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28 January 2008

Libtalkers At War Over Hillary Clinton


Libtalkers Fight Over Clinton, 'Principle'

Just as leftists across the country are split between support for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, liberal talk radio is also finding itself at sixes and sevens over the presidential primaries.

In the earlier days of "progressive" talk, such conflicts were swept under the rug in order to present a united front against the medium's conservative dominance. But as Air America co- founder- turned NovaM honcho Sheldon Drobny has made clear, that's no longer the case.

Writing at Arianna Huffington's own site, Drobny takes her to task for perceived ideological weaknesses:

I have reviewed past articles written by Ariana about Hillary. I have also listened to Maher over the past year. Both have been very critical of the Clintons. I watched Bill Maher tonight and could not believe that Bill actually defended the Clintons' tactics. I also watched Mark Green on Hardball pretending he was neutral about the Clintons and at the same time defending them. Now let's connect the dots.

Hillary will not appear on any liberal radio shows other than Air America Radio (AAR the network that I started). Both Bill and Hillary get lots of money from the Billionaire Green family. In return the Clintons have helped AAR post bankruptcy.

Almost a year ago I asked Ariana if she would do a show on our Nova Radio Network. She refused and decided to do a show with Mark Green, the CEO of AAR. Ariana and Bill Maher are very close friends. It appears that the rich and famous liberal elites have put fame and fortune ahead of principle.

I recently wrote a piece praising Hillary on the Huffpo (check my archives). After the South Carolina debacle I have changed my opinion. Any objective core Democrat with a conscience has been turned off by the Clintons in SC including former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich who was in the Clinton Administration. Ariana and Maher have some explaining to do.

Rather than "explaining" the situation, Arianna's probably more likely to send him packing from her site. His mistake was in believing he'd become part of the liberal elite. They were happy taking his money for awhile, but no longer have any use for Sheldon Drobny.

Aside from that, Air America is the stronger libtalk network, at least for now, so NovaM has little chance of winning this Tug-O-Hill.

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  • If Arianna boots Drobny off her website, it will be the only decent thing she has ever done on Huffpo (which sank to the level of Democratic Underground ages ago).

    Hey, do you think Hillary will be stupid enough to let herself be interviewed by Randi Rhodes? Oh, that would be a hoot. The Republicans could then point out that Hillary was interviewed by a talk show host who a) fantasized about performing a Monica on Billybob on Air Force One, and b) told kill-Bush jokes on the air.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 January, 2008 22:26  

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