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02 June 2008

Puerto Rico Results Prove Operation Chaos Had Impact


Island Territory's Results Provide Needed Evidence

To those looking to downplay Rush Limbaugh's (and by extension, talk radio's) role in the presidential primary season, yesterday's results from Puerto Rico have brought bad news indeed.

Because English- language talk radio doesn't have a significant foothold in the island territory, exit poll results give us a good comparison to states where Limbaugh's Operation Chaos was heavily promoted.

The difference between an Op Chaos state and Puerto Rico is noteworthy, according to Al Giordano of The Field:

Here are the CNN exit poll results, which suggest that the margin could be as high as 70 percent to 30 percent, has 73 percent of the voters reporting that they have family in New York, and - here’s the most interesting stat - only five percent of Clinton voters wouldn’t be satisfied with a Clinton nomination.

That’s a much lower number than has occurred in other states that voted once Rush Limbaugh began his “Operation Chaos” urging Republican-supporting voters to prank the Democratic primaries by voting for Clinton. Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico, obviously, is a place where Limbaugh has no significant listenership, and this provides us a yardstick with which to measure Limbaugh’s actual impact on English-speaking state primaries.

In Kentucky for example, on May 20, a full 19 percent of Clinton’s voters said they would not be satisfied with her nomination. On May 13, an equal number - 19 percent - of her own voters in West Virginia said they wouldn’t be satisfied with her nomination. But only five percent in Puerto Rico were in that category. This suggests that 14 percent of Clinton’s vote in recent mainland state primaries consisted of the Limbaugh “chaos” voters.

At The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan was quick to dismiss these findings, but doesn't make a case as to why that might be so.

For conservative talk radio's foes, this represents a two-fold threat: not only must they admit that arch- enemy Limbaugh successfully impacted the primaries, but there's also the added sting of realizing talk radio has far more potential to affect national politics than many would like to believe.

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  • The term "Operations Chaos" needs to be added to the dictionary.

    Some of the left occasionally admit that not all conservatives are evil, but Limbaugh is satanic in their eyes. Rush Limbaugh refuses to treat the liberals with the respect they feel they deserve.

    When Limbaugh lampoons the views of the hypocritical far left with sarcasm, their outrage reaches the level of DEFCON 1. Rush burns the lefts' sacred cows on a regular basis and never apologizes.

    Judging a man by his friends is one way to evaluate him, but a man can also be judged by his enemies. Rush Limbaugh's opponents are a testament to his 20 years of success.

    He discombobulates the entire left side of the political spectrum, and has managed to become a daily protagonist in their affairs. That's reason enough for conservatives to cherish him.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 02 June, 2008 13:26  

  • How come neither of your 'Heros' Rush or Howie ever served in the Military? They both are old enough?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 June, 2008 13:55  

  • How come neither of your 'Heros', Rush L. or Howie Carr served in the Military?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 June, 2008 13:57  

  • Benson:

    you are an enemy of America, a traitor of the highest order who would rather divide Americans than question your own government.

    your stuck in 2001

    "lib" "lefitst" is not such a dirty word anymore

    the new dirty word is "bush voter" even worse "2 time Bush voter", 'dittohead", "fox news watcher" and "neo-conservative"

    while the rest of America is united against failed leadership of the Republican party, your still busy attacking the "lib".... Sorry. man you are 100% out of touch with America.

    Most of America, regrets listening to Ditto- regrets trusting Fox News and attacking their fellow Americans...... Scott Mclellon affirmed everything us "libs" have been saying. Even a Bushie like Scotty, realized how wrong it was to attack patriots on the left..... His book is basically an affirmation for the patriots on the left who have been warning you since 2000 about Cheney and bush.... Scotty and the rest of America in droves, regrets goose-stepping in 2000 and silencing the "libs".... you are just out of touch with America

    "lib" is not longer the dirty word

    deal with it

    bush made it acceptable to be on the left again

    welcome to being the fringe. Benson


    We are all united, against Bush policies and against psuedo-cons like Limbaugh.

    Why is ditto- not supporting Bob Barr, a real conservative for president? Answer Rush is not a conservative, you are not a conservative

    your a corporatist idiot
    conservatism has become an ideology of cooperations over people. only the fools remain.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 June, 2008 16:38  

  • To: cooperationsAREnot PEOPLE

    Did you learn English from the same schmucks who failed so miserably to teach the ABC's to MOP?

    Free spelling lesson:
    corporations are not people


    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 02 June, 2008 21:24  

  • Fox has more viewers than all other cable networks combined. Rush has more listeners than anyone else.

    Are you that stupid that I have to counter these obviously flawed statements? Yeah I guess so you did say you were a liberal.

    By Blogger pf1, at 03 June, 2008 04:12  

  • Millions of American leftists have never lived under communism yet they advocate it for everyone.

    I believe in fighting fires but have never fought one myself. This must make me a pyro-hawk.

    If Mr. Corporations isn't The Minister Of Angry & Impotent 20-Somethings I'll give each of you twelve internet monies.

    Trolls are creepy.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 June, 2008 17:07  

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