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26 April 2008

Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) Pushes Anti-Rush 'Reprimand'


Tactics Echo Previous Anti-Limbaugh Effort

Apparently having learned nothing from the now- infamous "Phony Soldiers" flap involving Rush Limbaugh, Democrats are hard at work repeating the same mistake just as a new controversy heats up.

Following the lead of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who famously tried last year to pressure Clear Channel Radio into silencing Limbaugh, Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) is pushing Rush affiliate KOA 850 AM to "reprimand" the talk titan after supposedly calling for riots during the upcoming Democrat convention.

But Rush was actually pointing to threats made by extreme- left groups, including "Recreate '68", which seeks to repeat the historic events of the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago. Most antique media reports are failing to mention this.

From the Denver Post (disclosure: your Radio Equalizer worked for KOA Director Kris Olinger at KIRO/ Seattle):

"As I read Mr. Limbaugh's comments about riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, they appear to me to be a clear exhortation that those riots are exactly what he wants to happen," said Salazar. "For that kind of incendiary comment, I ask Clear Channel to reprimand Mr. Limbaugh."

Kris Olinger, director of AM programming for Clear Channel Denver, said that Limbaugh is syndicated by Premiere Radio Network , the syndication arm of Clear Channel.

"We passed the letter along to Premiere," said Olinger. "They obviously are going to take Senator Salazar's comments and consider them."

But Olinger added that from a local Clear Channel viewpoint, "we believe Rush is not calling for riots in Denver."

Olinger said she was not surprised to receive a letter from a U.S. Senator over Limbaugh's comments.

"We certainly expected strong reaction from the leadership," said Olinger. "No, we weren't surprised."

She added that she didn't believe Salazar has heard or read the full transcript of Limbaugh's comments.

She said the conservative talk-show host again talked about it today on his show.

Limbaugh reiterated he is not calling for riots, she said. Rather, he said that if the extreme left of the Democratic party creates riots and unrest in Denver during the convention, it will be bad for the Democrats and good for the Republicans, Olinger said.

Does anyone think Harry Reid would be stupid enough to repeat his ill- fated denunciation of Limbaugh from the Senate floor?

Meanwhile, both Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews of ratings- challenged MSNBC attempted to go to town with the idea that Rush was looking to start a riot in Denver, twisting and taking words out of context as needed for maximum propaganda purposes:


Friday April 25, 2008



Limbaugh Loses It

KEITH OLBERMANN: Dumb man yells fire in crowded theater. Comedian Rush Limbaugh also denies he ever said it, ever urged that people riot during the Democratic convention in Denver this August.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Burning cars, protests, fires, literal riots and all of that. That's the objective here.

OLBERMANN: Could Limbaugh be prosecuted for incitement to riot?

[the "also" refers to previous story on McCain denying something he said about New Orleans]



CHRIS MATTHEWS: Rush would love to see a riot. It may come as little surprise, radio host Rush Limbaugh is daylight dreaming of a fight at the Democratic National Convention this August in Denver. Riots, he said, would ensure the country turns off the Democrats. Here he is.

AUDIO OF LIMBAUGH: We need as many ignorant Americans to wake up and find out exactly who the modern day Democrat Party is as dominated by the far left if this country. We need that to be seen. Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots. I'm dreaming. [to I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas melody:] I'm dreaming of a riot in Denver.

MATTHEWS: I love that, I'm dreaming of a wild August in Denver. Rush Limbaugh: what a romantic.

At NewsBusters, Mark Finkelstein has more on Olbermann's typically reckless approach to journalism, stretching and contorting the words of his political opponents.

Though it's not a surprise to see his enemies take advantage of what they believe is an opportunity to harm El Rushbo, one would have expected a new strategy. If "Phony Soldiers" didn't bring down Limbaugh, why would this?

