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10 November 2008

Libtalker Roseanne Barr Targets Blacks Over Gay Marriage Opposition


Libtalker Barr Calls Blacks 'Bigoted' Over Prop 8 Support

With a tone likely to be emulated by other angry white leftists in coming days, libtalker Roseanne Barr has come out swinging against African-Americans who voted overwhelmingly to support a ban on gay marriage in California.

Barr hosts a liberal talk show in Southern California and has done past work on Air America, where she called for riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Calling black people "bigoted and ignorant", Barr lashed out against those she said had "misused their votes" to deny "basic civil rights" to gays and lesbians. From her website:

70% of black californians

who voted this cycle voted for prop 8. As they overwhelmingly supported America's first chance to elect a person of color and strike a death blow to racism, they also went out of their way to misuse their votes (no doubt at the behest of their immoral and hateful pastors and clergy) to isolate and punish a small minority of citizens, and to deny them basic civil rights.

They voted to deny over 70,000 californian children coverage of the insurance benefits of their gay parents. They voted to destroy the constitution that Obama will hopefully uphold against their wishes, by making sure that church and state remain separated. They voted to "uphold the sanctity of marriage" by making a mockery of it. They showed themselves every inch as bigoted and ignorant as their white christian right wing counterpartners who voted for mccain-palin and bush-cheney.

When i suggested a couple of years ago that gay organizations should build official bridges with african american organizations, in order to build political consensus and not just represent a purely gay agenda, this very vote is what I was trying to speak to.

The gay community needs to do outreach to the black and latino christian and immigrant communities.

the more things change, the more they stay the same.

REPENT all ye bible blabbers!!!!

babble on babylon

By a seven out of ten margin
, blacks favored Proposition 8, which protects the traditional definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. High minority turnout to support cult leader Barack Obama is cited as the reason for 8's victory, an outcome that has white liberals enraged.

As has long been clear, ethnic minority voters are usually conservative on social issues, but typically vote for liberal Democrats to represent them.

Now think about this: were a conservative to launch this kind of tirade against black people, the response would be fast and furious. So how does Roseanne Barr get a free pass? Or have African-Americans simply not heard of this yet?

Someone on the right would be labeled a racist, so why not Rosie?

In a way, however, it's possible to actually gain respect for the legendary loudmouth here. After all, at least she's being honest about who supported Proposition 8 and who didn't.

By contrast, many white liberals are in denial over minority support, blaming only Mormons and other religious leaders in what has become an angry mob mentality. You won't see this honesty in the San Francisco Chronicle, that's for sure. They've sidestepped that completely.

At CNN, it's the same story: Christian ministers (many of whom happen to be black) are vilified, but overwhelming African-American Prop 8 support is not even mentioned in their coverage.

At some point, however, white liberals will have no choice but to follow Roseanne's lead and admit the truth about the ethnic background of Prop 8's voters: largely black and Hispanic.

For social conservatives, it's time to connect with these ethnic minority voters for future collaborations that could prove rewarding for this new political coalition.

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  • heh , Maybe some of my black brothers and sisters are finally realizing that the Dummiecrat Plantation ain't so sweer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 November, 2008 22:38  

  • If all the gay community wants is the benefits of marriage they would be just as happy in a civil union that gives them the same benefits marriage gives to straight/male female couples. Plus, if one asks another, "Are you married?" the gay person can proudly answer "No, I'm united." If that doesn't make them happy, then what do they want? Why would they want to be in a bilateral contract that identifies them as a man and a woman? A civil union would identify them as same sex partners.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2008 00:06  

  • Lefties have no use for blacks who step off the liberal plantation. If Republicans had not fought to win blacks the right to vote, Democrats would still be treating them like non-people.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 11 November, 2008 04:51  

  • i wonder if she realizes how much she has in common with Rush. He to advocated the riots in Denver. Oh and hes a fat blowhard as well

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2008 11:45  

  • In other posts on Radio Equalizer, liberals falsely & ignorantly accused many as being "irrelevant." It's funny how silent they become when one of their own, in this case, Rosanne Barr (who truly is irrelevant), spouts off nonsense.

    By Blogger Carl, at 11 November, 2008 18:23  

  • The difference is, I don't think that Rush Limbaugh was seriously advocating riots.

    If I understood him correctly, he was saying since Democrats engage in that kind of behavior or advocate it frequently and get away with it, then they couldn't very well object to conservatives or Republicans doing so.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2008 18:38  

  • We need a "fairness doctrine" for libtalkers. we can not have this kidn of lib "hate speech" on the public's airwaves. where is nancy peolsi at? why isn't she calling for a fairness doctrine for lib talk radio.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2008 18:45  

  • Since when did Rosanne Barr, have any relevance to those on the left? That is news to me. Unlike the right, we do not need mouthpieces to think for us, you do

    I know of nobody who listens to Barr and bases their beliefs on her views. However, each and every person on this board, listens to Rush and allows him to think for you

    We are leaders, not followers

    Far too many conservatives are followers

    I don't care about Prop 8 in the least. Not my issue. Barr can shriek all she wants, she is not influencing me nor anyone else on the "left"

    however when Rush, Levin, Hannity, Savage, Ingrham, Medved, Prager and everyone else on the right speaks, you OBEY. Their ideas become your ideas.. Scary actually

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 November, 2008 12:00  

  • Update for you, Brian: Karel got fired from KGO. Good riddance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 November, 2008 23:35  

  • African Americans only represent 7% of the population in California compared to 45% white. Even though majority of the African Americans voted for the ban they only represent a small percentage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 November, 2008 00:40  

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