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02 February 2009

Ethnic Separatist Groups Push For Talk Radio Crackdown


UC Activists Take Talk Radio Crackdown To Obama's FCC

Establishing a new front in the left's war on free speech in America, a group of fringe separatists associated with the University of California, Los Angeles have issued what they claim is a "groundbreaking" research report on "hate" in conservative talk radio.

Armed with their "case" against the medium, groups including the (partially taxpayer-funded) UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center and National Hispanic Media Coalition have begun a campaign to push Obama's FCC into holding sham hearings on conservative talk's future. So far, they've utilized lefty websites and newspapers for their campaign.

The battle coincides with other efforts by the Obamists, largely behind-the-scenes, to remove their Dear Leader's key media opposition without resorting to a controversial, high-profile Fairness Doctrine reinstatement (though some Democratic Party senators do favor that approach).

Funded in part by liberal donors including the Ford Foundation, the "Hate Speech on Commercial Talk Radio" study includes only conservative, populist and right-wing programs, which it improperly lumps into a single "conservative" category.

In what was chosen for monitoring, they've been strangely selective: major conservative talkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are not included. Instead, "researchers" opted to cover top-rated KFI / Los Angeles afternoon drive mainstays John & Ken (above left image), plus syndicated hosts Michael Savage and Lou Dobbs.

Left out entirely, of course, are left-wing shows featured on Air America Radio and elsewhere (even those easily heard in UCLA's listening area). Interestingly, UCLA's own press office made no effort to mask the partisan nature of this phony study. More on this in a moment.

From the UCLA release, this example of "hate" was cited:

As an example, "The John and Ken Show" aired this statement concerning the city of San Francisco's "sanctuary policy" for undocumented immigrants: "And this all under the Gavin Newsom policy in San Francisco of letting underage illegal alien criminals loose."

Researchers said that the statement used false facts. The sanctuary policy preceded San Francisco Mayor Newsom's tenure and neither Newsom nor the sanctuary policy supports "letting underage illegal alien criminals loose."

It also used flawed argumentation. Guilt by association was used to make the hosts' points, researchers noted. Undocumented youth and those who are perceived as their endorsers at the institutional level are stigmatized by being associated with criminality, they said.

The statement also used divisive language. Researchers said that undocumented youth and their perceived supporters — Newsom and the sanctuary policy — were depicted as a threat to San Francisco citizens, setting up an "us versus them" opposition.

Left out,
of course, is that Newsom only opposed the policy under pressure after illegal aliens were suspects in the brazen, senseless and high profile road rage murders of an innocent family in broad daylight. And even then, some of the mayor's commissioners fought to keep the dangerous sanctuary law in place.

Certainly, that well-documented examples of violent hate speech from the left are intentionally omitted from the report says a lot about its complete lack of credibility. Since they aren't willing to do even a quick Internet search, let's provide some here, all caught on tape:

In November 2007, NovaM syndicated libtalker Mike Malloy called for violence against White House spokesperson Dana Perino, as well as the Bush family. Removing any doubt about his wishes, he spoke of "violence fantasies" toward Perino.

In December of that year, Malloy was at it again, this time calling for the hanging death of Internet star Matt Drudge.

During a Randi Rhodes Show broadcast in February 2008, the host aired a prerecorded skit which claimed Mitt Romney supporters would go on a "killing rampage" if John McCain emerged as the GOP's presidential nominee.

In 2005, Rhodes aired another bit that suggested the Bush family be taken out Sopranos-style.

Heading into the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Southern Californian libtalker Roseanne Barr called for violent riots during the Denver-based event.

And in November, Barr went on a verbal rampage against African-Americans for overwhelmingly supporting California's Proposition 8 at the ballot box.

Finally, in a story just reported today by Tim Graham at NewsBusters, Malloy has called for the execution of Republicans (in addition to any Democrats who voted with President Bush).

What are the odds the racially-divisive separatists behind this warped crusade will include these examples in their FCC petition? Don't hold your breath.

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  • I'm confused. A website called "The Colorado Independent" is a "lefty website"??

    And, Brian, I thought Lou Dobbs wasn't a "real conservative"...

    So, these groups are targeting conservative radio, by going after non-conservatives??

    Maybe, before you launch an offensive on behalf of conservative talkers and their right to free speech, you might want to figure out whose speech you actually want us to defend??

    Because, in case you haven't noticed, the network Rhodes and Malloy are with, is basically days away from disintegration...

