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23 May 2008

Lefties Once Again Fall Right Into Savage's Trap


Media Matters Again Takes Talk Host's Bait




Having failed to in any way damage his radio program, Media Matters has foolishly taken Michael Savage's bait for the second time in a single week. And the OUTRAGE (!!!) machine is in overdrive.

Though you'd think they might move on to something more productive, the Soros-backed "gotcha" gang has once again highlighted Savage's use of "California Über Alles" by the Dead Kennedys.

This time, Savage has made it clear it is all about egging- on the left. In fact, he actually makes a reference to Media Matters during the monologue, but they fell for it anyway.

Compounding the error is how they've inadvertently called attention to one of the more coherent points we've heard from him in some time. Take a look:

SAVAGE: Who is the real Ted Kennedy? The real Ted Kennedy? Well, the leftist media in this nation has erupted in praise of Ted Kennedy. Democrats praise him. Republicans praise him. Liberals praise him. Conservatives praise him. But simply because a man has a serious health problem, does that mean that all criticism must stop? Permanently, his legacy must be rewritten?

Does a man who spent his entire political life destroying the fundamental tenets of American morality become miraculously rehabilitated, simply because he entered the hospital? Do so-called conservatives stop being conservative because of a medical diagnosis?

No, and yet it seems that the Republicans in Congress have forgotten what Ted Kennedy has done to our borders. Too many false conservative commentators have forgotten what Ted Kennedy has done to our language. Too many fawning media lackeys have forgotten what Ted Kennedy has succeeded in doing in nearly destroying our culture.

We cannot forget that he opened the borders as early as 1965, lying to the American people saying it would not change the demographics of America. We cannot forget that the lion of the left voted to destroy the flag and destroy traditional marriage. We cannot forget that, in spite of his illness, he has voted for late-term abortion, i.e. infanticide.

We cannot forget that he voted no on a constitutional ban on flag desecration; that Kennedy voted no on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage; that Kennedy voted yes on adding sexual orientation to the definition of hate crimes; that Kennedy voted no on banning affirmative action hiring with federal funds; that Kennedy voted yes on allowing illegals to participate in Social Security.

Regardless of how one might feel about Savage, that's a terrific talk radio topic: should a career politician's past sins be cleansed because of a cancer diagnosis? Kennedy killed a young woman with his car. Has that now been erased from history?

Certainly, tactful boundaries ought to exist when it comes to discussion of a US Senator with cancer. Between the mainstream media lionization of Kennedy and talk radio's new fear of even mentioning his name, however, Savage's points deserve urgent public attention.

The fact that Media Matters chose to highlight this underscores their real agenda: suppression of all viewpoints other than their own.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 18:23  

  • Savage is the master.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 18:25  

  • God Bless Michael Savage, The only talkshow host with the guts to speak the truth. The truth may not set you free, in fact it may make you miserable, but atleast you won't be lead to slaughter ignorant like the rest of the sheeple. John in Iowa

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 18:41  

  • "The fact that Media Matters chose to highlight this underscores their real agenda: suppression of all viewpoints other than their own."

    What utter bullcrap. Do you believe what you write? MM just points out the liars, haters, and hypocrites of the Right Wing - which is why Michael Weiner hates them so.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 18:42  

  • As far as Mary Jo Kopechni and her family go, Teddy's brain CA came about 40 years too late.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 19:19  

  • lol, although you may not agree with Michael Savage he is the only one in the media with the balls to keep things in perspective during an emotional time. The difference is simple - he is not owned by anyone. Even so called conservatives O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh (the leprechaun, the wall banger and the golfer, respectively) don't have the ability to tell it like is.
    God Bless Michael Savage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 19:27  

  • Media Matters is run by self-hating leftist sodomites and is basically a front group for the radical homosexual agenda. This is common knowledge to any sentient being who follows the media. Just look up the squalid perverted history of David Brock.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 19:49  

  • I have not heard the good doctor in quite some time since the station that carried him jumped ship and became one more of the countless "Tejano" stations out here. In either case I observed the comment from someone trying to defend "MM" and label the doctor as being hateful and the like. Classic move from the play book of the left. No surprise though given than most on the lefty do not subscribe to this thing we call "Morals". No values or anything on that side. Well maybe that's taking it a bit far. How's this. " Distortion of Values?" Sound better? Amount to the same thing in the end. At least the Doctor actually has a position and stand by to defend it. Why should we care about the views of those who have no guts to take a stand in something and defend it? Why should we even bother to give the time of day to those who belief in nothing? Doctor Savage. Keep kicking butt and taking names. They attack you because you shine the light of truth on them and they are ashamed of themselves.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 19:57  

  • That's what I LOVE about Dr. Savage!
    He's the ONLY ONE who has the stones to tell it like he sees it!
    Why should THE SWIMMER get a pass on all of his past injustices to thsoe around him AND his country?
    We've needed term limits for a LONG time now...unfortunately for TK he's looking at the ultimate "term limit". Now we can only HOPE that senator Byrd is not too far behind!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 20:02  

