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09 November 2008

Dem Sweep Energizes Conservative Movement, Talk Radio, Blogs


For Conservatives, Election Outcome Couldn't Be Better



If talk radio is now somehow irrelevant, then why are nervous liberals watching its every move?

Yes, once again, our "progressive" friends want to have it both ways: as they argue that it no longer matters, they want the medium shut down through the imposition of a Fairness Doctrine.

And just in case it does somehow survive, America's mainstream media enemies have launched a disgusting smear campaign aimed at undermining the very effectiveness they now dispute.

Despite all of this, conservative talk hosts couldn't be happier with the election's outcome, given the inevitable Barack-lash coming against the Dear Leader and his inept Democrat friends in Congress. More on this in a moment.

Leading the charge in a disgustingly- dishonest smear against talk hosts are CNN's Campbell Brown and Joe Johns, with a story documented by Matthew Balan at NewsBusters:

CAMPBELL BROWN: We all saw the pictures on election night. People all over the world dancing in the streets. But some Americans, particularly conservatives, have very different feelings about President-Elect Obama. Many of them feeling really, really angry right now, and Joe Johns has been listening to what can only be called ‘right-wing rage.’ And Joe, tell us what these conservatives are saying.

JOE JOHNS: Well, Campbell, there is a certain amount of hand-wringing and that is to be expected. There are those who are already comparing this to the early 90s when Bill Clinton won. As everyone remembers, Republicans regrouped, and it wasn’t long before Newt Gingrich and his conservative army swept to victory in the House. And guess who’s also hammering away at the Democrats -- conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, blasting both Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama hours after the polls closed.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: He is [a] good old-fashioned Chicago thug, just like Obama is a good old-fashioned Chicago thug. On the night of the Clinton election, Rahm Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign -- Rahm Emanuel grabbed a steak knife and he began rattling off a list of betrayers, and as he listed their names, he shouted, ‘Dead! Dead! Dead!’ And he plunged the steak knife into the table after every name. This is not a bunch of people that are going to [govern from the center] --

JOHNS: So if you were thinking the country is now unified, think again. There are still deep divisions. Some conservatives say the message that brought them to victory in Congress in the 90s is still viable. Remember, they rode in on a wave of pushing things like smaller government and less spending. It was a return to an update of classic Grand Old Party themes.

On Friday's show, Limbaugh addressed the odd nature of CNN's hit piece:

RUSH: So where's the rage? If there's any rage in that story it's what you conjure up Rahm Emanuel doing: grabbing a steak knife and plunging it into the dinner table, and each time he plunges it he shouts "Dead!" and then mentions a betrayer's name. "Dead! Dead! Dead!"

The rage in this story is Rahm Emanuel. There is no right-wing rage in this story. I'm smiling now even though I'm talking about it, but this is how they're going to be mischaracterizing and how they've always done it, and have their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media to help spread the myth. Here's more from Joe Johns on Obama and me from last night on CNN.

Furthermore, it was the Clintons, not conservative talk radio, who first used the term "thug" to describe Obama and his shady Chicago friends:

Bill Clinton believes the Democratic nominee, far from practicing a unifying, transformational brand of politics, has the political instincts of “a Chicago thug,” one longtime associate said. Clinton has told people that Obama allowed surrogates to try to suppress Hispanic turnout in the Nevada caucuses, and played “the race card” in reverse against the Clintons in South Carolina and other states.

Meanwhile, yesterday's Boston Globe tried to claim talk radio is now struggling to survive (despite HUGE recent ratings performance nationwide). And in the Boston Herald, liberal host / Obama cultist Margery Eagan uses her column to bash a fellow talker on her own station, WTKK's Michael Graham, for daring to question her Dear Leader.

The truth is that conservative talk radio and bloggers have never had it better: Obama's victory has sent many of the 58 million voters who refused to join his creepy cult quickly looking for a place to turn.

With FOX now abandoning its viewers out of fear of retribution from the incoming regime, sparking a huge backlash, talkers and blogs are seeing an avalanche of new listeners and readers. While traffic was expected to subside after election day, blogs are instead seeing huge increases (including here, where visitor counts are up anywhere from 200 to 500% on a given day).

Beyond that, radio and Internet commentators recognize that Obama's an empty suit and novice with limited prospects for actual success, especially given his crazy promises while campaigning.

That's why Limbaugh has mostly been giggling since election day, rather than angry. Tune in and hear it for yourself.

