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30 October 2008

KGO Tricks Listeners With Cheap Nancy Pelosi Political Stunt


Radio Listeners Deceived By KGO's 'Announcement'

A promised "major announcement" by a San Francisco radio station turned out to be little more than a cheap political stunt favoring Nancy Pelosi's re-election, disappointing listeners who'd expected a great deal more.

Promoted for days, it had many KGO fans wondering if the station was planning to announce a move to the FM band, or whether a replacement would be named for convicted child porn distributor and former evening host Bernie Ward.

Instead, the event proved to be nothing more than a trick, as House Speaker / San Francisco moonbat Nancy Pelosi flicked a switch to turn on some solar panels that will now power a small percentage of KGO's transmitters. Pelosi used the opportunity to utter a few vague "green" buzzwords ahead of Tuesday's election.

Pelosi is running against left-wing activist Cindy Sheehan for the San Francisco-based congressional seat. The latter is in the news tonight over an attack on her campaign headquarters.

Ironically, Pelosi is widely expected to join other Democrats after the election in enacting legislation that would shut down commerical talk radio (including KGO itself) through the reimposition of the cumbersome, anti-free speech Fairness Doctrine.

Here's a clip of the occasion:

With KGO owner
Citadel - ABC Radio already facing extreme financial stress, one would imagine other priorities would take precedence, such as making payroll.

But the debt-ridden firm's mismanagement has been extreme, with KGO President Mickey Luckoff now presiding over yet another debacle. This comes on the heels of a lavish station celebration that occurred just after a round of brutal layoffs in August and previous hopes by Luckoff to rehire Ward even as he was facing those child porn charges.

Luckily, Citadel - ABC Radio will soon be relegated to the ash heap of history, where its epic mismanagement will be missed by no one.

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