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04 March 2009

Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio Dominate National Political Debate


If The Stakes Weren't So High, We Could Laugh A Lot More

Three months ago, talk titan Rush Limbaugh described how being surrounded by a cast of liberal politicians felt like being in the middle of a sitcom, one he called "Hello, Limbaugh".

In 2009, that show has clearly been renewed for a second season, as the cast ramps up its hijinks while its main man can only watch in amazement. In case you've missed the program, here are the characters:

"Dingy" Harry Reid, a pipsqueak senator guided by internal polling, who believes talking tough will save him from losing his next home state election. He begs to be taken seriously, but just can't seem to convince anyone, anywhere.

Barney "Safe Seat" Frank, a cartoonish congressman who nobody can quite seem to understand, which leads to hilarious bank failures and global economic meltdowns.

"Nervous Nancy" Pelosi, who's always on the run from nutty San Francisco constituents ready to pounce on her for not being "liberal enough".

Goofy "Barry" Obama, a budding, would-be dictator whose actions are met with laughter by the world's true despots, who see him as a rank amateur. Watch every week as young Barry unsuccessfully tries to be taken seriously by global evil-doers, who instead walk all over him. Wait, that isn't funny, is it?

And of course, "El Rushbo" Limbaugh, who spends every episode trying to make sense of their baffling antics. Adding to the absurdity, whenever the other characters screw up, they quickly try to shift the blame to Rushbo. Usually for them, however, that only makes the situation even worse.

In this week's episode, Rushbo gives a televised speech viewed by millions, which drives Barry, Nancy, Barney and Dingy up a wall. Watch as they jump in front of the nearest television cameras in an attempt to generate their own "audience" any way they can.

Special surprise guest star: a fading late-night TV talk host who was last funny in 1988. His Rushbo wisecracks will have at least a half-dozen people in stitches.

Sounds like a laff riot, doesn't it? Just try actually living inside this silly little televised bubble without being driven crazy by El Rushbo's nutty sidekicks.

For the rest of us, the whole thing would be a lot funnier if the future of our country wasn't at stake.

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  • You have to admit Rush looked terrible. Beside not looking thin by wearing black like i'm sure he's been told, he quite frankly looked more bloated then the last few times i've seen him. I'd honestly be concerned about a health issue. And the Letterman putdown just didn't work,especially now that he's probably going to surge going against Conan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2009 10:57  

  • poor conservatives you just do not get it. Obama (not the man I voted for) has a 62-65% approval rating, Limbaugh is hated on the other hand more Rev Wright..... Even congress and senates #'s have gone up. People love Reid (compared to Rush) same with Pelosi(compared to Rush)...... Your world is a parallel universe. America hates Rush Limbaugh.... This worked beautiful for the Democrats, America is laughing at the GOP, a party where Michael Steele criticizes Limbaugh than crawls to him the next day, proving the GOP is the party of Limbaugh, a person 80% of America despises

    Hysterical. America is laughing at the GOP, the party of the pig man, a drop out radio D.J who sweats on national televison like a heroin addict going into withdrawal. His C-PAC speech was amazing, he waddled like a pig and was sweating like a junkie!! America giggled with glee at the destruction of the GOP


    You just do not get it, the Democrats politically devoured you on this issue with Rush. Michael Steele, crawled to Limbaugh apologizing to the filthy pig, it was hilarious, America knows the GOP is Rush Limbaugh.

    America associates the Democratic party as the party NOW fixing conservative failures, and the GOP is the party of Limbaugh

    I love it, this has worked great for the Democratic party. I don't even vote Democrat (3rd party only for me) but to watch the GOP collapse like this is the greatest entertainment in decades

    America knowe the GOP is the party of the hated, despised and loathed freak of nature Limbaugh,
    According to a poll by Greenberg-Quinlan-Rosner has Rush Limbaugh enjoying a public-approval rating of just 21..... America hates Rush,Brian. WAKE UP

    You can have Rush. Please keep it up. Republicans will be powerless for decades. I love it, America loves it, we are united in rejection of Rush Limbaugh's conservatism

    Fairness doctrine, who needs it..Rush is helping the Democrats in ways we could never imagine.The Republican party is running from Rush than apologizing on a daily basis!! They do not know what to do

    This has worked beautifully

    The Dems politically devoured you idiots with your own greatest hero Rush !!

    The Dems finally understand political manipulation. They made you fools urinated your pants over "fairness doctrine".... than started the talking point "Rush is the GOP" and the GOP does not knowhow to react to it. They run from Rush, than beg for forgiveness!

    Meanwhile Independent voters and Democrats are moving further and further away from he GOP

    no independent voters= GOP never winning again

    Viva Rush!!!

    good job Brian,keep it up. You have helped destroy the GOP. I love it. The entire political world is laughing at you ditto-heads. You destroyed the GOP!!!

    Independents,Democrats and moderate Republicans look at the GOP as the party of Limbaugh, the 21% man, and the GOP has not done a thing to separate themselves from Rush

    The Right wing is officially irrelevant. Please give us more Limbaugh drama.

    We are all mocking, and laughing

    Understand Rush is despised by America, Obama is loved, Rush is hatred.

    welcome to reality

    The GOP can not handle a hated talkshow host and his association with the Republican party. WE have Obama (loved by women, children, most Americans and inspirational to youth) you have a filthy self-indulgent 300 pound 3 times divorced D.J (loved by militia men, the unemployed and the mentally ill)

    I love you Brian. You and your retarded minions have done the impossible, destroyed the Republican party!!

    God bless you
    Keep it up!!!

    America loves RushBrian more than Obama!!!
    Run Rush in 2012!!!YOu will win huge!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2009 11:40  

  • If Barry and his fellow D'Ratz have been upset with ElRushbo's past rantings then they're gonna just love today's Rush. Feel the love lib-bots, feel free to start your spin.

    By Blogger L1M89, at 04 March, 2009 13:54  

  • Did you see what that horrible Stephanie Miller said? She said something absolutely horrid about Limbaugh, and no one noticed it.

    1 minute and ~30 seconds in

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2009 13:54  


    Further proof that the left is just as sleazy as the neocons...

    They are ALL THE SAME.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2009 16:51  

  • Don't be an idiot, anonymous - she was making an example of making inflammatory statements to get attention - you apparently missed that, but no one else did (not that they didn't notice, they just recognized she was making an example).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2009 19:52  

  • MOP spews nothing but hate and lies.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 March, 2009 00:18  

  • Re: The Poll results previous poster stated. Before I consider the results of any poll, I need to know all the details about it, each question asked, exactly who answered, the company doing the polling, background of said company, etc. If you want to leave all that info here, I'll look into it. Quoting poll data without all the background details is meaningless.

    By Blogger susan, at 05 March, 2009 01:33  

  • MOP is just mad that Rush is successful. He’s jealous of any one more successful than him. Which is everyone including the bum in the street. He has a college degree and has done nothing with it but quote tidbits of crap he think makes him sound good. Must likely he’s over weight and has not had a date in years Can you say loser. L.O.S.E.R.

    Don’t you just love personal attacks.

    Now that’s hilarious.

    By Blogger pf1, at 05 March, 2009 08:04  

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