  • When the news about Kennedy came out, I looked at the internet comments. Dr. Savage is the only one to publically say what the real American taxpayers think. There were 420 comments at that time-99percent mentioned Kennedys voting record and the rest were yelling back saying that no one should critize him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 20:50  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 21:06  

  • Michel Savage is our voice. God Bless Him. He sais the things I think, and anwers questions that I have. The fact is that I have not had any use for Ted Kennidy since he killed Mary jo Kopechi at Chapaquidic. (forgive my spelling). That was Ted's diffining moment. He showed the world what he was made of. The Wrong Stuff. I have never understood why he has gotten re-elited all these years. As far as Media Matters I belive they have been outed for the slim balls that they are.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 21:56  

  • FUNNY Media Matters can post negative conservative posts but when a conservative gives them a taste of their medicine-your banned from ever posting

    By Blogger neodog, at 23 May, 2008 22:12  

  • Michael Savage is a breath of fresh air. I am so tired of listening to the mainstream media and their distorted viewpoints, which is totally out of touch with reality, and most Americans. I think Michael is one of the great philosophers of our time, and I applaud his ability to express his viewpoints in such a succinct and creative manner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 23:09  

  • Dr. Savage is the embodiment of the true American. May he live and speak forever. (And he will, my lefty comrades, because there are indeed many like him. You know him and single him out because you hear his voice on the radio and see his name in book stores, but he is just one of many. You cannot TAKE HIM DOWN because he is ONE of MANY. WE ARE LEGION, WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE FREE and you are not. You would know this if you bothered to listen to your fellow neighbors.

    By Blogger alexxxbond, at 23 May, 2008 23:39  

  • At least we know now why Ted Kennedy has been voting that way all of these years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 00:19  

  • God Bless you Michael Savage.I wish all men were like you.Your smart,honest and a good human being.I feel Ted Kennedy is getting what he deserves. Melodie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 00:45  

  • We ALL know the truth: DR. SAVAGE IS RIGHT. These ignorant lowlife degenerates from Media Matters even know the truth, but are either to stupid, blind, or hard of hearing to actually know what the good doctor is talking about; due to the fact that they take Michael's words out of context. Is this a surprise though? Do any of these troglodytes actually listen to the Savage Nation? I mean REALLY LISTEN? And all I have to say to good ‘ol Rory O’Connor is “why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier?” We NEED more patriots like Dr. Michael Savage; otherwise this country is in a “world of hurt.” I pull out my Paul Revere Society card that I got in 2003, on a regular basis, to remind me why this country is worth saving; remind me who Michael Savage is. The good Dr. is a teacher, a father, and a brother to me, (even though, unfortunately I have never met the man) and to OUR nation. Dr. Savage doesn’t want to see America die, I don’t want to see America die, and TRUE conservatives don’t want to see America die. GOD BLESS YOU DR. SAVAGE AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO CAN SEE THE TRUTH. IT’S TIME FOR ALL OF US TO STAND UP AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT THE GOOD DOCTOR STARTED. IF NOT FOR OURSELVES, BUT FOR AMERICA. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! . . . And as the good doctor would say, “that’s all.”

    By Blogger Joshua Styles, at 24 May, 2008 01:26  

  • For people who can't find Savage on a radio station, they can listen to him through .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 03:25  

  • Yes, Dr. Savage is a breath of fresh air, a voice in the wilderness of liberalism and mentally ill America hating leftist. I am sick of the liberal CNN Wolf Blitzer and the NBC, ABC, NPR biased crap. Fix News, I mean Fox News, fair and balanced, my foot, that Colmes is the devil in the flesh and the Lepricon is just a lot of hot air. VOTE FOR RON PAUL !!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 03:31  

  • The Dream of All Republican/Liberterian Swift Boat Gestapo Hate Radios is to steal elections, to steal money and to torture and murder the innocent. Certainly, Mr. Savage is a child of Adolf Hitler who studied journalism at Joseph Goebbel's Academy of "Journalism". Maybe Savage Will make it to Rupert Murdoch's Nazi Headquarters Fox/Faux "News", we never tell the truth and you can't stop us.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 03:50  

  • Shively

    Michael Savage has the sac to tell it like it is, he encompases my anger of what the US has become or how its even changed from the 1980s..

    Thank you Mr Savage take it easy and god bless you

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 04:38  

  • Remember the silence from MM when people on HuffPo and DailyKos where cheering about Tony Snow's cancer. One loon even said it was payback for repeating Bush's lies.

    The lefties love to dish it out, but break into tears when it happens to one of their own.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 24 May, 2008 08:55  

  • God Bless Savage. The Leftist hate, hate, and hate. Don't agree with Media Matters? They hate you and want to destroy you, plain and simple.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 10:52  

  • ...Ted Kennedy's road to hell was paved with good for me, I think he knew exactly what he was doing all along, he wants to destroy the country that killed his brothers.
    He will rot in hell alongside Che Guevara.

