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28 March 2008

Left, Right Attack Hannity Over Alleged Supremacist Ties


Supremacist Teases Hannity "Friendship" For Fun And Profit

A kooky white supremacist apparently in need of quick cash is ready to spill the beans on his supposed "friendship" with talker Sean Hannity- but only if the price is right.

And in an odd twist, it's not just the usual gang of liberal suspects eating this up, even a few conservatives have taken the bait.

Hal Turner, a former shortwave radio host who once allegedly threatened to assassinate a substantial number of elected representatives in Congress, is peddling what he claims are tapes of conversations with Hannity that occurred years ago. Opening bid for the recordings is $100,000, with all rights to the material available as well for $250,000:



Since more than 100,000 of you read the story on Huffington Post about me being friendly with Hannity years ago, I made an offer on my radio show tonight:

I will release to the public, all the tape recordings I have between me and Sean Hannity both on and off the air IF, by April 15, 2008, those 100,000 readers of Huffington Post send me one dollar (or more) each until such time as I receive One-Hundred-Thousand Dollars ($100,000.) AND the deadline for the money arriving is April 15. If I receive the $100K by April 15, I will release via tape, CD and download from this site, all the "dicey" conversations we had. If I do not receive at least $100,000, by April 15, I will not release the tapes.

I will not speculate or make any representations about what is on those tapes, but suffice it to say I think there is material on them that you will find VERY useful!

In addition to the offer above, I am willing to SELL the tapes, complete ownership of their content and all broadcast rights forever to anyone willing to buy them for two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000).

If there is a conflit between the $100,000 coming and and the $250,000, I agree to REFUND the $100K less postage to whoever donates.

I am willing top post a LIST OF ALL DONATIONS citing only the amount, form of payment and postmark so all of you can see each day how much comes in. Complete transparency!

That's the offer. Those of you who hate Sean Hannity have a chance to pony-up. Those of you who want to conceal these tapes forever also have a chance to buy them.

WIth regard to the legality of the tapes, I live in New Jersey and under our law, it is LEGAL to record telephone conversations if one party to the call allows it. Since I was one party to each call, I authorized it and so the tapes are legal.

Funny enough, Turner's clear monetary motives haven't stopped both liberal FOX News foes and even a few conservatives from taking the bait. And in a sign the story has grown beyond the blogosphere, it has been referenced in CNN's campaign coverage.

Conservative pundit Debbie Schlussel used the flap to accuse Hannity of "stealing" her work and otherwise slam the Hannity & Colmes host:

Why is Sean Hannity lying about his close relationship with a Neo-Nazi who openly proclaims his desire to exterminate and eradicate all Blacks and Jews from the planet?

Last year, when conservative bloggers all over the Internet--especially those Hannity regularly plagiarizes (including me, here and here)--and on the airwaves were denouncing Ron Paul for accepting a campaign contribution from a self-avowed Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist, one commentator was notably silent: Sean Hannity, himself.

Interestingly, the accusations against Hannity aren't new: they were first raised several years ago in a piece by Max Blumenthal for The Nation, a leftist publication. And the Huffington Post, which has done much to push the story this time, has previously used Turner to smear conservatives as a whole.

So why is this being dredged up now? There are two obvious reasons: Turner's looking for income and for the left, portraying Hannity as a racist takes attention away from Obama and his hatemongering pastor. Why anyone on the right would fall for this is a true mystery.

As to the "evidence", it's all theoretical until Turner coughs up his tapes. And it certainly isn't unusual for talk hosts to have kooky regular callers.

Turner was a carryover from previous WABC programming and if Hannity found him entertaining enough, it's possible to believe he would have been given the studio hotline number. But that's a far cry from an "association" or "friendship" with the host in question.

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  • It appears that there may be
    some meat to the Turner claim.
    Sean may be in for a rough time
    if any of the Turner claims
    are true.
    For myself, I find Sean Hannity
    is full of himself. He is rude
    and has become a total bore
    since going national.

    By Anonymous phillip NYC, at 28 March, 2008 05:51  

  • What a strange world. Rats make money by offering to be rats.

    By Blogger Dr.John, at 28 March, 2008 09:10  

  • Not only is he a pompus, ignoarant, community college hack, Hannity is also a nazi!!!! Nice!!!! I guess his orthodox Jewish listeners are going bye bye bye!!!!!

    I hope Turner puts out the tapes, ohhh but soon. A disgraced Hannity, Im giggling eith glee already

    one by one it is time to purge the airwaves of the enemy, the fake conservative that suppors the GOP.

    Turner... usher in the end of an error!

    the smirks are being wiped off the wing nuts faces, one stinkin con at a time

    so pompus
    so vile
    so yesterday

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 28 March, 2008 15:08  

  • MiniProp:

    Well, send your dollars in and see what you get.

    I wonder if Geraldo Riviera is also excited about this possible situation: It may make his
    What's-in-Al-Capone's-vault? disaster only the second-most disappointing revelation of modern times.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 29 March, 2008 10:08  

  • "Al Capone's vault..."

    Good one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 March, 2008 23:11  

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