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01 November 2008

Libtalker Randi Rhodes Joins Others In Gloating Over Tuesday 'Victories'


Rhodes Joins Sharpton In Premature Celebrations


Joining Al Sharpton and other libtalkers in a round of premature gloating over this Tuesday's election results, Obama-supporting libtalker Randi Rhodes told listeners late this week that the results would mean Republicans could no longer "disappear people" or "let people drown in hurricanes".

Rhodes, a leading left-wing smear merchant who previously claimed John McCain was "well-treated" in Vietnam and that Sarah Palin has an unhealthy interest in teenage boys, aimed her kooky tirade at both Republicans and conservative talk hosts.

Here's an exclusive transcript and video clip:

RHODES (10:19): (snort snort) I hope he (Hannity) enjoyed his little rant cause he is going to have to make it every day for the next eight years. Every day for the next eight years this is what he is going to have to say on his radio show. Anybody who would try that hard to make you afraid, which is what they’ve been doing for eight years, has to be scared out of their mind that they are about to have their fingernails pried off the levers of power.

That they are not going to be able to steal anymore, that they are not going to be able to commit acts of treason. They are not going to be able to out CIA undercover operatives anymore. They’re not going to be able to to to ignore terrorist warnings or disappear people anymore. They’re not going to be able to let people drown in hurricanes anymore. They’re not going to be able to get their mitts on the treasury or hire cronies, or pack the Justice Department with Karl Rove protégés anymore without Senate confirmation.

Rhodes is joined by many others on the fringe left who are spending the campaign's final days gloating over election results that have yet to be determined. Here, a writer for the socialist In These Times publication echoes her sentiments:

(Thanks to) Karl Rove and George W. Bush for releasing the fullness of crackpot conservative thinking, namely that if markets are free, you really don’t have to work hard or produce anything of value in order to become rich, that if there are no traffic laws everyone will voluntarily obey the speed limit, and if there are no policemen people will be less inclined to burgle and mangle one another.

Using Bush as a clueless conduit, Rove piled up the biggest budget and trade deficits in our history, transferred so much wealth to the wealthy that Gordon Gekko began to look like a philanthropist, and spread the American model of capitalism so widely that the world now stands undivided before the abyss of economic collapse.

Weyrich, Norquist, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove and Bush. Names that will live in infamy for siezing control of our government and putting to work all of the greedy schemes conservatives once dared talk about only in the confines of their steam rooms and cigar bars. Those ideas failed. So miserably that the moneyed class they were intended to serve now survives at the pleasure of the government they fortuitously weren’t able to reduce to nothingness.

Conservatism and the American model of capitalism are now roadkill. Frighteningly, it remains to the imagination what will replace them.

Though it is sad to think these truly disturbed left-wing extremists could see their wildest fantasies come true on Tuesday, premature celebrations could backfire if average Americans quickly realize they're aligning themselves with radical socialists.

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  • WOW!, a forth tier drunken crypto-socialist lesbian is sober enough to put 2 sentences together and still sounds retarded.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 November, 2008 00:22  

  • Man, you right wing idiots can't handle the truth about anything...can you? LOL! I am going to love the next 8 years.

    By Anonymous Deever Dave, at 02 November, 2008 21:52  

  • I was not aware that we were elecyting Presidents to 8 year terms.

    Funny world she lives in.

    By Blogger Real Debate, at 03 November, 2008 11:35  

  • The only thing that will backfire is McCain choosing Sarah Palin for VP. Maybe McCain really doesn't want to win.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 November, 2008 14:34  

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