    By Blogger Capt. Edward S. Isaacs, at 24 May, 2008 11:33  

  • I agree completely with the point Savage was making; however disagree with choice of using the Dead Kennedys as bumper music throughout the day. He is smart enough that he doesn't have to use cheap gimmicks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 12:01  

  • Ted Kennedy is a dispicable human being. He is getting what he deserves. He abbandoned a young girl in his car to die, when all indications are that she could have survived had the accident been reported promptly. As senator
    since the 1960's he has voted for
    bills that are distructive to the fabric of this country. He has voted for flag desecration, for homosexual marriage issues, against the ban on "partial birth" abortions, and was the author the recent amnesty plan for Illegals.
    His saintly mother Rose must be turning in her grave and the blood
    of aborted babies cries out for justice. That is Ted Kenedy's legacy which no one in the media will talk about. Michael Savage is the only one with guts enough to tell the truth. God Bless Michael Savage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 12:18  

  • In so many ways Michael provides men with the opportunity to realize how a true "gentleman" conducts himself. In this day and age that takes a tremendous amount of courage. Men are often portrayed in such a negative way... especially by and through Hollywood. This is sad, if more men would truly think...and just do the right thing. If something is morally objectionable please respond to it... be it on TV, in advertising, or through our elected officials. Michael speaks out, identifying in so many ways how how Our great Country is being destroyed from within through moral break down. Thank you Michael for being the strong voice and example of strength and fortitude that you are. God Bless You.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 13:55  

  • Savage is not speaking to power, hes afraid of it. If he were speaking the truth he would be slamming the edomites the Phallic Worshippers he and FOX news are cheerleading. If your to blind to see the corporate socialism thats the real problem today, and take part in the partisan rhetoric spewed by pundits such as savage, your being triangulated like a child that divides and conquers his parents. Open your eyes we have one economical socialist powerhouse under which two like political factions operate giving you dividing you thru dual scripts. Its a show, like WWF wrestling. Fake. And Savage is falling for the act. Hes not very bright if he cant figure that out......

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 14:27  

  • Savage is the master of mental exercise and 'baiting'

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 14:29  

  • Most people like Weiner, who run from their past are usually closet gays.This to you all the ass kissing "fans". What morons.Have a terrible day, you deserve it.You dont have the guts to post this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 15:21  

  • Who cares about Ted Kennedy, not I. You ask why ? I have no remorse, sympathy, or empathy for this poor excuse of a human being.
    If it wern't for his families money tree, he'd have been a nobody.
    The family money tree which was manifested through running sugar from Cuba too Canada during the proabition years, working hand in hand with organized crime is why the Kenndy's have paid the price they have paid over the years.
    Their is this old country western tune that comes too mind when I think of him.....
    "Everybody wants too go too Heaven, but nobody want's too die"
    So let be with Ted Kennedy !!! It's time too meet your maker Teddy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 16:06  

  • He, Savage, Weiner, Nation or whatever his name is a hypocrite who can easily give criticism but has a difficult time taking it. Have you seen his web site lately? He selectively excerpted comments by Wright and put them on his site. He criticizes Write very often. Yet, he is suing CAIR for their doing practically the same thing. The guy is a loud, self-absorbed joke as far as I’m concerned. I listen to him. He is quite funny – particularly when he does not intend to be so.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 16:49  

  • My name is Mark Hicks from Huntington West Virginia and I smash Liberals under my boots. Dr. Savage is my Idol and if he would form the Savage Nation Army I will be the first man to sighn-up. I would follow him to the gates of Hell! Go Dr. Savage, GO! P.S., Dont be an anoy-mouse, state your name and your point and grow some!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 17:51  

  • Ted Kennedy IS a malignant tumor that has been at the core of the destruction of our country's moral and social fiber.
    C.A. Fulghum
    Pinehurst, NC

    By Blogger Unknown, at 24 May, 2008 19:52  

  • I am 14 and I listen to Mr Savage and what he speaks I see going on in the school I go too. They shove global warming down are throats and illegal immigration isnt bad we nedd to be diversified. ITs unbeliviable I see my parents paying loads and loads of taxes then it goes to the illegals for their children for free lunches and schooling and healthcare. Thank you Dr. Savage for speaking the truth and proving how insane liberlism is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 19:53  

  • God Bless Dr. Savage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 20:10  

  • I am a member of the Savage Nation, and I love what the man stands for. Keep fighting the good fight and lets pray that someday we have a candidate we can follow to the presidency!

    By Blogger Angie Helm Interiors, at 24 May, 2008 21:05  

  • Since Senator Kennedy is a proponent of nationalized healthcare, he should lead by example and perhaps seek treatment in Cuba, Canada or Britain for his cancer. What he considers good for us ganders, he should also consider that same goodness for the goose. If he doesn't, I guess we can consider it water under the Chappaquiddick bridge. Then again, how can he have brain cancer? He has no brains....You could pass a pencil through his ears and hit nothing but a vacant void...I believe his seizure was due to detox from alcohol...Give him a shot of some of his father’s illegal bootlegged irish whiskey, or even better, some hemlock, and he will be back to normal....