Conservatives have many other reasons to be happy:

We're no longer burdened by John McCain's horrible campaign, which disgustingly tried to blame its loss on Sarah Palin, mostly by smearing her.

Had McCain won, his liberal policies would have been tough to defend and probably would have led to even more GOP losses in 2010.

In 2010 and 2012, we'll have our OWN opportunity to push for real candidates, rather than feeling forced to back somebody we'd never really liked. After several years on the outside, conservatives are poised to retake the Republican Party. The moderate wing is now dead and buried.

There's a rising pool of young talent on the conservative side, including Palin and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

As Clinton's 1992 election was huge for conservative talk radio, this will be 100 times bigger, hence the need by liberals to shut the medium down. The only mainstream media person to properly grasp this concept so far has been the Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam, see her piece here.

Liberal Democrats will no longer have anyone to blame but themselves when things go wrong (and they will!), proving endless fodder for conservatives.

Rather than be happy with their election day victories, the left is furious because they were on the losing end of many issues. Conservative IDEAS won, conservative candidates didn't. They are threatening violence against Mormons and others who dared to defy them, even though it was Obama's black and Hispanic supporters who voted to make gay marriage illegal.

Obama's already making mistakes and going back on campaign promises. "Change" seems to mean appointing old-time political hacks to key posts. Even some liberals are already upset.

Political fundraising will now be a snap. While the left blew its wad this year, the right held back. As such the right's warchest in 2010 and 2012 will be unprecedented.

Thanks to these and many additional reasons, conservatives have never seen a brighter future ahead. Obama's inability to govern will quickly become apparent even to some of his cultists, which will provide an opportunity for the opposition to grow exponentially.

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  • The Leftards think we are unhappy?, IM ECSTATIC!
    the hold of the elistist asshats that foisted McLame on us is bloodied and dying
    2012 will be the real showdown

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 November, 2008 14:29  

  • I was a fan of Rush, Hannity
    and Ingram until this year.
    They and others are so full
    of hate it was unbearable
    to listen to them.
    For the first time in my
    life I voted for a
    democratic for president.
    The election results just
    prove that their influence
    is limited at best.
    Despite all the B.S. that
    was thrown out..... Obama
    Palin is and will remain
    a lightweight. The only
    hope If the GOP is to have
    any hope for 2012. It will
    need to put a lid on the
    likes of Rush and the other
    wind bags.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 November, 2008 15:34  

  • I'm optimistic that the Republican party will force itself to return back to the conservatistic philosophy it once had and work on ridding itself of all the RINO's. I'm also optimistic that in 2010 a large number of true conservatives will be elected to Congress replacing not only liberals but also RINOs.

    I also anticipate both Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin will run for the Republican nomination for the 2012 election. If Jindal is successful in Louisiana and Palin in Alaska, both could come into the primaries with major positives for the conservative movement. And I don't rule out the possibility that some unknown conservative will arise in the Republican party that will capture the hearts and minds of conservatives nationwide a la Ronald Reagan.

    By Blogger Carl, at 09 November, 2008 16:01  

  • Conservative ideas won? really... The gay-marriage ban won however....
    * California's vote against Proposition 4, which called for a "waiting period and parental notification before termination of minor's pregnancy."

    * Colorado's vote against Amendment 48, which would have amended the state constitution to define "the terms 'person' or 'persons' [to] include any human being from the moment of fertilization."

    * Michigan's vote in favor of Proposition 1 ("The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act"), which legalized "the use and cultivation of marijuana for specified medical conditions."

    * South Dakota's vote against Initiative 11, defined as "[a]n Initiative to prohibit abortions except in cases where the mother's life or health is at a substantial and irreversible risk, and in cases of reported rape and incest."

    * Washington state's vote in favor of Initiative 1000 ("The Washington Death with Dignity Act"), which allows terminally ill patients the option of physician-assisted suicide

    maloney. You really are not a very good blogger. Try research before making such a blanket statement

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 November, 2008 16:01  

  • Rush, wheres the right wing rage? Well right here. Maloney hasn't stop ripping newspapers with his teeth since Tuesday. are just as ripped. You Rush couldn't be happier. And who could blame you. Just when your shtick was just about out of gas, along comes a democractic trouncing that surly will provide enough material to make you relevant again. Bring along the Rush wannabe Maloney and see if you can get him a real gig.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 November, 2008 19:20  

  • Why are liberals listening to Limbaugh and Hannity? Probably for the same reason I read the Stormfront election thread-- to experience the schadenfreude of it all. I love seeing the rightards squirm.