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  • You half-wit! Rush's own audience even thought this was bad. Take a long close look at Rush's bs, compare it Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy, and you got nothin! To twist this and say he just citing Recreate '68 is a stretch. I will leave your crap to be dealt with by Malmo Blue

    By Blogger giles29, at 26 April, 2008 03:26  

  • Brian, it looks like you are right. This story has no legs. The extreme left is starting to get gun shy due to their frequent lame attacks that just backfire in their face.

    Ned Lamonts pathetic loss to Senator Joe Lieberman.'s anti-American General Betray Us ad

    Harry Reid's attempt to censor Rush which resulted in a PR win for the Limbaugh network.

    Nancy Pelosi's secret gas price reduction program that she is still hiding.

    The Air America Attack Vehicle which continues to die the death of a thousand cuts.

    and on, and on, and on.

    By the way, unless Clinton withdraws, I believe there will be riots in Denver. And the fault can be layed directly on the DNC with their ridiculous primary rules.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 26 April, 2008 19:12  

  • I gotta say, it did sound pretty bad. He was even singing it to "White Christmas". He was talking about black people rioting humming White Christmas. My dad was pissed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 April, 2008 01:20  

  • Obviously we have a couple of real clueless people here by the names of giles29 and anon @ 27 April, 2008 01:20...

    Hey anon tell your dad to pull his head out what passes for news and get with the program...

    How come these two didn't see fit to mention how others like Sharpton and the rest of the race pimps had already called for riots in the streets of Denver if Hussein the Inane didn't get the nod from the DemoRats?

    This following article ought to make the rest of the Rush haters wet themselves...

    From the San FranSico Chronicle: Limbaugh seeks to sow chaos in Democrats' race

    Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer

    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's crucial Pennsylvania primary victory last week came with the help of a patchwork of political support: working-class voters, seniors, white men, Catholics, women and - maybe even the Great Satan.

    Rush Limbaugh may be his real name, but to millions of Democratic grassroots voters, especially on the left, the conservative icon who's been called the most influential radio broadcaster in America reigns as the political Prince of Darkness.
    (there is more)

    Funny but I don't that clown Salazar (as dim-witted a Dem as could ever wish for) hasn't pushed for that same reprimand on the ORIGINAL callers for havoc in the streets of Denver?

    By Blogger juandos, at 28 April, 2008 15:04  

  • Because I was feeling far-too-good for a Monday afternoon, I decided to tune in AirAmerica's NYC flagship on my way home yesterday afternoon. That their signal fades as I reach the interstate is sort of a dead-man's lever for me before I hot a bridge abutment.

    Regardless, their guest host yesterday was the duo of Rosanne Barr and Johnny Argent (and of the two, only Mr. Argent has any apparent broadcast experience). During the 40 or so minutes I listened, Ms. Barr repeatedly called on their listener - er, listeners - to protest the convention, to bring about the kid of reaction like the convention of 1968. She even said she'd contribute money to such a cause.

    So for anyone to castigate Mr. Limbaugh and not AAR, the bias speaks for itself.

    By Blogger Charlie on the PA Turnpike, at 29 April, 2008 08:27  

  • Juandos

    You are so full of yourself, it is astonishing. Why are you so pompus, you listen to a drug addled former rock-n-roll D.J turned political guru for political insight! Immediatly, you ae disqualified from any conversation requiring knowledge and intellect. Your a ditto-head, which means in plain english, you are no longer capable of thought, reason and no longer have the ability to decipher reality from Limbaugh. You live a delusional, insane world where a media that has covered Rev. Wright for 6 weeks non-stop is somehow "liberal". You are not a man of substance, ideas or intellect, your a MORON. Your a ditto-head, you let a FLUNKIE without the years of study and reading required to understand politics to educate you? Do you grasp how ignorant you are? you have NO right to tell Anon's father or anyone else to "pull their head out of their ass", your head is up Rush's ass so badly, your face is smeared with exrement.