    By Blogger Ultrnationalist, at 24 May, 2008 21:51  

  • Blogger Charles said...

    Ted Kennedy IS a malignant tumor that has been at the core of the destruction of our country's moral and social fiber.
    C.A. Fulghum
    Pinehurst, NC

    "Right On, Charles. Glad to have you as a fellow North Carolinian."

    By Blogger alexxxbond, at 24 May, 2008 23:04  

  • Ultrnationalist said...

    Since Senator Kennedy is a proponent of nationalized healthcare, he should lead by example and perhaps seek treatment in Cuba, Canada or Britain for his cancer. What he considers good for us ganders, he should also consider that same goodness for the goose. If he doesn't, I guess we can consider it water under the Chappaquiddick bridge. Then again, how can he have brain cancer? He has no brains....You could pass a pencil through his ears and hit nothing but a vacant void...I believe his seizure was due to detox from alcohol...Give him a shot of some of his father’s illegal bootlegged irish whiskey, or even better, some hemlock, and he will be back to normal....

    "Thanks for the well said, well deserved cruel and unfortunately accurate post."

    By Blogger alexxxbond, at 24 May, 2008 23:05  

  • Michael Savage the true voice of Conservatives. He tells it like it is. About time that someone came out and exposed Kennedy for the rotten piece of excrement that he is. What kind of honorable man leaves a woman to die in his car? Do honorable men allow women to slaughter unborn babies? God is proving to Teddy that ultimately he is in charge and that eventually he will pay for that fateful night in Chapaquitik, and all the other women he used as trophies.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 23:06  

  • Michael Savage tells it like it is, and is the voice of the millions of angry Americans who have been spat upon and disenfranchised by the liberal media and the liberal globalists in both major political parties. Those who try to take him down are taking on the core of America and will hang themselves with their own ignorant hatred. As for Kennedy, no one should have to go through what he and his family are facing, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a despicable human being who has caused untold damage to this country. May God have mercy on his undeserving soul.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 May, 2008 02:55  

  • Michael Savage is a modern day Prophet in the spirit of the old Testament Prophet Jeremiah. Michael laments for his country that is dying from the illness called liberalism. GOD bless you Michael Savage!! My prayers are always with you!

    By Blogger mark evans, at 25 May, 2008 16:40  

  • Oh my God ,i just read about how Ted Kennedy MURDERED Mary Jo Kopechne and never had to pay for his crime!!!!Dying from a brain tumor at a old fart age that he is , is not JUSTICE ENOUGH!!!!! And what about his two partners in crime, cousin Joseph Gargan and Paul Markham , what
    was their punishment for not reporting the incident? Were they in a drunken stupor too and could not remember anything.ALL OF YOU ARE NOTHING BUT SCUM BAGS!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 May, 2008 23:34  

  • Some FOOL posted:

    Most people like Weiner, who run from their past are usually closet gays.This to you all the ass kissing "fans". What morons.Have a terrible day, you deserve it.You dont have the guts to post this.

    By Anonymous, at 24 May, 2008 15:21

    TAKE NOTICE FOOL: It got posted!

    Now aren't you glad I gave you a name? Sorta like you hope you are going to get health care from either Hilary or Obama? And as far as wishing you a terrible day, I don't have you. I see you are already a misseriable useful idiot and Slave to liberalism. There, there, don't cry The Doc knows this hurts, but it is for your own good.

    We are not Weaklings like you are! I see you can't even give yourself a name and stand by your comments. I bet you didn't even read the whole thing. You see a blog with 99% of the posters agreeing with Dr Savage and you call it "Fans" Well the fact is this: read it and go cry to your Homosexual Lover. Dr. Savage calls it like he sees it. He has made many educated guesses on many different subjects and I have NEVER heard him be wrong; and once again he nailed it on the head.

    Savage made it clear during that broadcast that if the focus was on Ted, lets focus on Ted and see what kind of a man he really is.

    Now we all know you are not supposed to kick a man while he is down, but the point is his Record was soooo bad that to even talk about it was a slam!! Why do you think the main stream media never talked about it. Savage didn't do anything but what he has always done, which it to expose the truth.
    The media is so afriad of Dr. Savage because he is single handedly starting to cure a sick Nation. A Nation that is being slowly killed by Liberalism.

