealth and power, he appears to be a populist, not the modern day Reagan profits-over-people conservative.

    Huckabee is not gaining popularity simply because of the Christian posing. His message of economic populism, people-over-free trade is working. Unfortunatly, Huckabee is not too bright on world affairs but

    the message is CLAER.

    Conservatism the limbasugh way is dead. America is rejecting profits-over-people, rejecting globalism, rejecting corperations over people.

    I in no way support Huck, just something that MUST be pointed out. Reaganism is dead, the free market as the solution to everything is no longer the ticket. populaism is back, Huckabee is what paleo-cons would call slightly "lib lib lib"

    The left has officially risen, the Republicans top choice is a fairly progressive-christian. how strange.

    I guess conservatism no longer owns Christianity as a selling point. Huckabee has several points in common with someone like Paul or Kucinich, anti-globalist, and not a member of the C.F.A

    Brain, politics has grown to complex, it is out of your league at this point. No longer is it lib -vs- con, it is about common ground. I agree with around 25% of what Huckabee has to say, maybe 40% of what Ron paul has to say and Im a member of the Green party.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 January, 2008 14:44  

  • Easy - these people are the most awful sort of hypocrites. Lionel is looking for attention, as well. The fact that no one really noticed any of this indicates just how little this man matters to...well...anyone. Why? One reason is that no one is listening. It is hard to imagine Air America having lower ratings than what it has here in New York, and it is not doing well at all in the rest of the country.

    What happened to the new owner of AAR? Where are the plans for making this a viable enterprise? I thought there were going to be big changes. What happened?

    Unfortunately, the creators of AAR, and its new buyers never took into account that are up against subsidized competition in progressive radio - NPR and Pacifica - both supported by massive taxpayer funding.

    Talk about hypocrites - Pacifica - couldn't operate without taxpayer funding from the same US government that it spends all its time knocking. Maybe Pacifica should put their money where their mouth is and refuse governmental subsidies. (yeah, right!)

    But, then again, it really is about money, and NOTHING but money, and not just at Pacifica. I recall reading how nervous the folks at NPR were when Air America started up. A case of the desire for cash trumping ideology!

    In fact, how about some stories focusing on Pacifica? You should check out the standard CPB grant conditions which include requirements for "balance" under TWO statutes in CPB's enabling legislation. Can there possibly anything more unbalanced than Pacifica, which has recieved tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsides, while not even paying lip service to balance requirments, spending all its time essentially biting the hand that feeds it.

    On the other hand, at least Pacifica is open about its bias - as opposed to the phony patina of objectivity at NPR.

    Sorry for getting off topic. When AAR started up I think there was an expectation that its wouldn't do as well as conservative radio, but few predicted ratings like this. Oddly enough, it is AAR that shold be protesting the subsidies given to its two competitors in progressive radio. After all, AAR would be the biggest beneficiary of an end to public subsidies to NPR and Pacifica.

    Fat chance!

    By Blogger ENDITALL, at 04 January, 2008 14:47  

  • I will admit that if those victims were stupid enough to throw things at these tigers or taunt them in any way, then my sympathy for them drops into the abyss. But "cheering" for the tigers?!? Unhinged. And what he said about Steve Irwin is totally evil. This is "pinhead" material for Bill O'Reilly, as far as I'm concerned.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 January, 2008 17:57  

  • John Gibson just said the same thing as Lionel on his TV show. Unbelievable.

    Gibson said Mark Gerregos had "loser clients who were taunting the tigers, and got what they deserved."

    This isn't liberal or conservative. It's just plain wrong. Lionel and Gibson should both be ashamed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 January, 2008 18:00  

  • The Green party what a laugh.

    By Blogger pf1, at 06 January, 2008 07:49  

  • OK, Lionel - you're wacky

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2008 16:26  

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