    and Sharpton tolds people to riot? Fascinating, considering I hear his lousy radio show and he is not calling for riots. Some fringe group with a web-site is calling for riots, nobody else, and who do they represent... a few sheep(Obama supporters) who actually think their is a difference between the 3 candidates. All 3 are identical ideologically. Juan, I studied poli-sci, I have a Master's degree, when I tell you all 3 are the same, I have the qualifications to make this declaration. Qualifications in poli-sci does not get you a radio show though, radio will never allow a person like me to spell it out for you on the air (because the media is oohhh so liberal)

    Juan, crawl back into your sick parallel universe, fueled by a D.J flunkie who does not even have a matriculated credit in political science. Juan you are a DITTO HEAD, the intelectual community thinks of you as a RETARD. Time for you to gwet with the program, tuern off the radio and become a human beign again. The days of division are OVER. Limbaugh has tried to divide us, but we are all united againsat ditto-heads, most Republicans I know, get enraged at the sound of his voice, just like everyone else. He does not think for most Republicans and does not speak for most Americans. your a pompus sheep, stuck in 1994, bad news ditto used to have 30 million listeners in 1996, today he has 14 million. Republicans, Democrats, independents, and all in between are rejecting the flunkie with a microphone.

    Juan, keep repeating "lib lmedia" as the media goes into their 7th week of wall to wall Rev. Wright!! YES!! Liberal media!!! A liberal media that turned a preacher;s views into the only news for the last 7 weeks. You really have your head up your ass. If I was not a man of peace, I would love to knock every tooth out of your face, your arrogant, trying to divide America, pompus but so so so ignorant.

    Brian has an excuse, he is trying to break back into radio, and his strategy is to kiss Rush's ass, What is your excuse? Your a drooling idiot.

    "liberal media" the biggest Goebells-like myth scince "the Jews blew up the reichstag building". You are no different from a Hitler youth, you repeat hte blatent lies "lib media" as if it is actually true. Your not a nazi, but you are de-programmed and tricked like a Hitler Youth, nazi follower.

    I bet this all went over your inferior brain. youre intelectually inferior at this point now, Limbaugh rotted your brain.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 29 April, 2008 11:42  

  • Hmmm, a degree in Political Science? A Masters at that? And still can't see the difference between socialism, engineered racial bias, and national security.

    I dislike all the candidates, but know the difference between
    Hillary "Womb-to-the-Tomb" Clinton -- Socialist
    Barack "I-Hate-My-Country" Obama -- Socialist, Racial Elitist
    John "POW" McCain -- Liberal Republicrat

    I don't have any degree. I'm a community college drop-out. But I have read nearly 200 non-fiction books in the last 10 years including 46 political and historical tomes. I surmise from his candor and clarity that Mr. Limbaugh is similarly self-educated. A degree means you sat in a chair for 4-6 years, not that you actually learned anything.

    "intelectually" is spelled intellectually

    "You are" is contracted as "you're" not "your"

    There is a difference between commas and semi-colons, and occasionally a conjunction and a colon are more appropriate.

    Limbaugh's Arbitron ratings declining in 2006 to 13.6 Million individual, unduplicated listeners each week is more a reflection of other audio mediums than of his popularity.

    Remember, I don't have a degree. I have a mind and a spell checker.

    By Blogger Luke, at 30 April, 2008 21:25  

  • Good comments Luke. You came up with some very appropriate nick names for the candidates.

    Dr. Mopman likes to brag about his Brooklyn University education. Actually he still lives in his family's basement and brags about his father's 6 figure income.

    It is obvious they had some financial problems at his school and cut some corners when they taught English grammar and spelling.

    pompus should be pompous
    immediatly should be immediately
    english should be English
    exrement should be excrement
    tolds people to riot should be told people to riot
    intelectual should be intellectual
    beign should be being
    scince should be since
    blatent should be blatant
    youre should be your

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 01 May, 2008 10:19  

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