    Dr. Savage please start your Nationalist Party .... I'd be your first member!
    This is Scott Brozek living in the Land of Fruits, Nuts and Ilgeals on the LEFT COAST near San Fransicko and I approve of this Message.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2008 00:26  

  • savage
    the man the myth
    the legend

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2008 01:08  

  • Savage is a mental patient, playing to the sickest elements in this country. For every smart comment he makes, it is folloed by 500 statements only a mental patient would make. Last week Sacage claimed "liberals are muslims"... which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, as most Muslims live the most conservative lifestyles you can possibly live. Savage is there to divide us and spread hate. Should he be on the radio? SURE... he should.... but does he deserve as much criticism and should he be discounted, minimilized and marginilized... absolutly. He is trash, and trash should be called out. A 14 year old listener would actually think "all liberals are Muslims and never Christians" because their radio hero said so... Even though I have NEVER in 35 years met a Muslim who is a LIBERAL, I do however know a few Muslims who are CONSERVATIVES. Pro-life CONSERVATIVES. Islam by it's nature is a religion which would not turn you into a conservative. Nothing "liberal" is contained in Islam but DR. Weiner, claims all of us "liberals" turn to Islam!!!

    He is a disgustig dividing force. While leftist hosts attack politicans, Savage attacks his fellow Americans just for having a different opinion than him.

    His listeners appearantly have the IQ of maybe a land snail.... no shock, his show seriously does not bill too well. It is radio, for the mentally sick.

    He is an individual, the world would not miss... His death could not come soon enough. He is stinking up this nation with his haterd of fellow Americans. Liberals attack power, Savage attacks WE THE PEOPLE. He deserves a slow, painful death. He is a certified enemy of the people. Not even Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and thast creep Beck are as divicive as him. Limbaugh and the rest (for the most part) attack "liberal" politicans, where Savage attacks his fellow Americans.

    Funny, thing is most of his audience are old ladies and 14 year old boys, who have never touched a fire arm. Savage army.... if you think you are so tough, try something..... I have been trained by ex-military on how to use a firearm. This "lib" will equalize.

    The Savage army of 14 year old boys and Grandmothers.

    "the truth".... Savage speaks the truth?? All liberals are Muslim??? Funny..... I'm Jewish.

    Any of you Weiner-heads have a problem with a "lib", step to me... I pack a .22 and I will put holes in your body. let's see how tough you are.... instead of living vicariously through Savage... try living out your Anti-american, fantasy. I will leave you riddled with holes.

    and he humiliated himself palying the Dead kennedy's, a politically far-left rock band.... I would be pissed off as well, if this scum used my music on his show. He was HUMILIATED... He played a band and the band was no disgusted about being on his show, he had to speak out. This is how much people hate Weiner.

    An enemy of America to the extreme. If you think I'm taking it too far, you might want to question your own patriotism

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 26 May, 2008 10:40  

  • 47 pro Savage 2 against
    I think the numbers speak for them selves Go Savage

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2008 12:13  

  • Wiener Savage is a disease. And you all are moronic goyim for following him. VNNFORUM.COM.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2008 13:11  

  • To Minister Propaganda---I think your PROJECTING!!! You are TRASH!!!And your I.Q. is as LITTLE as your dick!!! I am a middle aged JEWISH Registered nurse who wishes PIGS like you would get the hell out of my fellow American faces and OUR COUNTRY.You should be deported to HELL !!! You LITTLE weenie!!! Instead of threating to KILL MR.Savage and others, why don't you do yourself and the world a
    favor and Kill YOURSELF!!! Your nothing but a danger to us GOD LOVING

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2008 14:29  

  • The good doctor is right on target about the Kennedy clan, liberalism and radical islam. I support and contributed to his fight with CAIR. They are everywhere and they are quick to stop any voice against them and their actions. One of the newspapers in California will ban you from access and blogging if you speak out against the real threat to America. I made one comment of fact about hamas and was permanently banned from login. Savage speaks the truth, be smart and listen.

    By Blogger Bill, at 26 May, 2008 18:31  

  • Stalin, Chairman Moa, Chairman Ho, Pol Pot and of course Adolf himself all had a minister of propaganda. They also started their career by rounding up anyone with an education, books to read at home, a sucessful business or even eyeglasses and murdering them. They did not want a single voice of truth and reason to be heard. Liberalism is the same, they can not stand the idea that someone will challenge their agenda. Congress learned it must be secret and private about the business of government behind closed doors because the people would not approve of their actions. Now they want to hide behind the robes of the court to rule the people without recourse.

    By Blogger Bill, at 26 May, 2008 18:40  

  • God Bless you Micheal Savage, you speak the truth, you've got balls of steel, which is definately required in your position, and most of all you have COMMON SENCE! I admire and respect you more than you can imagine! My hope is I could be fortunate someday to meet you in person and just talk with you! I pray for your strength to continue with this daily gautlet and keep us hearing the real and honest side of what they call "NEWS" today!

    God Bless you Sir,
    Brent J. Leckner

    By Blogger Brent J. Leckner, at 26 May, 2008 22:58  

  • TO: Minister of Propaganda
    Yep...that's precisely what you are.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 26 May, 2008 23:08  

  • TO: Melodie
    You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    C.A. Fulghum
    Pinehurst, NC

    By Blogger Unknown, at 26 May, 2008 23:12  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2008 03:56  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2008 04:08  

  • Melodie.

    your a sick person, try some Valium, you mental patient..