    By Blogger skylights, at 09 November, 2008 22:36  

  • dishonest, smug, partisan hacks make up the current "mainstream" press, screw these people, seriously, their opinions, and that's all this is (it's not news) will be relegated to the dustbin of history

    By Blogger Coach Mark, at 09 November, 2008 23:17  

  • @ Anonymous 9 Nov 15:34: I don't believe a word of what you wrote.

    And I thought the astroturfing was supposed to stop last Tuesday...

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 10 November, 2008 07:57  

  • The TIGER WOODS election...

    Remember how there was genuine excitement when Tiger Woods won his first few golf tournaments?

    Now, several years have past, and he is just another golfer.

    I think Obama won in large part due to this kind of "living history" type of thing, the first true black man to become president (rendering Clinton back to his true race).

    But now with the joy of victory comes the problem of follow-through: all of those promises! So 95% of us will have lower income taxes. He will fund a civilian corp (an expanded Peace Corp) at the same funding level as the military. It goes on and on and the numbers just do not add up! Also, I do not think his followers have absorbed the base for his tax cuts, the old rates before the temporary "Bush Tax Cut" was put in place.

    I think the conservative talkers will have an expanding listener base throughout the 4 years of the Obama presidency.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 10 November, 2008 08:40  

  • "Remember how there was genuine excitement when Tiger Woods won his first few golf tournaments?

    Now, several years have past, and he is just another golfer."

    Tiger Woods is just another golfer? And Babe Ruth was just another ball player.

    It's living in this type of alternate reality that explains why Conservatives are going to wander the wilderness for the next few elections. If we think everything the right has done while in power was correct and everything the left has proposed is "evil and socialist" the American public is going to continue to reject this as right-wing extremism.

    It is time to stop the hyperbole and get back to reality before the conservative movement dies.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 November, 2008 09:26  

  • Carl said:

    I also anticipate both Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin will run for the Republican nomination for the 2012 election. If Jindal is successful in Louisiana and Palin in Alaska, both could come into the primaries with major positives for the conservative movement. And I don't rule out the possibility that some unknown conservative will arise in the Republican party that will capture the hearts and minds of conservatives nationwide a la Ronald Reagan.

    Sane, rational voter says

    Wrong on all accounts. The base VOTED, that was the problem for the radical right, ONLY the BASE supports the Republican party. Sane, Americans do not support Reaganomics. Sane people do not support Palin, PERIOD. Conservatism is the radical ideology, Reagan was radical, it took 27 years for America to get it, but we did.

    The ideology of profits over people, corporations over families and generally legislation for the fewest, is DEAD....
    your ideas were radical, the Republican party was very good at selling the radical ideals of Republicans to the public
    The whole point of conservative radio was to sell a RADICAL Anti-AMERICAN ideology to the public....
    The media still is working for the G.O.P, mainstream media is declaing "this was a victory for conservatism",(AFTER a TROUNCING(; as Maloney recited, by pointing out the gay marriage ban. The media is still ignoring what this election was REALY about. Free-market Reaganism was rejected.

    It is not the social issues, the issue is economic and socio-economic issues, America leans left on socio-ECONOMIC ISSUES. America is against tax cuts for the rich, tax cuts for outsourcing companies,AGAINST elimination of the "death tax", AGAINST elimination of programs that furthur education and create equal opportunity for economically deprived familes to have an opportunity in America.

    The bottom line: get it into your heads: F.D.R policies are alive and supported by America...

    Ronald Reagan is dead, and his policies are no longer accepted in America. Reagan and social Darwinism (re-named conservatism)

    FACE REALITY: this is why Republicans LOST. Americans are rejecting Reaganism, and Obama was the first candidate to ever utter the word "trickle Down" and attack what was accepted as a winning and popular president. Obama's constant attack of Reagan policies, was the exact tactic that got Obama into office.

    this is not about abortion, gays, drugs or any social wedge issue ANY LONGER

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 November, 2008 09:59  

  • And once again we witness the liberals expose their own ignorance, hatred, paranoia and misinformation. Typical.

    By Blogger Carl, at 10 November, 2008 13:38  

  • Nuff:

    Babe Ruth died quite a while ago. No one today has an emotional attachment with his daily triumphs.

    Tiger Woods won several successive major tournaments during which many were emotionally, even tearfully enthralled with each accomplishment. While he still has fans, the adulation for him has subdued. He is now part of the golf establishment. The fuss now is often about the accomplishment of an up and coming golfer, not Tiger.

