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28 March 2008

No Chance Of Voter Fraud Charges Against Limbaugh


No Chance Of Ohio Prosecution, Even Rush Disappointed!

Even if they knew it would be a longshot, there must be some disappointment with the announcement that Rush Limbaugh will not be prosecuted for voter fraud in Ohio. So much for the left's biggest fantasy.

That's the word from the Buckeye State, where officials delivered the news wrapped in a partisan Democrat message:

Limbaugh safe from voter-fraud charges

Radio host encouraged fans to vote Democratic

By Mark Niquette

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has been telling his audience for days now that he could be indicted for encouraging Ohio Republicans to take a Democratic ballot in the March 4 primary in what he calls "Operation Chaos."

Could that actually happen?

Not likely, Ohio officials say.

"We have no intention of prosecuting Rush Limbaugh because lying through your teeth and being stupid isn't a crime," said Leo Jennings, a spokesman for Democratic Attorney General Marc Dann.

When asked whether she has concerns about what Limbaugh did, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, replied, "I think it's very bad form, but I think most voters are intelligent enough to make their own decisions."

Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states holding presidential primaries is designed to help presumptive Republican nominee John McCain win the Nov. 4 election.

Here, the Columbus Dispatch goes into further detail about Ohio's complex system of election laws.

While you might imagine Limbaugh himself would be relieved to hear the news, he actually expressed disappointment on today's show, saying he was hoping to be arrested. Obviously looking for a free speech showdown, Rush listed several reasons why any such prosecution would be both unreasonable and unconstitutional.

Nonetheless, the publicity this received is bound to further boost Limbaugh's program during an already white- hot election year. Don't expect him to give up Operation Chaos anytime soon.

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  • Liberal talk-show Ed Schultz was a guest on the O'Reilly show last night. He admitted that Limbaugh is an entertaining guy and noted that election laws in Ohio are pretty vague.

    Host John Kasich praised Limbaugh for being the "greatest tweaker of all times" and Schultz grudgingly but honestly agreed.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 28 March, 2008 21:05  

  • Next to Alan Colmes, who is permanently tainted with his second banana status sitting every night next to Hannity, Ed Schultz seems to be the most coherent liberal non-politician out there. I am amazed he is not cited more often.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 29 March, 2008 09:42  

  • "....Ed Schultz seems to be the most coherent liberal non-politician out there...."

    That's only because he's targeted to your own narrow demographic.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 30 March, 2008 08:30  

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