    Michael Savage is one of the most vile Anti-American pieces of scum out there... and the Kennedy thing is NOT the reason why.. I have no PROBLEM with JOKES... Savage is a divider... If all Mr. Self-hating Jew Weiner did was make a Ted Kennedy joke, I don't think anyone would really care. Savage Weiner is an Anti-American divider.

    He was called everyone who disagrees with his, racist, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Jewish, Anti-American poison enemies.... HE IS THE ENEMY. He is dividing this nation. No leftist commentator attacks the American people.... they attack Republicans.... Savage Weiner attacks Americans. HE IS ANTI-AMERICAN

    As I said... to you 20 or so people who worship this piece of degenerate filth, I'm a real life leftist, I'm a real life patriot, I'm armed and if any of you disgusting traitors take Mr. savage to heart and want to start a civil war against "liberals" , I will oblige and start filling your bodies with holes. GOT IT??


    Understand Melonie??

    you filth talk a lot of trash, on the internet, trash your fellow Americans, latch on to a former young-boy lover turned "conservative" to fuel your hate. I'm ready.

    America is united against you. Melonie. Michael Savage is filth. He is trying to tear this nation apart. I'm armed and ready.

    but judging by the response, 20 people in the country take Savage seriously.

    However if the Weiner army, (imagine a group of people worshiping an old self-hating Jew, former uber leftist, pro-man boy love at one point!!!!) wants to take Weiner's words to heart and start a war with "libs"... you will not last 10 seconds.....

    and yes... indeed Savage's words are code for starting an Anti-people revolution. I hear his puke. I studied linguistics. Savage uses a lot of code for radical militias who want to kill Americans.... I GET EXACTLY what the Savage Weiner show is all about.... He is not your typical Bush worshiping RNC hack.... He is an Anti-American degenerate who wants his listeners to hate his fellow Americans who are on the "left"... I understand what Savage is trying to do.... TRY IT SAVAGE FREAKS. I'm waiting.....

    I get it.

    Savage is pushing for violence against fellow Americans. I dare one of you to act out his words.

    Savage will not be there to save you, when you F*CK with the wrong Patriot

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 27 May, 2008 10:47  

  • To Minister of Propaganda

    My name is MELODIE not Melonie
    Your projecting again---
    Your the sick person,try some
    Your a PSYCHO!!!!!!
    Understand minister of Sh-t Head

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2008 12:54  

  • Oh and by the way Minister of Sh-t Head,your not a Patriot,your somebodies PARROT!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2008 13:01  

  • i would like to collect donations for the comic relief the "minister" has given to everyone with his post.

    For real, "i will fill your body with holes" lol, that a d-bag. You can tell from his post that guy is a looser, probably has no friends, feels as if the world owes him for him being a looser. I would have to say someone leaving a post with that much anger really needs to get some help. Oh yeah, a .22! Rabit hunting are we?
    This guy is exactly what savage talks about, sick , mind corrupt by the lefties. You can since he calls himself a patriot.
    Sir (or thing), you are not a patriot, you are a looser.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2008 15:19  

  • YOU FOOL, 'minister of propaganda'... you are a lost soul, my friend. First of all, you have NO CLUE of what you are talking about. Your little mind can not comprehend 2nd grade issues. If Savage is not a patriot, you are telling me you are???? how pathetic!!!! Try to think for once before you speak or write, ur little brain has shrunk so much from the lack of use. Get a dictionary too...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 May, 2008 19:49  

  • To the Munster of Poopaganda:

    "Any of you Weiner-heads have a problem with a "lib", step to me... I pack a .22 and I will put holes in your body. let's see how tough you are.... instead of living vicariously through Savage... try living out your Anti-american, fantasy. I will leave you riddled with holes."

    How old are you? It is quite evident to everyone that your childish rants are the mark of an immature mind. Your threats of bodily injury to all based on your supposed training by ex-military personnel are laughable. Freshmen Junior ROTC Cadets are not ex-military, and do not meet the qualifications of a trained killer. I do, however, believe that an well trained ROTC Cadet could easliy "fix your little red wagon" on any given day, and I do mean RED LEFTIST COMMIE PINKO WAGON. To all ROTC Cadets, you are the backbone and future of our military and I salute your committment to excellence.

    Now back to Mr. Pooper&Gander:
    You must closely examine yourself, not with a magnifying glass you idiot, I'm speaking to your lack of spine and good old American Patriotism. If you were really the man you claim to be you would not be a nameless clown on the failed mission of Liberalism. We have your number and your number has a name, The Savage Nation. Game, set, match...... you lose. L:o(

    PS: You gave yourself away with the blanket threats of "packing" a .22 caliber. The only thing you pack is your purse, Nancy-boy. Any ex-military personnel would equip you with a Glock .40 or 1911 .45. Yeah, yeah, you 9mm fans settle down, just have several clips available.