    Likewise, with the Presidency, House, and Senate headed by Democrats, Obama will soon be part of the establishment, no longer an emotion tugging agent of "change". That is REALITY.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 10 November, 2008 13:44  

  • Listen to Randi Rhodes today. 11-10-08 Her hypocrisy is laughable. She called Bush Hitler for 7 years. She said Bush should be taken out in a boat and shot. (audio at-World Net Daily). She told a Marine "I was in the Air Force, you have nothing on me" SHE WENT AWOL AFTER SERVING ONLY 2 YEARS. She finally admitted it on her CSPAN interview. She said it is her life mission to bring back the fairness doctrine. And continues to blame Conservatives for liberal radio's low ratings. (I can't wait for those hearings.Actually Obama may be too fair for bringing back the Fairess doctrine). You need to post her hypocritical rants on this blog.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 November, 2008 16:56  

  • Reagan’s trickle down economics’ is the best thing ever happened to this great country, You can fudge the truth all you want but Reagan raised the income of all American’s. That’s why he was reelected by such a large margin. Deal with the truth for a change.

    He did a number of other great things like fired the illegal strike of air traffic controllers one of my favorite.

    OB he has a large debt to pay back to unions (special interest). It will be his down fall. Unlike the lies spread by some most Americans don’t want unions.

    • "The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."

    - Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Presidential Candidate and co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    By Blogger pf1, at 11 November, 2008 00:55  

  • Pf1

    with all due respect we are living in a new political landscape, Americans are not terrified of the word "socialism" anymore. Americans (including the religious folk, who Republicans use and abuse) agree a government should operate in the beat interest of the majority(the worker as opposed to the minority (the wealthy)...

    The future in politics is gonig to be very different, look at Palin. A religious familiy-values person, who vehemently DEFENDS unions and is a SOCIALIST herself. She took profits from oil companies, taxed them and re-distributed the money to Alaskans. That is SOCIALISM. The GOP mde her spout a bunch of horse shit on the campaign trail, but when she is true to herself she is pro-union and has a few socialist ideals.

    27 years of Reagan ideals, has clearly strangled the working class. Obama won because he was the first DEMOCRAT to utter the word "trickle down" and dare attack the ideals of Ronald Reagan. Union members and other Middle class people, all over America were tuned in to those words, this put him over.

    He spoke what workers have been saying for years. Reagan screwed the worker.

    As much as you will kick and scream ot the end, Reaganomics destroyed America, it is not Bush, it is RYND ideals, Milton Friendman ideals, Reaganomics.

    Americans of all social backgrounds voted for Obama, including many religious folk. The CULTURE WAR, is over conservatives. We are uniting, this is the start of an ideological war against conservative economic policies.

    The future of the G.O.P will not be idiots like Rudy Guiliani praising Reagan, but rather, moralists like Huckabee and Palin, espousing family values while denouncing the un-bridled free market

    this shift will take towards 15-20 years. The GOP in order to survive will denounce Reagan, just as the liberals have.

    The Republican party will be a socially conservative party that advocates a form of social-democracy in the near future.

    in othr words, pro-life socialists.

    In a couple of years when you see this shift, I expect to be credited with this prediction

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2008 15:37  

  • Socialism is a system of social organization based on collective or state ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange. I see you don’t believe in property rights. Are you supporting throwing the constitution out the widow?

    According to the Marxist-Leninist theory it’s the first step towards communism, All you have to do is choose a dictator. I know that sounds good to the true liberals but sorry Conservatives will never support this idea without a fight.

    I will give you credit if you give me credit when you are wrong.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 November, 2008 01:07  

  • Bailouts = Socialism

    8 years of corporate welfare with no accountability no financial regulation or enforcement, tinkle down economics = Financial disaster.

    I'll take a few welfare queens any day of the week, at least they will spend the money in the U.S.A. ... Not sock it away in foreign banks to avoid taxes and guttering out the economy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 November, 2008 01:47  

  • I'm advocating social-democracy, not pure socialism, guess I have to make it clearer. Obama may be in favor of a social-democracy, in essence capitalism with socialist ideals, mainly people over profits. Republicans lost this election with the absurd notion that a capitalist (Obama) is somehow a true Marxist. This was insane, Obama NEVER advocated taking away private property, never spoke a Marxist phrase in 21 months. Restructuring the tax system is not Marxism. Marxists are against ALL PAYROLL TAX. A true Marxist is against payroll taxes.

