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05 March 2009

Rush: I'm Not The Republican Party's Leader


Boston Herald: Limbaugh Doesn't Claim To Run GOP

Attempting to clear up a significant misunderstanding promoted by the mainstream media, Rush Limbaugh is drawing a key distinction between the conservative movement and Republican Party.

In an interview with the Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam published today, Limbaugh makes it clear conservatives and Republicans are two different animals. In addition, he makes no claim to "running the GOP", a concept frequently explored by the media in recent weeks.

From Heslam's coverage:

Conservative talk titan Rush Limbaugh told the Herald that while he’s “the most prominent national figure actually tying Barack Obama to his policies,” the Republican Party doesn’t actually have a “leader” to take on the new administration.

“The Republican Party and the conservative movement are two different things. I have nothing to do with the party,” Limbaugh said yesterday in an e-mail. “Clearly, the GOP has no ‘leader’ right now, and they won’t until a viable presidential candidate surfaces. I have no idea who that will be.”

The right-wing radio host has emerged as the de facto leader of conservatives as the Republican Party spirals into disarray. Limbaugh’s status was only bolstered this week when Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele buckled and apologized for calling him an “entertainer” whose show is “incendiary” and “ugly.”

Yesterday, the talker challenged President Obama to a debate.

Limbaugh said the White House is trying “in every way possible” to say that he’s the leader of the GOP “because they are trying to marginalize me.”

“In truth,” Limbaugh wrote, “they are elevating me, growing my audience and enabling me to get my message out to an even wider audience than my 20-22 million radio audience.”

Separately, the Herald has published Limbaugh's entire statement. In it, he criticizes the party for what he considers cowardice in the face of Obama's honeymoon-enriched poll data:

I am sounding a warning, raising red flags in hopes other citizens will wake up and realize what is happening to their country. I am the most prominent national figure actually tying Barack Obama to his polices.

The Republican Party is afraid to do so because they follow polls and his approvals are around 59% right now. The White House is trying in every way possible to say I am the leader of the GOP because they are trying to marginalize me.

In truth, they are elevating me, growing my audience and enabling me to get my message out to an even wider audience than my 20-22 million radio audience.

The idea that Republicans and conservatives are often at odds may be news to the mainstream media elite, but to the right, these battle lines were drawn some time ago. Widespread disagreement over John McCain's nomination was especially pronounced.

Will this put an end to silly polls asking voters whether Rush in fact runs the GOP? As long as the left believes it can score points with this, probably not. But the distinction must be made nonetheless.

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  • Sorry, but the origin of the "misunderstanding" isn't the MSM or the conspiracist Left; it's the fact that anytime any Republican says anything about Rush, he has to quickly backtrack at the cost of his own dignity.

    Now, that doesn't mean Rush "runs" the Republican Party. But it does mean that Republicans of consequence are afraid of Rush and the impact of his audience. This is far different than the days of GOP ascendancy under Newt, DeLay, and Bush, when top Republicans basically ignored Rush, let him do his thing, while going about their own business.

    Sure, Democrats are taking advantage of the Rush uproar. Wouldn't you, if top Dems were doing the same thing with a Maddow or an Olbermann? And the MSM are bound to report it -- it's a political development of some significance. But it started, and it gets its legs, because of the repeated actions of Republican leaders. And Rush.

    By Blogger jvwalt, at 05 March, 2009 07:49  

  • Fear an loathing emanate from the New, new deal White House. Fear of American Citizens waking up to the disastrous effects of the Obamanation's Obamanomics. Loathing by all new age DemocRatz of all productive, taxpaying American Citizens.

    Your "misunderstanding" is whose money our FedGov is spending on expanding its own power over those who actually create the wealth the megalomaniacal Obamanation seeks to confiscate. Lib-bots are unable to comprehend it's not the governments money, it belongs to the businesses and workers who have struggled and worked hard for their own wealth.

    By Blogger L1M89, at 05 March, 2009 15:49  

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