    Just so you can find me:
    Steve James, San Antonio, TX.
    (no relation to Jesse)

    By Blogger BonnieBlueFlag, at 27 May, 2008 22:44  

  • Damn all leftists to hell. Not one of them or their ideas is good for America. One day those of us who believe in defending The Constitution of The United States of America are going to rise up as the Founding Fathers did and kick the libs the hell out of this country, just like the tyranical Brits of the 1700's. Long live Dr. Savage, long live America, and death to the tyrants!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 May, 2008 02:08  

  • So judging by the number of anonymous posters its obvious that Savage's webmaster has been busy trying to make Savage appear bigger than he is. Brian... you must be proud. The cut and paste crowd have discovered your little blog!

    As one who never posts anonymously, I can at least give a little credit to the Savagites who will go on record with their defense of their closet case hero whose predilections are quite well known. I have no problems with Weiner's sexuality. My issue is that he goes to great lengths to mask his heritage because he knows that the right wing supremicists who pump themselves up to his racist rhetoric would be so conflicted if they knew they were taking their marching orders from a Jew. But, they aren't the reading kind. They are empty headed balls of aggression looking for anyone to blame for their miserable lot in life. Bad parents? Undereducation? Getting wasted rather than getting educated? No, it's some liberal or "mudperson" who's responsible for their low rung on society's ladder.

    It's too bad that all of Savage's defenders don't realize that this is just a well paying "gig" for Savage. He's not some leader of a "nationalist" movement. He's an herbologist and homeopathic supplement pusher who hid out in the South Pacific to avoid the Vietnam draft. He spent the 60's cavorting with the Haight Ashbury crowd and flitting like a naked dolphin with Alan Ginsburg (there's even photographic evidence) and was a poolboy for Timothy Leary.

    But Mr. Weiner doesn't talk about that does he? No, his immersion into psychodelics and frolickings with beat poets doesn't accompany the image of the camo wearing Dr. Savage he's conjured in the mind of his supporters.

    Savage whips you ups and mocks you- both his defenders and detractors- and laughs all the way to the bank.

    As a fellow radio guy, I can appreciate the passion he stirs in both his supporters and enemies. What I resent is, rather than dodging my responsibilities to my nation, I served in the Marine Corps and always will be a Marine.

    So to you knuckle dragging right wingers, you may want to tone down your "ass kicker" rhetoric. There are many liberals just like me who are well trained and well armed and quite prepared when you fall lock step in the ranks of the "Savage Army". The problem is, judging by his lifelong, secretive, closeted, bodyguarded past, don't expect your Generalissimo to be leading you from the front.

    By Blogger Dave Carroll, at 28 May, 2008 12:54  

  • Michael Savage is an enemy of this nation. He tries to divide us all. He is a homophobic degenerate ( and fomer best friend of Allan Ginsburg)

    He speaks in militia code, for Anti-American militia freaks. He is a self-haitng Jew, he is full of hate for his fellow Americans. I made no threats. You half-wits do not know how to read. I simply said if one of you mentally sick Anti-American Savage freaks wants to act out your fantasy on a real life leftist... I'm armed and waiting.

    Michael Savage is a crusty old bi-sexual self loathing Jew. His listeners are mentally retarded. He does not scare me, you do not scare me. I'm a real life leftist, the enemy as your filthy closet queen Savage like to say... I'm waiting

    My grasp on Amerian history is sound. My political ideology is sound. No radio fool created Jared. I read, I'm grounded in reality. You listen to a radio show which molds your views of the world.

    None of you can debate or compete with a man as well versed in history and politics as me. I have a huge EDGE, I read books.... once more you listen to a crusty self-loathing bi-sexual Jewish man, named Michael Wiener.

    I bow down before nobody. Nobody controls my thoughts. Mr. weiner controls yours. You are weak minded, half-wits.

    I think
    I read

    you let Michael Weiner think for you !!!

    Don't dare insult me, don't dare. I do have a radio program as well. I will humiliate you, I will humiliate Mr. Savage. I have the credibility. Those on here, who know me, understand this.

    Why did Savage never serve his country? Answer: he was dodging the draft hanging out with beat poet and NAMBLA member Allan Ginsburg.

    My I.Q towers over ANYONE who listens to Micheal Savage. I need not a radio host to think for me. I have a masters in political science. Mr. Savage Weiner is a hate mongering, Anti-American, piece of crud. You 5 retards who hang on his every word are a tiny sliver of this great nation. You are the mental cases who talk to themselves in public.

    I'm a well balanced, popular individual, who works in the entertasinment industry. You have no idea who I'm.....

    I know who you are. You are a bunch of lonley, mental-cases... you sit in your basement, fearing imaginary "libs", fearing that "they" are gonig to force you to become gay.... that "they" are comming to turn you into a Muslim... Micheal Savage is a show designed by a mental patient for mental patients.

    Stop projecting. of this nation DOES not LISTEN to Savage Weiner and of the population does not even know who he is. He is a nobody....
    and a bunch of lonley, impotent, closet cases, listen to him.

    As i said, im a red-blooded American leftist. Have a problem???? Live out your Michael savage dreams ? TRY ME.