    You can indeed have a mix of capitalism, guided by socialist ideals. The worker comes first, a change of thought, a shift in paradigm, where as leadership legislates in the interest of the 95% of us that work for a living as opposed to legislating first for billionaires and the investor class. For 27 years government has legislated for the 5% first, and the rest of us as an after thought.

    I'm not advocating the end of private property or the end of a consumer society, and the elimination of wealth in the slightest. I'm predicting in order for a leader to EVER get elected in America again, they are going to have to shift their agenda away from Reaganomics, and back to F.D.R like policies, you will see a drastic shift in the G.O.P. in the next 15-20 years. In the end you will have 2 parties advocating for social-democracy, the Republicans being more social conservative (abortion, religion, homosexuality) and the Democrats being more socially liberal, however both parties will HAVE to espouse socialist ideals, not socialism, but the basic ideals of socialism, workers come first, the majority over the opulent, in order to get elected. Espousing Reagan policies will find the candidate defeated, much like McCain. It is that simple, Reaganomics and Rynd have been rejected by the vast majority of America..

    After the great depression, government started legislating for workers and the majority first. It took a complete meltdown for this to happen. By 1980, once more, America's leadership went back to the old way, of profits and the opulent first. Reagan regressed America slowly back to the 20's.

    Economically, Reaganomics is DEAD and F.D.R ideals came out on top.

    That's exactly what this election was about, no matter what any pundit says, this was not a repudiation of Bush, or social conservatism, this was a repudiation of dog-eat-dog, social Darwinism, A.K.A Reaganomics.
    With Republicans having total power for 6 years, America got to see what happens when Milton Friedman, Thatcher, "supply side" economics is allowed to rule unchecked, it destroyed the economy. It is not about Bush, it is about a failed ideology.

    anyone who tells you otherwise is still shilling for the top 5%.

    Social conservatives are starting to get it as well. How can one be a moralist, yet advocate social Darwinism? Reaganomics is immoral at it's core.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 November, 2008 11:03  

  • MOP

    OB got elected for two reasons first he’s a well spoken black man. Two Bush and republicans in congress moved away from conservative ideas. Until the republicans in congress learn to stop spending they deserve not to be in power. This is not all the problems but it’s the most pressing.


    I agree bailouts=Socialism. This “bailout” and the ones to come are the worst piece of crap to come out of congress yet. This is what is killing the economy. I have no problem ending corporate welfare. If a company can’t make it on their own let them go under, they will be replaced by a stronger company This will make the country stronger in the long run.

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 November, 2008 01:57  

  • The last time the left had full responsibiltiy for the country was the Great Days of Carter.Anyone remember those good ole days of 14% interest,no gas,hostages & the country going bankrupt.Yet here we are again we have an all Dem. Gov.and it is all falling back to the Carter days before they even fully get in.Most Americans blame the Repubs because they think that it is the party in power.WRONG.Dems have had the power for the last two years and nothing has been done.Wonder why the market is falling ,93.7% of all mortgages are being paid on time.The market is falling because people are pulling their money out.Business men are in it to make money not lose it.This notion you can build from the bottom up is utterly outrageous.Heres an idea, go to a poor community and ask someone for a job,better yet go to a middle income neighborhood and get a job.You wanna be rich with all the fixins then you sacrifice to make it happen.Anyone can do it.Heres an idea that would turn the world around.Instead of half of america waiting on someone else to fill their baskets lets have everyone be of the mind set to be successful ,that would help.If your successful and feel you don't pay enough taxes then I suggest you go to the Gov. and let them know you wanna pay more.If someone else does not feel the same that isn't anyones business.Taking from achievers and giving to non-achievers is plain and simple socialism.Gov. bailouts- socialism.This socialism word now seems to have a new meaning,like the word sex during the Clinton admin.40% of Americans pay no taxes.Yet these non-achievers get something for nothing.If the whole community believes in the Democratic way then EVERYBODY WILL HAVE THIER HAND OUT WITH NO ONE TO FILL IT.Conservatisism is the only way to grow an economy.The more money= more product= more jobs=the more their are to spend money.If you want to be the one with the money, go make it happen.Its not the gov. fault you don't want to sacrifice to get ahead.Everyone thinks they should start out on top of the totem pole.If you work hard good things are eventually going to happen.Gov. is not the answer its usually the problem.The left is so anti-big business thats why big business is leaving America.The dumber the public is the smarter the politicians seem.If you don't have a glue and you vote your the problem.My observation has been Dems.will inconvenience you with no thought but You'd be damned to incinvenience them.Envy is a Dems. driving force.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 November, 2008 22:01  

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