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21 April 2008

Tony Snow Joins CNN, Leaves FOX


What Will Tony Face At CNN?


Stepping way out of his comfort zone, former White House Press Secretary and former syndicated radio talk host Tony Snow will join CNN as a commentator, the network announced today.

That has lefties on the Internet seeing red, while conservatives have expressed surprise that Snow would leave behind his longtime association with the FOX News Channel for what could be a hostile newsroom environment.

(Snow photoshop by David A Lunde)

Just 10 days ago, your Radio Equalizer saw Snow at a political event in Washington and asked him about his future broadcast plans. He said that he expected to fill in for Bill O'Reilly a number of times in the coming months, but indicated nothing regarding moving to CNN.

The sudden switch had some wondering whether Snow, a cancer survivor, was no longer on friendly terms with FOX. But at the Politico, Michael Calderone says he simply took the best offer presented to him:

Despite joining CNN today, Tony Snow said he still has affection for his former colleagues at Fox News, where he worked prior to his stint as President Bush's press secretary

"Make no mistake, I love the folks at Fox," Snow told me this afternoon, by phone from Spokane, Washington.

"Everybody is going to try and create a Fox and CNN narrative out of this," said Snow, who also mentioned that he "love[s]" Fox News chief Roger Ailes and would "walk over broken glass" for Bill O'Reilly.

It's not out of the ordinary to bring up the Fox/CNN rivalry, given that Fox News, from its launch just over a decade ago, has been battling the cable news network. A caustic relationship, Ailes has even posed the question of why CNN hates America.

But even with the move to CNN, Snow maintains at least one Fox affiliation: He will continue hosting O'Reilly's radio show on Fridays.

The reason Tony can continue to fill in for O'Reilly on the radio is because The Radio Factor is syndicated by Westwood One and unaffiliated with the FOX News Channel. Politico is incorrect on that point.

Apparently, Snow did some work at CNN many years ago. But your Radio Equalizer believes the partisan environment there today could make his job more difficult than he may expect. It probably won't take him long to realize he isn't in Kansas anymore.

UPDATE: Snow has been taken to a Spokane hospital for treatment. Incidently, when your Radio Equalizer saw Snow at the Washington event, he came across as healthy and vibrant. Let's hope he gets well soon.

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  • He's not dead YET?? :)

    Brian, your concept of "partisan" is laughable. If anything, CNN would be the LEAST "partisan" of all the cable news networks.

    Fox has been on the decline and I somehow don't see Snow at MSNBC, so what's the most logical alternative?

    Do YOU "partisans" fear you might, one day, need to come out of the regressive media ghetto you have created for yourselves, and actually place yourselves into an environment where you'd be expected to function with some level of journalistic integrity?

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 21 April, 2008 21:17  

  • Snow did some work at CNN many years ago. But your Radio Equalizer believes the partisan environment there today could make his job more difficult than he may expect.

    Snow was Presidential Press Secretary with the likes of Helen Thomas in front of him daily with her loaded questions.

    I think anything at CNN will be more civilized than that, and that Tony will handle it well.

    A question, though: Does CNN label any of their commentators "liberal" or "progressive" or "from the left"? Back in the days of the Crossfire show they did. How about now?

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 22 April, 2008 13:05  

  • CNN can't say anyone is "from the left", because everyone on CNN is campaigning for the GOP and apologising for Bush. CNN is about as liberal as the National Review

    Snow would be fine on CNN, they could pair him with their multimillion dollar earning host with 3 viewers: Glen Beck and circle jerk each other recitng RNC talking points about "Rev Wright" and "ethanol causing the food inflation". Give me a break. CNN is the conservativve News Network as is FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBS (minus 1 hour of Olberman)

    Missouri, you should be HAPPY Helen Thomas is a PATRIOT and questions our leaders, NEWSFLASH, this is what JOURNALISM is supoosed to be, QUESTION THE LEADERS, INVESTIGATE and REPORT. Missouri, you should get on your knees and thank Helen Thomas for being one of the few, to be patriotic enough to question leadership. I supose Missori thinks a journalists job is to ask soft ball questions, patronise the politican, and fram the questions in a simple matter, so they can answer in a soundbyte and not be challanged or be honest. Why do you cons hate journalism when a republican is in charge? I love the double standard. Helen Thomas is BAD, but when the entire press corps attacked Clinton for 8 years (which they rightfully should) all was fine.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 24 April, 2008 12:58  

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