    Savage Nation?? A few frigid old women, a few impotent closet case males and a few drooling retards

    Come on Savage Nation... I'm waiting for you to live out your talk radio induced fantasy. I have a full round loaded. That should do the trick. How big is the Savage Nation anyway?? 4 people!!!


    Outclassed in every manner, nobody who worships Savage will ever have a shred of credibility


    and the few who know of Mr. Weiner, will rejoice when the rotten piece of exrement kicks the bucket. most people who know of Weiner, hate the Weiner

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 28 May, 2008 13:12  

  • Minister of Prop:

    You are obviously just a bitter little whiner. Your parents probably don't even love you. For someone trying to sound tough, you do a pretty bad job. $1000 says my little sister would kick your ass all over the place. I would love to "step to you", because as someone with real military training, i guarantee you i will break your arm in two places before you pull that little pea shooter of yours. That would be followed by a swift kick sure to break or dislocate your knee. Then i will leave you on the ground crying with a soiled diaper-pussy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 May, 2008 15:09  

  • Anon

    ohhh you are so tough, you can't even use a handle or your name on your message board...

    your just another sheep living vicariously through a talk show host who incidently is a chicken hawk, draft dodging coward... Now that is pathetic. Just like Weiner savage, you havew been nowhere near the military.

    Enjoy your life of living vicariously by means of a closeted gay talk show host. Can anyone be as pathetic as you..

    Again, the news of Weiner dropping dead will be a celebratory day for patriots coast-to-coast

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 29 May, 2008 11:19  

  • Hey, this message is for you Minister of Propaganda, WAKE UP!!!!!

    All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU MELODIE, ALEXXXBOND, MARK HICKS, AND THE REST OF YOU SAVAGES (if I forgot you I apologize)!!! You individuals are the TRUE believers in our beautiful country. You people are not blinded by the ridicule of the pathetic Judases of the American way. I consider all of you my brothers and sisters. We are part of something good and true . . . something pure. We are SAVAGES!!!! I pose a question to Minister of Propaganda. Since you are such a progressive, sensitive, intelligent individual why do you keep implying Savage is GAY? A liberal article written by a liberal self-hating gay? I thought a person like you would LOVE it if he was. I guess you are just upset that you don’t have a spokesperson for YOUR pathetic cause that can rise to the occasion. Your just p***ed that you have no inspiration. You don’t have an individual whom can speak the truth and inspire the masses. That ticks you off doesn’t it? You hate yourself. You’re a self-hating homo that has to bash any individual who has a hope and dream for a pure country. You have to bash anyone who takes a stand against your hedonistic ways. All you know how to do is spew hate. And I already know what your going to say, “Savage does it”, no my friend, you are wrong. Dr. Savage is the ONLY one has the guts to express his views on homosexuality, while at the same time plainly stating that he is a sexual libertarian. He doesn’t care what you and your partner do behind closed doors; he just doesn’t want it to affect America. Is that so hard to understand? Are you a self-hating homophobe? Sure you are . . . we all know it. I’m not going to waste my time with that, it doesn’t matter. I just want to give you a word of advice Minister of Propaganda, next time you listen to the SAVAGE NATION get the SEX TOYS out of your ears. Then maybe you will know what a true American has to say. Just snort a line and curl up with your partner and go to sleep . . . let the REAL AMERICANS discuss politics. GOD BLESS THE SAVAGES . . . YOU ALL GIVE ME HOPE!!!! GOD BLESS YOU DR. SAVAGE . . . GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. And as the good doctor would say, “that’s all.”

    By Blogger Joshua Styles, at 29 May, 2008 23:08  

  • Minnie Sir Poop&Gander:

    "I'm a well balanced, popular individual, who works in the entertainment industry. You have no idea who I'm....."

    Wrong, you pimple popper. We know exactly who you are and we know you are well balanced .... on your knees at the alter of the homosexual agenda.

    Obviously, you are a frustrated homosexual male that loathes his father for not providing a stable/moral environment in the home while you were a child. You rebelled against parental authority and immersed yourself in an alternative lifestyle (homosexuality)in a desperate cry for help, help that would never come. You see Michael W. Savage as the father you longed for but never had, one that would instill in you the masculine traits you so yearned for in your formative years.

    Your pitiful ruse is transparent and provides us all with a window to your soul. You must understand that you are afflicted with a life threatening condition called Militant Homoliberalism. It will be your ultimate demise as the self absorption and narcissism which rules your every thought and action will ultimately lead you to make decisions which are self destructive. A perfect example of this is your chosen lifestyle. Alcoholism, STD's, withering family ties and support are just a few of the danger signals.

    Borders, Language, Culture. Even a Weiner hater like yourself should appreciate those things which prolong your very existence.

    That's it!!!!... you hate M. Weiner because his last name reminds you of the terrible choice you've made in life, to worship the weiner of another man/boy/trans freak.

    Turn or burn.

    Still haven't seen your name or city of residence, fancy-pants.


    Steve James, San Antonio, TX

    By Blogger BonnieBlueFlag, at 30 May, 2008 17:04  

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