    Wouldn't that suggest that the market DOES decide what programming is worthy, and what's ready for the dustbin?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2009 21:08  

  • Free Speech is worth fighting for and all through our Republic’s glorious history brave patriots have boldly fought and bled defending all of our God given rights. Our lib-bot enemy’s-from-within are pushing to stifle any dissent and shred our Constitution. Lib-bots would have us all hail the dawning of the Obamanation’s New, New Deal.

    Racist Anti-American zealots have declared war on our USA along with all law-abiding American patriots. Starting with talk-radio, lib-bots seek to muffle dissenting voices and soon their efforts will spread throughout our land of the free and home of the brave.

    If not beaten back this intellectual inquisition will impose its censorship into the internet crushing all those who believe in the free and open exchange of ideas and philosophies. We must not allow this 21st century version of the “dark ages” snuff out the light of truth shining out from the torch of our Lady Liberty. God Bless our USA, while we still can.

    By Blogger L1M89, at 02 February, 2009 23:41  

  • Brian ~ Is that ALL the examples of lefty hate speech you could come up with ... Why that aint even half the hate speech of just about any single righty show . . .

    “Va a Napoli”

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 February, 2009 01:25  

  • And the liberal double standards and intentional deceptions marches on.

    By Blogger Carl, at 03 February, 2009 12:34  

  • Liberals: proud defenders of free speech - as long as the Ministry of Information approves.

    By Blogger locomotivebreath1901, at 03 February, 2009 16:29  

  • Quote:
    “Liberals: proud defenders of free speech -
    as long as the Ministry of Information approves.”

    Ja wohl, their “free speech” that patriots paid for with blood.

    Lib-bots recreated Propaganda Minister Goebbles and his eyes are everywhere lib-bots sulk.

    By Blogger L1M89, at 04 February, 2009 00:26  

  • "And the liberal..."

    carl, do you post comments on blogs just because you'll never be anyone on talk radio, and you just want to see your name in print?

    because, you seem to have less than nothing of worth to actually say...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 February, 2009 02:14  

  • Once again, hashfanatic proves what I have been saying all along concerning liberal extremists to be accurate and true. Goodbye, hash, go peddle your intellectual dope somewhere else.

    By Blogger Carl, at 04 February, 2009 15:48  

  • carl

    hash is not a "liberal", just an objective commentator.....

    not only "libs", laugh and mock ditto-heads


    cons have taken America back to the dark ages... the Robber Barron era, you're just too blind ad dittoed to get it

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 February, 2009 23:56  

  • And we see Consshriekforfailure lacking honesty as well. Typical. The lib extremists are crawling from the rocks oozing forth their slimy deceptions and hatred. Sad.

    Keep it up, libs. You just keep proving conservatives to be correct. And you're all so self-deluded, self-absorbed and self-righteous that you have effectively blinded yourselves to the fact that you are behaving in such an uncivilized, uncouth, immature, vitriolic and vile manner. And predictably so. That's why Limbaugh, Hannity and other conservative talk show hosts can play you all like an old fiddle.

    By Blogger Carl, at 05 February, 2009 01:56  

  • "my kind of crowd the haves and the haves more" George W Bush

    indeed conservatives since Coolidge, Hoover, Harding, legislated for the rich and only the rich. Same with Bush, Reagan, and W. Legislation for the rich, so indeed they represent the bad days in America and wanted to take us back to the Robber Barron age, otherwise they would have legislated for the commons,not only the rich

    and Hash is clearly not a lib, he calls me a "Stalinist" all the time. Hash, objective poster. Me, socialist, not a liberal either. I'm pro-life and pro-guns, hardly a liberal, I'm a democratic-socialist, I demand legislation for the working class. That is my agenda. Conservativees legislate for the haves. Im not a communist, I support private property, I support legislation thatprotects the working class from explotation by the rich. FDR is the closest to my ideals, not Pol Pot hahaahah

    I'm clearly not a liberal either, I have problems with many liberal ideals, government paid for abortion, limiting gun rights, and arresting drug users, all things "liberals" are fine with.

    The problem with you, you pigeon hole everyone. I think for myself
    Im a traditional American, your a ditto-head, who hasno clue any longer what America is all about. America is not about protecting the rich, it's about government that protects the little guy

    I present substance, in my posts, agree with it or not, you shriek about imaginary libs. Im not a "lib", either is "hash"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 February, 2009 17:32  

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